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Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
I think and said before he entered the NFL, Tebo is a fantastic Football Player, but should not be a QB. If he can catch, he would make a great TE.
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: Dolphins expected to pursue Greg Jennings
Let us hope we can get a receiver like Jennings.
Posted Wednesday January 02, 2013, About: Saban saying no to everyone ... for now
Yes means No...No means Yes...Maybe Means Yes...No way means Maybe which means No.
Posted Thursday November 15, 2012, About: Bush playing to stay in Miami
Reggie is an exciting player to watch. I hope he stays in Miami. It has been a long time since we have had a back with moves he has. He is fun to watch.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: Miami Dolphins invite Rams fans to fill their stadium
What do you want. South Florida has very few Americans anymore. The majority of people come from other countries, don't speak English and don't like our American Football. Send the Dolphins to Palm Beach where they are loved by Americans.
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: Darker days ahead for Saints
I bet Bret Favre is loving every bit of this.
Posted Wednesday July 25, 2012, About: Pats going 16-0 again?
Yeah...All the way...16 and 0 only to loose again in the playoffs HEHEHEHEHHEEH I LOVE IT
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Welker, Pats millions apart
This guy is amazing. He wants big bucks when he is just another receiver. He wouldn't have the numbers he does if anyone other than Brady was throwing to him.
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Celtics scrambling to keep Allen?
Posted Tuesday July 03, 2012, About: Kelly hopes Tebow brings turmoil to Jets
Posted Monday July 02, 2012, About: Reasons Denver may struggle
Manning will never get back to the form he was in INDY. I like the guy, but he is to old to take year off and come back strong right away
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: Nash open to meeting with the Knicks soon
He needs to come to the Heat so he can get a ring next year!
Posted Friday June 22, 2012, About: Miller's final game?
One class act. If you does retire, he will be missed.
Posted Wednesday June 06, 2012, About: Manning throws Broncos for a loop
He will never make it thru the entire season without getting hurt.
Posted Tuesday June 05, 2012, About: Jags could pull Blackmon's guaranteed money
These guys just **** away. Everything in the world at their finger tips and they find a way to screw it up
Posted Tuesday May 22, 2012, About: Owner tips Dolphins' hand on starting QB
David Garrard!!! he is there as a backup only. You won't see him start unless everyone else goes down.
Posted Tuesday May 22, 2012, About: Owner tips Dolphins' hand on starting QB
Mat Moore finished the season on a roll and should start. Tannehill will have to earn the number one spot as it should be. Anyone who thinks Tannehill should start is a fool.
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Namath: No doubt about Jets best QB
They both do suck at QB
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Why the Heat are in trouble
Jesus Christ. We loose one game and everyone thinks the team is going down the toilet. James was tired from playing almost the entire game. Give him a break. After we kick the but out of this team, the talk will change.
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Hill risks NBA discipline with 'The world knows' line
What a bunch of winy babys. POOR LOOSERS!!! Blame it on everything exept the fact the Heat is a better team.
Posted Monday May 07, 2012, About: Lin could return to Knicks Game 5 lineup
You could bring all the Knick's Players back healthy and they still won't beat the heat!!!
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