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Posted Friday March 22, 2013, About: Zeller's NBA plans hinge on his degree?
There's no particular reason he can't go pro AND get his degree. It would be incredibly stupid to miss out on a decent contract in order to do it in the expected order.
Posted Monday February 25, 2013, About: NBA debating fine for Mark Cuban's 'Kobe' comment
You wouldn't be bringin in ANYONE with his $30 million. The Lakers have $83 million committed against the cap in 2013-14, which would become $53 million if they pulled this maneuver. Mind you, Dwight Howard isn't counted in that number, since he's not under contract.

So... assuming you sign Howard at $5 million, you've already hit the soft cap of $58 million, and can only use mid-level exception at that point (which they may have already used, don't know). So the question becomes do you want to replace Kobe Bryant with basically nothing and save $45 million in tax penalties.

Posted Sunday November 25, 2012, About: Jim Harbaugh has not named starting quarterback
He won't be "for trade". They can cut him sometime in April by buying out the rest of his contract for $1 million. He'll be a free agent.

However, they'd be incredibly stupid to start Kaepernick now. The guy doesn't have the reps to be relied upon. Going into next season, you get him ready and go with him.
Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: New QB joins the MVP conversation
So... in 6 seasons, Romo's been to the playoffs three times. Matt Ryan has done the same in 4 seasons. Romo has one win, Ryan has none. This isn't much of a sell job you're doing for Tony, honestly.
Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: New QB joins the MVP conversation
So what you're saying is those teams are 9 and 10 in games not facing the Falcons, which isn't actually as bad as you're making it out to be.
Posted Tuesday October 02, 2012, About: Did Cutler blow off Mike Tice?
Did anyone actually watch the game? The play calls from the sideline were taking forever. I watched this happen to Carson Palmer at USC under Duane Hackett. Even if you get the right play call, taking most of the play clock to do so is terrible... it prevents adjustments at the line.

He was *understandably* upset that someone who's paid to do that one thing wasn't getting the job done.
Posted Wednesday April 18, 2012, About: MJD's absence: It's about the money
This is the kind of logic that leads many of us to roll our eyes. Let's analyze the actual scenario for this:

1. He was not a free agent when that contract was negotiated. Unlike the rest of us, he did not have a right to negotiate with any employer in the marketplace.
2. If he didn't like the terms when negotiating his current deal, his only option was to hold out for better ones. If he had done so, this conversation would have occurred then, and he would have been criticized for it.
3. At any time, the team can tear up his current contract. If they do so before the first game of the season, he doesn't get paid. Players do not have this same ability.
4. The NFL is unique in this way. MLB and NBA contracts are guaranteed, NFL contracts are not. They usually provide about 30% of the contract as a guarantee, but that's usually the signing bonus. Once that's been paid, the rest is a crap shoot.

In the case of MJD, at least he has a reasonable current salary. Matt Forte made what, $500,000 last year? Considering the future consequences of playing RB in the NFL, that's nothing like fair compensation.
Posted Tuesday February 07, 2012, About: Bogans still upset by Bulls' unkindest cut
OK, so the comparison is between Rip Hamilton and Keith Bogans? Wow. A few observations about Retired's comments:

1. Stating that Rip isn't as good shooting because he has a lower 3 point percentage than Bogans ignores the fact that Rip isn't a 3 point shooter. Bogans has averaged 4.9 attempts per 36 minutes over his career, whereas Rip has averaged 1.9. On the other hand, Rip has shot 45% from 2 for his career, whereas Bogans is at 39.5%.

2. Bogans is so amazingly good at the game of basketball that he's managed to spend an entire 72 minutes on the court for the Nets this season. That's following his one season with the Bulls where he started every game and averaged 4.4 points (8.8 per 36 minutes at least). Compare that to Rip's recent performance: 18.3, 18.1, 14.1 ppg the previous 3 seasons.

3. Neither one of these guys is a good defender. They both contribute primarily on the offensive end. The fact that Hamilton has almost double the points per 36 minutes of Bogans for their careers really tells us all we need to know. Rip is someone who you actually have to guard. Bogans isn't.

4. Oh, of course the fact that Rip Hamilton has missed some games this year is highly unusual, right? I mean, none of the players around the league have missed time after basically having no training camp and preseason to get in shape.

One note: No, Rip hasn't scored as many points this season as Bogans did last year. Rip is at 156, whereas Bogans had 359 last year. At this pace he'll pass him at around 26 games played.
Posted Thursday August 19, 2010, About: Mauer apologizes to fans for taking so long
20?! He hit 13 in 2006, and 28 in 2009. Aside from that, he's never had more than single digit totals. The problem is that contract he signed. Apparently we had another case of irrational exuberance going on... he's not, at all, a power hitter. Even his doubles totals have never been remarkable.
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: Nets feel jilted by Boozer
Basically the same? The current team is offering less, per year, than the team that was actually trying to sign him. The reality is that the current team can offer more per year through the 5 years of the contract (not to mention offering a 6th year).

It sounds to me like they didn't really want him. They certainly didn't think he was a max player, which I'd agree with. Someone else valued him more. Boo hoo.
Posted Thursday July 01, 2010, About: Lakers want Fisher at discount
OK, for this post you linked,0,1933869.column. No where in that article does it mention anything about two months of anything.

However, in the other article that the previous poster linked: it says: "On the worse days, every eight weeks, when Tatum is laid on a gurney and a tiny gas mask is placed over her face and she undergoes a cancer-evaluation procedure, Derek Fisher's clear eyes grow red."

It doesn't say New York in either article. From doing a little digging, it appears that the doctor who performed the surgery in NYC also has a practice at Cedars Sinai in L.A. CS is on the short list for cancer specialists in the U.S. If he's taking her there, it certainly qualifies for what Larry H. Miller stated at the time:

"Derek will pursue an opportunity as a free agent with a team in a city that has highly specialized medical facilities in order to get the best possible care for his daughter. Derek has contributed greatly to the Utah Jazz organization and we are reluctant to see him go, but understand the importance of putting his family first."

Fisher went from a team that appears in the Western Conference Finals, making $7 million/year to one that bounced out immediately in the playoffs, making $4 million/year. Keep in mind that at the time Bryant was talking about forcing a trade.
Posted Thursday July 01, 2010, About: Lakers want Fisher at discount
While the first sentence is technically true, it's also misleading. He didn't leave immediately after the 3-peat, he left after the Lakers failed to repeat, then signed Gary Payton, inserted him into the starting lineup, and lost again. He left because the Lakers made him a backup.

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