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Posted Thursday December 27, 2012, About: Giants jobs on the line
Time to clean out the coaches. Offense is predictable, defense is flat cant stop anybody. O line help is needed, time to part with Osi and Tuck and bring up the young ends that we have. Tackles that can stop the run in the middle. Corey Webster and TT need to find a new home as well.
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: Lawsuits threaten end game for NFL
What a bunch of crap. Every job has some sort of risk to it. As a football player you know the risks and get paid well to deal with them. So now everyone that developes an illness from there career can sue when problems start to occur? Coal minners die everyday from the exposers day in and day out through there careers. Its part of the job. Players need to stop all this ****. No one tells you to play for 10 years. Make your money and get out.
Posted Friday March 16, 2012, About: Eagles' Jackson aimed at Super Bowl, Hall of Fame
I believe the Bengals had a reciever in the recent past who would talk like this all the time. Hell he even made his own hall of fame jacket. Where is he now? Thats right catching 10 passes a season and kissing goodbye to any chance in hell of making it to the hall. Keep talking.
Posted Tuesday February 28, 2012, About: Thinned-down Tex haunted by playoff loss
I get a kick out of all the pro couch potatoes that just sit there fat as_es on there couches day after day and tell the rest of the world how much pro athletes suck. Half of you cant even run to your mailbox. Why dont the select faithful on this site get a hobby besides typing on your keyboards and join a softball league, bowling league, basketball, anything to be athletic and see what its like to compete again. Then maybe you will be alittle more sympathetic towards pro's that go through struggles. Or are you to afraid you yourself will suck and be a bench warmer and cant handle it. Just saying.
Posted Tuesday January 24, 2012, About: Giants targeted concussion-prone Williams
Every team in the league does this. Dont be a hatter just cause New York talked about it. Its the business, the weak will get picked on. **** its life, happens everyday. If your down your gonna get kicked.
Posted Thursday January 19, 2012, About: Posada makes up his mind
Great player, great memories. Gonna miss him. He'll be in the Yanks orginazation forever.
Posted Friday December 23, 2011, About: Howard wants a more positive Van Gundy
Howard will you just grow the balls already and tell Otis there is no way you are coming back so they can trade you. Enough games " I wanna stay but i dont like this." "I wanna stay but i dont like that."Be a man and leave!
Posted Wednesday August 17, 2011, About: Eli: I'm in Brady's class
ARE YOU HIGH MAN!!!! Eli you were great ur superbowl season, outside of that i spend more time yellin at you on sunday than i do praisin you. Keep it at good quaterback I'll give you that.
Posted Monday August 15, 2011, About: Matsui good fit for Yankees return?
No thanks. Wish him the best, just not in NY. I've watched him hit in to more double plays over his time in Ny dont want to watch anymore.
Posted Friday July 08, 2011, About: Yankees scouting Cubs Ramirez and Soriano
Gardener is horrible at the plate but he makes up for it in the field. He is a lights out left fielder. He has made aton of HUGE plays for the Yankees out there. Not to mention he can throw you out at home. I just wish he could hit for at least .275.
Posted Friday June 03, 2011, About: Jacobs: Plax headed to Eagles
They can have him. Everyone remembers him for the plays he made and not the ones he didnt feel like even trying. He's a moody pain in the a-- most of the time. Besides which reciever would the giants release to make room for him. Go to Philly atleast there you and Vick can play c-lo in the locker room to remind you of prison.
Posted Saturday April 16, 2011, About: D-Will offers hope to Nets fans
Hear lots of rumars that Orlando has had discussions with Jersey about them not being able to bring back Howard after next season and setting up a possible package for Lopez and other players maybe draft picks as well. Howard, D Will, Humph, Marrow sounds damb good to me. Also rumored D Will and Howard want to play together. I can see this happening. Brooklyn will be a good team. Believe it.
Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011, About: Girardi sets timetable on Jeter panic button
With the payroll these teams have there is tons of room to panic. Jeter even being the legend he his in New York needs to be hitting. They are not keeping him in the line up for his dfense ( they have kids in triple a with better range) its about his bat of old. Start hitting or take a back seat. Hate to say it but its true. The core 4 is about dead with exemtion to Mariano, may he pitch forever.
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: Sox already considering major move?
What did they expect. When you spend 14o million on a base stealing machine that only hits .295 with 13 homeruns.
Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Williams: Too soon to commit to Nets
Nets still have 4 first round picks over the next 2 years. They are in a good position as far as cap space to bring in the talent Williams wants around him. Plus the move to NY and an owner who is willing to do whatever it takes to win, they will have a good team again.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: White Sox armed to deal with Yankees
Thats why there called prospects. Sometimes you strike it big and sometimes its a bust. Joba is just one guy who has not fulfilled his hype. Any fan of any team is gonna talk smack about an up and comeing player with hopes there the next best thing . Unfortunately more are busts than stars. Its just the way it is.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: White Sox armed to deal with Yankees
Razor you really have no idea what you are talking about. The Yankees farm is at an all time high as far as talent goes. You sound like just another dumb ars Red Sox fan. Do a little research and expand your knowledge before you coment. Thats twice in two days you have been called out. 50 year fan gave you some info to study on page 2.
Posted Sunday February 06, 2011, About: Should Yankees tap into White Sox pitching?
A trade will happen sooner or later. I just hope they dont deal Montero to do it.
Posted Sunday January 30, 2011, About: Red Sox prevent Crawford trade to Yankees
You obviously didnt read the part were i said i would love to have him, just not at that price. 50 stolen bases a year is not worth 142 mil. Gardner is only 3 years into his career and is just as good a fielder and puts up similar numbers at the plate. Even better he makes 380 thousand a year, who's the shmuck now? Typical Yankee hater garbage!
Posted Sunday January 30, 2011, About: Carmelo blames Nets for lack of deal
Give me a break... coward. Come on man the guy put up a kings ransom for this deal to happen and only pulled it because Denver was dragging there feet. He made it clear he was not going to play there game. Doesnt sound like a coward to me.
Posted Sunday January 30, 2011, About: Red Sox prevent Crawford trade to Yankees
Trust me overpaying (especially for a bust player) burns a Yankees fan too.
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