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Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Seahawks disrespectful team in sports
Talented team and I like Shermann (I think, but he's not making it easy) but this team is shooting itself in the foot in regards to appeal. Sure being liked is not what the game is about but as a brand the NFL has managed to put players on every team that this fan likes. Maybe Carroll needs to address this.
Posted Saturday January 18, 2014, About: The Pro Bowl NFL terminate it....
These are the kind of stories we all experience and the SAME type of stories that give the cable companies such a bad rep. No one wins.....losers all around; customer, cable provider, cable tech....bad business practice. Isn't it comcast that has the fleet of vans in the commercial I've been seeing, flowing like data through city streets? You must yell at the TV EVERY time you see the ad.
Posted Thursday January 16, 2014, About: Patriots at Broncos (Sunday, 1/19/14 - 3:00 p.m. ET)
I thing the broncos will win. By 10
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: The Pro Bowl NFL terminate it....
TxHeat, understand the injury issue clearly. Hence the goofy stuff I put forth. Suspect it is possible to find something with minimal chance of injury--water sports are helpful for that for example. Remember the "SuperTeam" competitions on ABC in the 70s? Different than what I'm proposing now.
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: The Pro Bowl NFL terminate it....
Change the pro-bowl to a 3-4 day weekend and families in Hawaii. Have a show on ESPN or NFL network. Break it down into positions and maybe give some awards or something. Have some daytime events with the players doing some skill stuff and film it in HD, GoPro cameras etc. Maybe some kite-sailing, rowing competitions in those Hawaiian canoe things, entertaining **** like that. It's just a show, nothing else, everyone wins.
Posted Monday January 13, 2014, About: what a sorry BS decision!
Seems like good business practice.
I'd be interested in seeing the "take rate" from season holders now (with the advent of CraigsList, Stub-Hub, internet) vs take 30 years ago when scalping tickets was a challenge and more "shady". Suspect stadiums sold more tickets at the window or away location back then.

Today you can pick up your playoff tickets, put them on Stub-Hub for a rabid fan and recoup 30-40% of season costs I bet. Then stay home in warm living room and HDTV splendor while out of towner gets beat up in your seats....win-win.
Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: Clemency or no clemency for O.J. Simpson?
Posted Monday January 06, 2014, About: Ranking the Elite 8?
BAM!!!! And there it is. QB plays only one side of the ball. Teams have to have balance. Rogers lost yesterday b/c (and stay with me here) a) he didn't get the ball back or b) the guy with outside contain on Kapernick failed to keep him inside and SF got the first down and chip shot FG to end it.
Now sure there was a LOT more to the game than a and b above but in the last few minutes that was the difference in a very simple breakdown.
Dalton was a very AWFUL example of playoff QB play yesterday--that loss was on him.
Posted Monday January 06, 2014, About: Ranking the Elite 8?
when faced with that conundrum I go back to the 18-0 Patriots vs the WildCard NY Giants. In that case the Defense did win the Championship by beating the otherwise sterling QB. Now add possibility of bad weather to some of these games and that gives the stronger Defensive team a +2-+3 additional advantage IMHO.
Posted Sunday January 05, 2014, About: Do the Bengals need to make a change after 0-3 in playoffs ?
Is the loss each year for the same reason(s)? If so then Lewis should go. IF it was injuries one year, bad QB the next, crushed by Free Agency another then maybe the Coach is not the issue. Who's the GM? Sorry I don't follow the Bengals that closely.
Posted Sunday January 05, 2014, About: How bout them Colts!!
Fair post but I have to downvote as you brought in "Skip Payless" for no apparent reason. -1 for Skip.
While watching the game I do NOT recall some horrible "non-call" on a PI or an Offensive Lineman doing a take down on a DE or the like. Usually you can see those in the margins based on how the lineman fall down for example or going outside the DE gets just mugged so its pretty obvious. I think the players played pretty clean AND the Refs were staying out of it. Best way to decide an important game. And thankfully the delay-of-game was a non-factor. NOT like the blown call on the FG attempt in KC/SD. The league has got to get better on those.
yes I believe it was +40 and in the interim I passed the next milestone of "5" so felt I could upgrade to the next level. I've early memories of the Cowboys when I lived in Galveston as a child and that was before I was 6 yrs old so the +45 is a close approximation erring on the conservative side.

I recall you left as this place was becoming a "free-for-all of childish behavior" (my words) and you were also having a devilish time with broadband or internet connectivity so the combination was enough to drive you nuts--at least I think that is the short story version. Samo-samo Dallas season so suppose I could go back and look at your old comments and they would be just as relevant today!! Glad you are back at FN
Oh and BTW Angels, kittens, puppies, soft snow, chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream, Bambi, crayon, cotton candy.

Bull Shirt Retired.....you come out of retirement to wade in these treacherous waters.....be careful we have a mod who appears to be a Honey Badger....very dangerous variant of the badger from what I understand. Glad to see you again.
Posted Friday January 03, 2014, About: I feel bad for you Dallas fans, well sort of
TxHeat, not sure I agree with you on lacking the motivations....unless you mean the stadium and $$ rolling through with the concerts, college games, etc etc would be his only motivation.

He spends money on salary--poorly it would seem; Carr for example. He promotes the team and seems to want them to win. I want to win the PowerBall....want and will are two different things. He's motivated to win, he is just not a good GM.
I don't think a "side" is being picked here, only that the refs "let 'em play", It was clear by the 2nd quarter that the refs were not going to call many of the ticky-tacky holds, PI, etc that plague NFL games today.
Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013, About: I feel bad for you Dallas fans, well sort of
What you describe is what J Johnson did with the '89-90 Cowboys in getting rid of "dead-wood" (like to call these guys "veterans" as they are some of the heroes from the glory years of the late '70s) He traded H Walker for multiple draft picks (similar to what many are saying Dez Bryant is good for). I agree with your analysis but am not sure the Oakland scenario is repeatable in Dallas as Jerrah is NOT exactly like A Davis and IMO Jones is on the defensive now due to the continuous attacks on his capabilities. Would Parcells fit the scenario you put forth? Was Tuna NOT given enough control with "shopping for the groceries"? Did he get frustrated due to Jones' meddling? Had enough of the NFL? Does Tuna get credit for the 13-3 team? (I say yes) Trust me, in the MANY years I've been following this team I've seen/imagined/endured what appears to be every possible scenario.

There may be some hope. Jerrah did vocalize that after ALL this mediocrity he must look at what is the ONE constant in these 17 yrs and that is HIM. He didn't say anything about replacing himself but maybe his "approach"?! Don't know what that means.

The other thing that gives me some hope (still drinking the Kool-aid from a 5 gallon bucket) was Jerrah's reaction to Orton's last interception. A camera was swung to his luxury box and he looked to be sh_itting- a meat axe! I think I heard him say FU_CK__!!! from my living room. Even with his back turned I could read his lips!!!! The man wants to win, two reasons. One he hates to lose and he so desperately wants to prove EVERYONE (to include Jimmy J) wrong.

It's not from a lack of wanting or trying to win, he just sucks at it and don't think it will get better. His ego will not go away; even if he tamed it for a short period any success brought by others would be trampled as he rushed forward to the camera or microphone.

In brief; fans are screwed. Can't see his off-spring doing any better--apple far from the tree sort of thing.
Posted Saturday December 28, 2013, About: Will the refs give the Steelers another game tomorrow?
I just grabbed this quote as this seems to be the general consensus......but......

Are the refs any worse? Or is HDTV and the reviews only demonstrating to us what we did NOT see in years past. Is there ANY reception/interception review that can withstand freeze-frame HD analysis? As the ball always seems to touch the ground, move, jostle.

Now let's address the myriad of subjective calls the refs are forced to make at real speed (call it warp speed). Pass interference, defenseless receivers, helmet to helmet, roughing the passer etc etc.....then when we digest another Papa John's pizza ad, one more F-150 truck or watered down over chilled Coors beer ad while the Review Official looks at the issue in super-slo-mo or NB-See-it and surprise the call was crap.

The final coupe-de-grace is when the Perrieria guy from Fox comes on and in general BS's us saying the call was the right call or we didn't see what we really did see and cementing our belief that the league, FOX, CBS, ESPN etc are all trying to hide what we can clearly see.

The apparent error in calls, the BS and smudging of the results (not enough evidence to over-turn) drive us all crazy. See the beauty of middle age is that one can reflect on black-and-white games, blackouts, rabbit ears, foil strips, and AM radio and all this seems just easier to stomach.
Posted Saturday December 28, 2013, About: The Pro Bowl NFL terminate it....
I think it has been changed already. I guess Neon Deion and Jerry (GOAT) Rice are "heading up" the two teams.....for what I don't know.
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