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Posted Friday January 14, 2011, About: Pat Shurmur: 13th Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns
As others have pointed out we finally have a front office and a head coach who are of the same school so that's promising. The history of Browns have been head coaches who coach one way yet draft and sign players who fit completely different systems.

Chris Palmer and Dwight Clark - Set the tone for things. Clark was a 49ers West Coast guy all the way. Chris Palmer used the Joe Gibbs/Don Coryell system. Tim Couch could have been a great QB in a Coryell system but he was immobile and the Browns never drafted an O-Lineman high. Clark, coming from the 49ers always drafted a lot of WRs. In the WCO you can get away with poor pass protection for a little while at least with QB mobility and quick timing throws (see the Eagles). But they didn't have the right QB for that attack.

Butch Davis - Actually knew his system and drafted accordingly. He was just a horrible evaluator of talent, see Gerard Warren over Richard Seymour or LaDanian Tomlinson.

Phil Savage/Romeo Crennel - Takes the cake why these guys were thinking. Savage had some experience with the Hoodie so this should have been a perfect match. First thing out of the gate, instead of grabbing a defensive player or a team guy, they grab a prima dona WR. Edwards didn't even fit the mold for Patriots style receiver. With the exception of Randy Moss, the Pats use small fast WRs to spread the D. Then they allowed Baltimore to grab Ngata when D-Line was vital to their defensive schemes. The one time they were successful they switched offensive philosophies and brought in a Coryell guy. When they switched back to a Pats style offense it all came apart.

Mangini - His first mistake was not bringing Shottenheimer with him as OC. The Browns personnel at that time was pretty good. But Mangini wanted to blow everything up. Out went Edwards and Winslow. They doubled down on the Pats style offense. Once again they went with big receivers, this time guys who were slow. No power running backs to back up an aging Jamal Lewis. Yet again the HC got in his own way with personnel and style of offense.
Posted Friday January 14, 2011, About: More Draft Shenanigans - Plus a New Mock Draft Part 1
Bowers is a definite possibility since he is a true 4-3 DE
Posted Friday January 14, 2011, About: More Draft Shenanigans - Plus a New Mock Draft Part 1
Carolina - Rivera would be putting his fate in his OC's hands if he picked somebody like Blaine Gabbert. He might but with no 2nd round pick that would really tie his hands in other areas.

Buffalo - Possible but the guy they'd probably go after would be Cam Newton. Newton over AJ Green? When Fitzpatrick is at least serviceable? probably not.

Cincinnati - Not happening. At least not this year. Mike Brown is standing pat AGAIN. Remember how long it took him to get rid of David Shula? How about David Klingler?

Arizona - Again, not happening. A rookie QB is just going to get lost in the Max Hall, John Skelton shuffle. Probably bring in a second tier vet like Marc Bulger.

San Fran - Could really be any one of the top 4 QB prospects because none of them really put himself head and shoulders above the others. I went with Locker because Harbaugh's had a real close look at him already. Plus he's pro trained. Harbaugh doesn't want to waste time on teaching Cam Newton or Ryan Mallet the basics. With Locker he can concentrate on the playbook and his decision making.

Titans - This is really a wild stab but I think Mallet is the most appealing to Tennessee. He's got size and a cannon for an arm. He's more of a pocket passer so he can learn from Kerry Collins.
Posted Sunday January 09, 2011, About: Fearless Browns Draft Prediction Number 1
There are some intriguing players projected in the 3rd round at WR. If we get Blackmon, or Jones or even (fingers crossed) AJ Green in the first round we should definitely look at Jerrell Jernigan from Troy in the 3rd if he's still available.
Posted Friday January 07, 2011, About: HGT'S NEW Draft Board Part 1
Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: HGT's Draf t Board Part 1

I meant unwanted by GMs. They never listen to me ;-)
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: HGT's Draft Board Part 2
Forget everything! Luck is returning to Stanford.

Panther fans everywhere are weeping.
Posted Monday January 03, 2011, About: 2011 Draft The First 6 spots
definite possibility. Trade with Carolina would also make sense because the Panthers owner is CHEAP, and he doesn't want to shell out a 50 million guaranteed contract. Not when there will probably be a rookie salary cap in place for the 2012 draft.
Posted Monday January 03, 2011, About: Quiet "Black Monday" so far.
Still early.
Posted Monday January 03, 2011, About: 2011 Draft The First 6 spots
I doubt Mallet and Newton too but that's not going to keep a desperate team from reaching for them. Kolb to Cincy would make sense, but that organization doesn't make sense a lot of the time. I think the Cards will pick up McNabb on the cheap.
Posted Sunday January 02, 2011, About: 2011 NFL Draft
I hear what you're saying but I think the Browns will go for Run D and pass rush in the draft and try to address the O Line and Receiving corps in the off season. Logan Mankins and Jared Gaither will both be available. As will Mike Sims Walker and Steve Breaston.

The draft is very rich in front seven prospects but there's only one consensus WR in the top 10. Still if AJ Green is there I'm sure they'll happily take him.
Posted Saturday January 01, 2011, About: 2011 NFL Draft
Time to chime in on what the Browns will do with draft. Looks like they'll be picking anywhere between 7th and 10th. Dawg Pound Daily suggested we take a flier on someone like Ryan Mallet or Jake Locker. That's not something I see the Browns even considering. Colt's put up a 65% completion and a 81 QB rating. Consider that Locker is 55% for his college career and you get the idea just how pointless it would be to draft him. So who should we draft. I thought about it and here's what I came up with.

AJ Green - This is the dream scenario but it also has the slimmest chance of success. I can't see Green lasting this long. As for the other receivers, a lot of mock drafts have the Browns settling for Julio Jones or Justin Blackmon. That would be reaching and Holmgren and Heckert don't like to reach in the first round. Unless, like TJ Ward, they see something in these guys that no one else sees I think they'll pass.

Patrick Peterson or Prince Anakamura - Also a long shot but not as long as AJ Green. The Browns secondary has gone from a joke to a strength, adding either of these studs would give them the best young DBs in the NFL and that always counts for something.

Front 7 - This is the most obvious choice. We play in the AFC North. We need a front seven that can dominate. There are so many players projected to be rush linebackers or 3-4 Ends that the Browns would really have their choice. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they went front 7 again in the second round. Things worked out so well with Haden and Ward I'm sure they'll be tempted to double dip again. Imagine Marcel Dareus and Jeremy Beal 1st and 2nd round picks. It could happen

Mark Ingram - Fans probably don't want to hear this but Peyton Hillis can't carry the load by himself. The Browns need another physical RB and the status of Monterio Hardesty is up in the air. I love Hillis and hope he's a Brown for a long time to come, but drafting Ingram would ensure the running game stays physical for four quarters. Also the league may be going to an 18 game schedule. Something like that you'd HAVE to have two running backs.
Posted Monday December 20, 2010, About: 2011 NFL Draft
My dream draft for 2011 would look something like this

A top 5 front seven player like Marcel Dareus of Alabama or Robert Quinn in round 1. The Front seven needs a playmaker and a leader
TE Kyle Rudolph in round 2 - helps the O line and gives Colt another weapon, 2 birds 1 stone
A Fast WR like the kid from Troy everyone's raving about. Somebody like Chansi Stuckey only with jets. Take a short timing throw and make something out it player.
Another WR in round 4
ILB round 5 - Playing a 3-4 means you can find strong big guys who lack the speed to play in the 4-3 at this round
Remaining rounds, G, RT, DT
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: it's done! the axe fell
You couldn't keep Wade after last night.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Browns comming out party, Colt must now be the #1 starter.
Don't mention it.
Posted Sunday November 07, 2010, About: Bad calls in the Eagles Colts game
I think if Collie was only dazed or shook it off immediately there would have been no flag or the flag would have been picked up. I think they didn't want to have another player laid out after a collision and no flag. That's the wrong mentality to have IMHO.
Posted Sunday November 07, 2010, About: Browns comming out party, Colt must now be the #1 starter.

Colt looked great. Hillis, I don't think calling him a beast does him justice anymore. The wideouts...they looked competent is as far as I'll go. I think the offense would be in another gear altogether if we had a real game breaker or field stretcher at the WR position. But that's for next year. Right now reveling in 3-5.
Posted Wednesday November 03, 2010, About: Moss to Titans: Merriman to Bills.
Merriman has looked washed up for the last few seasons.

Moss can still play, it's just his 'tude that gets in the way. If Jeff Fischer can't get the most out of him, that's it. This is his LAST stop.
Posted Wednesday November 03, 2010, About: Jerry Jones, New Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys?
Just would confirm what we already knew. JJ is the new Al Davis.
Posted Wednesday November 03, 2010, About: Packers/Dallas
That's no longer a given. These guys have gotten so use to mailing it in it's fats turning into a habit. Habits are hard to break.
I really don't get that. The team is utterly lost, what else do you have to lose?
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