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Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Top 10 NFL offenses..
Watch out for the Titans. Kenny Britt is coming into his own. If they have a passing attack to go with Chris Johnson, woo boy.
Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: The Panic Button Bowl
Whoever wins should still keep their finger hovering over the panic button until the end of the season. Both teams came out of their bye week unbelievably flat. No more breaks until it's over.
Posted Monday October 11, 2010, About: Tony Romo has better skills than Tom Brady?
Until Romo develops Brady's killer instinct he's always going to come up short in comparison.

Brady is psycho Michael Jordan level competitive.
Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: NFL teams with the most hope for the future.
It may not look like it now but Detroit, if they can keep Stafford healthy and get some DB's could be a powerhouse.
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Notre Dame will win NC within 4 yrs
I'm sorry I just can't see it. I love what Brian Kelly is doing at ND, it finally looks like a big time football program instead of a monument to Charlie Weiss' ego. But there are still some factors that work against it.

Crazy hard schedule - ND has been shooting itself in the foot year after year with a schedule that almost guarantees 3 to 4 losses per year. Why? Tradition. It's past the point where the ND people have to decide whether their tradition is more important than the Irish's football chances

Still and Independent - ND is not part of a big conference, it's not playing for an automatic qualifying bid. Maybe the BCS will be overhauled this year so programs like Boise State will have a better shot by why take that chance. Join a conference. If they were in the ACC or the Big East they'd be in the title hunt this year. This also ties in with their scheduling. The Irish have to decide what is more important. It appears as if college football is moving to a couple of super conferences and those teams will control the national title discussion. It may may not be right. I don't think it is right but it's happening.
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Which 2-0 NFC team is most likely to miss the playoffs?
Oops. NFC

Then definitely the Bucs though they have a good chance to grab the final wild card with so many teams playing poorly right now
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Which 2-0 NFC team is most likely to miss the playoffs?
I vote KC. Stats wise the Chiefs suck the worst of any 2-0 team out there. Their offense is anemic, and their defense is giving up yards, but granted not many points.

I can't even say they're playing mistake free football. In the game against Cleveland they had two turnovers, the Browns didn't get any points out of them because of their own mistakes and penalties.

These guys aren't the 2001 Pats.

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