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Posted Wednesday July 03, 2013, About: Dwight, LeBron and 'Melo in L.A.?
Who would fill out the rest of the roster after those salary cap hits? Manti Te'o's girlfriends?
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: 6'8" LeBron guarding 5'9" Nate? Yep
"I'll take the challenge on anyone...unless it involves the real effort involved in winning a ring on my own merits. DWade, Bosh, help please?"
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: LeBron wants Barkley to keep ripping Wade
"I love it. When someone's not saying stuff about me, I'm glad that somebody finally got off me for a change."

Wow. One of the most immature quotes I've ever heard. "Please continue to criticize the rest of my team because it makes me feel better that for once I'm not the target. Not only do I have no heart, but I'm also a big baby."
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: Cold-shooting Durant about to break out?
I agree with you completely. No one on the Heat should EVER win the MVP while those 3 are together. However, that doesn't change the fact that James is still going to win it this year. The NBA doesn't care about their fading image. Otherwise heart would be a deciding factor in MVP voting, and James has none.
Posted Wednesday February 22, 2012, About: Playoff format losing steam, 'Plus One' gaining
Ha! Probably has crossed their minds...

But really, any form of a playoff, be it 4 or 8 or 16, would be an improvement over the crap they've put out in the BS, I mean BcS.
Posted Thursday February 09, 2012, About: Bird picks Kobe over LeBron
Lol Shaq was sent packing from LA. It was him or Kobe and they kept Kobe.

Anyways, I'm not trying to start a stupid discussion. The point is Lebron James has no heart. I mean that in a strictly competitive manner. He has no heart. Period.
Posted Thursday February 09, 2012, About: Bird picks Kobe over LeBron
James will never be taken seriously by any of the legends of the game because he was too much of a sissy to try and win a ring on his own and make a TEAM work. They all were too competitive to want to take the easy way out like James did. I've never seen a professional athlete so afraid to lose.

And it doesn't matter how many rings he might win in Miami, he still had to run away there to go get them, not earn them.
Posted Monday August 15, 2011, About: Stern talks openly of contraction
Thank goodness. I hope this happens. The league is so watered down with mediocre talent these days even my grandmother got a letter from the Charlotte Bobcats asking her to tryout.
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: Source: Stuckey benched for refusing to play
And so goes today's NBA... Sadly, until major changes are made, this type of stuff is only going to get worse.
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Tomlin: Lockout may help Steelers
And moreso, lack of comments speak volumes. Anyone who doubts the steelers get the most favorable calls is a blatant mark. I'm not speaking as a Seahawks fan, AFC North rival fan, or even an AFC fan. My team has NEVER played the steelers in the playoffs and only every 4 years in regular season. The 9 yard 1st down against the Jets this year. The Rapistberger TD against Miami that should've been a touchback. The nonexistant facemask in the SB this year. (My over/under this SB was 2.5 for blatantly bad calls favoring the steelers btw. So only 1 is pretty good, if however predictable that it happened at all). Us objective fans who just like to see fair play don't need to use SB40, which was such a joke that one of the refs apologized for it before this past season started. I could use SB43 too if needbe. How about those horrid roughing the passer calls?
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Tomlin: Lockout may help Steelers
Actually not at all. But the steelers are notorious for BS calls. How about them getting a 1st down on 1st and 10 when only gaining 9 yards? Gotta love it.
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Tomlin: Lockout may help Steelers
Plus a new CBA gives the steelers a chance to renegotiate how much it costs them each time the refs agree to call games in their favor.
Posted Wednesday January 26, 2011, About: Governor stumps for new team in New Jersey
Yeah, cuz the NBA isn't watered down enough with lackluster teams and talent.
Posted Thursday January 13, 2011, About: Suggs: Steelers-Ravens winner going to Super Bowl
I guess you're right. I mean, 8 years ago New England didn't go to the Super Bowl. They were just sandwiched by years they'd won it. Man they sucked...
Posted Thursday January 13, 2011, About: Suggs: Steelers-Ravens winner going to Super Bowl
If this were the BCS, being that the AFC is the better conference, the Super Bowl would be New England/Pittsburgh. I mean, heaven forbid we let teams play to determine a champion.
Posted Saturday December 04, 2010, About: NBA may have to buy Hornets
Just absorb the damn team. The league is so watered down now that they're scouting Big Bird. The league has such a little amount of talent coming into it these days, once you pass the 10th pick it's like playing Russian Roulette.
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: James: No fun in Miami
Don't underestimate Riley. Look how he brought back a struggling Heat team in 06.

But James needs to quit his crying. He left Cleveland because he was too much of a sissy to work to win a ring. Now he's complaining because it's not as easy as he thought it would be here. Karma's a b.
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: Manning has figured out Belichick
Taking nothing away from Manning, he had a lot of help "figuring out" Belichick. It's called rule changes so DB's can't even breathe on receivers anymore.
Posted Thursday October 28, 2010, About: Melo says it's time for a change
Does he really expect to do anything relevant going to a team like New Jersey or New York? Good luck with that...

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