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Posted Sunday February 02, 2014, About: Pay for Play
First off, thanks for providing a thoughtful, balanced perspective on this thorny subject. If I could interject one additional "point" into the dialogue, it would be in reference to the "unspoken covenant" that exists between the universities and the professional sports leagues they act as a "minor league" to support. It's the primary reason I don't see the current attempts to "unionize" college athletes gaining any traction. As long as the NBA and NFL (the two sports who benefit most from the current arrangement) and their respective player unions negotiate "in good faith" to limit who can play their game, then it will continue to be left to the colleges to "figure out" how to wear a sweater while climbing through a barbed-wire fence.
Posted Wednesday September 25, 2013, About: The Line Was Offensive
I've seen enough of Freeman to say "I'll pass"....
Posted Wednesday July 11, 2012, About: SIGN FANNATION PETITION
OBD... fix the damn lag for crying out loud!!! Surely there is someone associated with this company who understands "code"!!!
Posted Monday February 20, 2012, About: LeBron James/Cavs Reunion? Nope!

Nice, well constructed thoughts... But HAH never less!!!
Posted Wednesday February 15, 2012, About: Jermey Lin's a hero and Floyd Mayweather's a worthless bigot
Posted Saturday September 10, 2011, About: A Regretful Farewell
We don't talk much, Rude... but you are one of the folks I have ultimate respect for here.

Peace, Bro...
Posted Sunday August 28, 2011, About: Raiders sign veteran CB Lito Sheppard
This is a solid pickup. The guy has been through the wars and can provide needed stability in a limited role.
Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: A Cowboy goes to Heaven
Cliff reminded me of one...

Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: So we lost another gentleman
Well said DJ - well said.
Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: A Cowboy goes to Heaven
"I hope you loved him too. Or at the least, respected him."

Debi - I hope you share your blog with his family and I hope they will be comforted in the fact that he had a special group of people that cared for him, that respected him, and that will miss him deeply.
Posted Friday February 11, 2011, About: A Cowboy goes to Heaven
It's an interesting thing... this little world of the Internet.

You goof around, looking at this and that... Amazon and Google... Face book & MySpace... fill_in_the_blank.com - whatever it takes to get your fix on whatever fills the gaps in your need for information on whatever it is that jazzes you in life. For me, that gap consisted of "What's going on with these friggin' Cowboys?"

Somewhere, somehow, (hell - don't recall anymore) I found Fan Nation - this cluster of nomads, flagrants and other assorted vagabonds with sports opinions and opinions on almost everything else in the world outside of sports. Think to one's self - toss a few thoughts into the ring - who cares? Bunch of faceless people with cute pictures - you'll never get to meet any of them. Then, you get responses, you respond back, you find kindred spirits and all the sudden - you have made friends you never expected. You have this "family" of zany characters that below the surface are good people just trying to get through life the best they can.

The first "member" that reached out to me when I landed here was CD. We shared that initial bond of being Cowboys fans. Then, we shared the bond of being Cowboys fans that didn't look at it as a life-and-death struggle. Then, we shared a point of view here, a difference there, but always with a respect for the fact that every one was entitled to their views. Somewhere in the middle of all of all this, I just came to the conclusion that he was one of the people here I would have loved to have known face-to-face - to share a beer... a laugh... to just hang out with. He was witty... he was poignant... he was compassionate... he was feisty - and he was a good guy.

No one know who or what is actually behind these little funny faces and assorted avatars we use. But I have a hunch that CD's avatar said everything you needed to know about him - his words certainly did. I am honored to have had him as a small part of my life and will appreciate his wisdom and friendship on this forum. I am wiping tears away as I type this.

It's an interesting thing... this little world of the Internet.
Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: Gary Moore - Guitarist of Power
Kudos for a well articulated blog on one of my favorite axemen. You're right - I couldn't list all of his great music but you did a fine job with your choices.
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