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Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Sabres GM will trade anyone
And if this is true, the Islanders should be trying to scoop Cody Hodgson from them. The way he and Tavares played in the World Juniors was unreal, with Hodgson actually outscoring Tavares over the course of the tourney.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Canadians are cheering against Canadiens
I realize, Rex, ha. The Bruins will be high on the list if they beat the Wings...but it may take a one round break to let the sour grapes soften before I can switch allegiances.

Bruins and all other teams ahead of the Leafs, Canadian, Original 6 or whatever.

My favourite team is the Wings. During the season, my 2nd favourite is whoever is playing the Leafs that night. Its slightly more complicated during the playoffs, haha
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: A surprise return for Zetterberg?
Seems iffy, even at this time of year.

I'm Red Wings All Day, but bringing a guy with a wonky back early so he can play what might be the most physical team in the playoffs seems like a recipe for another long spinal-related layoff to me
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Sabres GM will trade anyone
I agree with Roamer, completely. Beat me to the post I intended to write as soon as I read the article.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Canadians are cheering against Canadiens
If my Wings don't make it through Boston and the Habs get through, I'll be hitching up to that bandwagon.

Red Wings lead to othe Canadian teams (not the Leafs) lead to Original 6 teams (not the Leafs). That tends to be my team-support matrix.

Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Tortorella hammers away at fellow NHL coach
Firing Trotz was a mistake, but I'm not sure he's the guy for the Oil. If they fire Eakins I think they have to go with a guy who has a proven track record rather than experimenting with rookie coaches or co-coach setups like they had with Renney/Quinn. How could that lineup NOT listen to Scotty Bowman if he told them what they need to do to win? Obviously he's not available, but the point I'm trying to make is, if they take the "variable" of a rookie coach out of the mix, it should be that much easier to pinpoint the cause of their issues. Treat the cold, not the cough. If a favored coach loses in the first round and gets fired (ie Dan Bylsma in Pitt) then they should try for that guy, in my opinion. Laviolette could work too, though he appears to have a shortish shelf life.

The Jets should be forgetting about Maurice and snatching Trotz. He's proven he can get the best - or more - out of low-end talent. He hasn't done much with high-end offensively talented players, but he hasn't had many to work with either, and he wouldn't in the Peg either, ha.

Vancouver will keep Torts for a season at least.

If Oates is gone (likely should be), they'll have a tough go recruiting experienced coaches, knowing the captain is a coach-killer. Some younger guy who's been waiting for a second chance will end up there. Likely not Guy Boucher, but it would be funny watching him pull his hair out as Ovie refused to follow his system haha. If the Bryan Murray has the noots to fire MacLean over their personal differences this summer then Washington should attack the hiring of Paul MacLean. Laviolette might work here too. Plus an American coach in the capital could be marketable.

If the Oil fire Eakins the Leafs will hire him. Carlyle might actually fit in Edmonton but that trading of coaches scenario is unlikely 2 years in a row. Carlyle to Nashville. He's from about 15 minutes up the road from me, I can almost guarantee he likes country music, ha.

Islanders are trying to sell. They won't want more dead weight on their books and paying 2 coaches is dead weight. Capuano keeps his job for that reason more than any...IF Tavares wants him to.

Man, when I decided to come back on, I told myself I'd limit the long posts. Fail
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Smyth hanging up his skates?
So as I stated, I've been away but I've been curious about something, and this thread is going nowhere. If its been discussed in the past, I apologize.

What do you Americans think of Jay and Dan on FOX Sports? Or whatever their sports highlights show is called. We loved those guys and miss them on Sportscentre here every morning, ha.
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Leafs making Carlyle wait
NJ would be making a mistake if they fire DeBoer - is it his fault they let Kovalchuk walk right before the season started? He'd be the top candidate for every team looking for a coach I would think
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Will the KHL tempt Ovi?
I think it goes to the point DL made - Bossy was able to JUST be a scorer because of the guys that were around him. Ovie hasn't had that 2nd tier support on his teams, for the most part. I mean, they won a President's Trophy or 2 in Gabby's day so they must've been decent, but who is the 3rd best player on Washington right now? Bossy had HOFers all around him, Washington has guys willing to work for cheap.
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Will the KHL tempt Ovi?
Ha, Mike Milbury

Did you guys see that "30 for 30" on the Islanders and the Spanos guy who bought them without money? Funny line from the convicted con artist - "Mike Milbury was not in the business of doing what was best for the Islanders, he was in the business of doing what was best for Mike Milbury."
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Smyth hanging up his skates?
If he didn't do it now, the league would be doing it for him come October. He just doesn't have the legs left. And I think this season sucked the heart right out of him (as with many Oilers fans).

Class Act top-to-bottom. Instincts weren't always the best (requesting a trade out of LA the year they win the Cup, ha) but always showed up to play and always played for the love of the game. The league will miss him.
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: B's exec on Canucks radar
Mark Messier for Canucks GM!

Maybe he'll even do it for free for a couple years to pay back the charitable donations made to his account for the 4 years he spent there as a player, ha
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Leafs making Carlyle wait
OOF. At what point do you stop blaming the coach though? The ORGANIZATION is a coach killer it seems. They've killed Carlyle, who was highly respected coming in (and is expected to get a new job immediately after getting fired). They killed Maurice who was respected. Wilson was respected to the point of being coach of Team USA. They really haven't played for anyone since Pat Quinn - with character guys running the on-ice product like Gilmour, Clark, Roberts, etc.

At some point you have to take a stand. Build a roster to a playing style. To an organizational vision or identity. If they decide that they want to be a defensively responsible, grind-it-out team like the Blues, they should likely keep Carlyle and start dumping pieces that don't fit for a few that do. This will involve ripping off the band-aid and trading some of the pieces held dear (sort of) like Kadri.

If you want to be an up-tempo, offensive styled team like the Pens, you dump Randy, keep Kadri, bring in an offensive type coach and start tinkering to make the supporting cast fit THAT mould instead. This would be less effort and would keep the fans hoping for the "Stamkos Sweepstakes" or whoever the next big-name FA is going to be. (Funny that a few years in a row have resulted in the Big FA Fish being a disappointment - Clarkson, Brad Richards, but I digress). I don't think this is the path to take, but somehow expect it to be the one chosen.
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Will the KHL tempt Ovi?
I agree with DL. Was Mike Bossy known for his excellent 2-way play? That ability isn't on every corner, and if Washington is selling, I imagine there would be at least a dozen teams kicking the tires.

The other thing on this is about firing the GM. Not every team can fire their GM in the same season, ha. Calgary and Vancouver are looking already, Buffalo hired the top "prospect" earlier this year. Is someone out there actually better than what you already have? I really think the Caps need a change, in this case, I just find it wild how many GM jobs people want to make up for grabs. And I wouldn't be surprised if McPhee had a new job within a week of getting fired, unlike Gillis or likely Feaster
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: House-cleaning in store for Winnipeg?
I think they need to stay the course management wise for at least another season.

This team sold its fanbase a 5 year plan to being a contender. They are 3 seasons (one shortened) in. Sure, there should be some improvement by now, but sometimes you hit speedbumps.

Who could've predicted they would lose the hearts of their 2 highest potential players in Kane and Buff? I think that came down to the coaching, but now they either have to hope that a new coach can get that spark back (and convince Buff to show up to camp next year weighing somewhere south of 280lbs) or trade one or both of them this offseason. The character in that room is off, and they need to get it back on track with more, better player leadership. Ladd can only lead those willing to follow.

Smart FA signings are in order, not just getting name brand players (see: Heatley, Dany) or overpaying 3rd liners who overvalue themselves (see: Bolland, Dave). Bolland's character would help, to be fair, but the 7yrs at $6mil I think I read he is asking from Toronto is ridiculous.

But if they trade buff or kane it would ideally be for a current roster player. It'd be tough to re-start completely. The big issue is that this upcoming year the Cap is jumping up significantly, so teams won't be choking under it and having to dump quality players as cap-casualties.

And TALK to players before trading for them, where possible. Make sure they WANT to be in winnipeg and aren't just going there till they can get out. Forcing people to be where they don't want to be won't help their on-ice production either.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Jets done with Kane?
I like the "Real Deal" reference Tom, kudos, ha.

The rest seems hard to argue with but I don't know how they are going to get out of their personal he//. Trading Kane will likely bring another guy who doesn't want to play/live in Winnipeg. For teams with no real draw for FAs (Jets, Edm, NYI come to mind first) the only way to get better is in the draft. The Isles have Tavares and a decent young crop to work with, and everyone knows Edmonton is chock-full of young offensive talent from the last decade of finishing last. The Jets keep putting themselves in Flames/Leafs territory - finishing between 7 and 11 so there is no winning for the organization. They need to reset the rebuild the way Calgary finally did this past season. And the Flames were rewarded with Monahan. The Jets should start over before they lose all the goodwill peggers have for the team.

Another big issue is the NHL is still an old boys' club and the Jets made every effort they could to not include any members of that club into their organization. They hired an AHL GM, fired their highly respected NHL GM, fired their respected NHL coach to bring in a mouthpiece (who was admittedly entertaining as all he//), and then expected everyone to overpay for their players in trades. Do you think the Buffalo/Ottawa trade earlier this season was by accident? Is it coincidence that we see certain teams do more business with each other than others (say, NYR/Columbus)? Or is it maybe because they have a good business relationship? The Wings can call anyone in the league and expect a fair shake since they've supplied half the league with coaches and GMs. The Jets have no outside contacts - they want their own sandbox, but can't understand why noone will trade sand when their box gets all muddy. I'm not sure I explained that as well I could, but I really believe relationships are massive in business and exclusion of your neighbours only hurts you in the long run. Think of it like federal Foreign Policy - other countries will either work with you if your policy works with them, or they'll give you the brush-off in your time of need if you've been an ****.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Will Nazem Kadri ever grow up?
Agreed joec, but just barely.

It will be looked upon as a mistake, but this kid may only grow up once he gets out of his hometown. He still lives at home, for crying out loud. For some players, that's ideal. For others, not so much. I think Kadri WILL end up being a heck of an NHLer for somebody, I just don't think it'll happen in Toronto.

Maybe Tronna and the Peg can trade each other for Kadri and Kane...shouldn't take much more than that straight-up trade, though it would weaken Toronto even more up the middle and strengthen the wing where they are kind of set already. Wow though, the speed of Kessel and Kane up the wings? Yikes.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Oates may pay the price (McPhee, too)
So its been forever since I've posted due to work, etc. but I've been reading along for the last couple weeks, and this one I couldn't hold my tongue.

Ovie is the poster boy for underachieving? Really? He's the only guy looking at scoring 50 this year, whether 49 of them were on the PP or not. He's got a few Rocket Richard trophies in the case too, for crying out loud.

He's a poster boy for putting personal stats ahead of team play, sure, but to say he underachieves is over the top. This isn't a Kovalev 2.0 scenario...more of a Jaromir Jagr and, coincidentally, with the same organization.

Facetiously, you also have to remember that he has to play politics back home too - how would it look if he played better for the Caps than he did for Mother Russia? Especially after his father's mysteriously timed heart attack the same day the Russian hockey team was eliminated...
Posted Monday August 22, 2011, About: Pegula pointing Sabres at the Cup
The Sabres are primed to be the biggest disappointment of the season, in my opinion.

Regehr will make the d tougher and more responsible, and Ehrhoff will help too, but Brad Boyes and Ville Leino are not team changing forwards, they are supporting cast.

They'll be a better team I'm sure, but there shouldn't be any Cup aspirations in Buffalo, lest their fans be accused of Leaf-itis. The big ups improved the team but didn't make them true contenders.
Posted Friday August 19, 2011, About: Sabres ready to make a deal
Too bad...and thanks for the info.

I figured he'd be the perfect veteran to add to a contender. If I were Vancouver, for instance, I woulda given the clutch winner Drury a try-out before Owen Nolan's losing ace. The Wings coulda signed him to fill the role they hoped Modano woulda filled. Colorado just to close the loop and he could mentor the kids. NYI just to meet the Salary Cap. etc.

Figured it MUSTA been his decision/injury based - teams woulda taken a flyer on him, I'm sure. Even as hurt as he's been the last few years, he didn't deserve the Guerin treatment.
Posted Friday August 19, 2011, About: Sabres ready to make a deal
Never figured it'd be about money, I just figured he'd be the kind to want to come back and prove himself before bowing out. Nothing wrong with stepping away to protect yourself, I just didn't know if there was a story behind the story, and if he had retired on his terms or if the league retired him.
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