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Posted Monday July 01, 2013, About: Wild won't re-sign Pierre Marc-Bouchard
When healthy, shows flashes of brilliance at times, then disappears for even longer stretches. Can't count on him in the long run due to this inconsistency and history of injuries.
Posted Monday July 01, 2013, About: Twins prospect Buxton: Better than Trout?
This comes from a Baseball America story comparing his stats at Cedar Rapids A ball to Albert Pujols, Joe Mauer, Prince Fielder, Justin Upton, Jay Bruce, Oscar Tavares, and Mike Trout, since all of them played for Cedar Rapids at one time or another. It's not saying he's better than any of them, just comparing his stats to some of these other guys when they played there. Based upon his stats compared to theirs, the scouts are saying he could be something special if he continues at his current rate of development.
Posted Friday May 10, 2013, About: Are the Vikings now a top 10 NFL team?
Top 10 in the NFC maybe. As a die hard Vikes fan, I don't see what Billick sees. There are still too many holes on defense, and Christian Ponder needs to either step up or get out of the way for the next QB.
Posted Monday July 02, 2012, About: Goodell's not-so-subtle message about Los Angeles
Well at least I know it won't be the Vikings like everyone in MN was worried about. My guess is it will be either the Chargers or the Jaguars.
Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012, About: Els goes on expletive-filled rant at Wentworth
Wow no updates since May 27. Has nothing happened in golf since then?
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: Wittman rips team's unprofessional effort
Wow, I remember just a few years ago when the Timberwolves were worse than this current Wizards team, oh yeah, their coach was a guy named Randy Wittman. So what's the lesson for NBA owners?
Posted Friday December 16, 2011, About: Wild now among NHL's top organizations
As a hockey fan, people should care. The only way the NHL is going to improve as a national interest here in the US, is if all teams can build strong local followings that can translate into a national awareness if not a following. Hockey fans should be troubled by the fact that the NHL/hockey is seen as a second tier sport in most markets, and third tier in others. Name one major market in the US where hockey is seen as the primary sport. You can't. For the viability of the sport and the NHL, smaller market teams like Minnesota need to have a strong following so that a national interest can still be fostered and developed. Next time you go to your local sports bar ask someone to name all the NHL teams. I bet 90% of the people you ask will not be able to do so. Then ask the same person to name all the NFL teams, and I bet they can name if not all, the majority of the teams. That is what national exposure and interest could accomplish for the NHL and that is why it's important for hockey fans to support their local teams and support the NHL as a whole.
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Cuddyer choosing Twins over Rockies?
Just because he HAD a great arm, doesn't make him a great fielder. He never really had great range to begin with, and often got a late break on high line drives, and now his arm strength is declining a little. His better days are behind him and he was never that great to begin with. He's always been a middle of the road player.
Posted Wednesday November 09, 2011, About: Phillies eager to sign visiting Cuddyer
Cuddy can be a good RF in the right situation. Still has an above average arm, but range has been limited lately. Can play a variety of positions, 1B, 3B, 2B. Will hit for some power and has a slightly above average OPS. As a Twins fan though, do not count on him in a clutch hitting situation. During high pressure hitting situations, i.e. late innings, game tied or behind with runners on base, will either strike out or hit into DP. Great clubhouse guy and great hitter when there's no pressure on him. I would personally PH for him anytime game is close in last three innings.
Posted Thursday September 15, 2011, About: Span unsure he'll return the same player
That was a good one!
Posted Wednesday August 24, 2011, About: Ravens take huge risk with McKinnie
Not if he can't get out of his stance. He can't even move from a two point stance, let alone a three point. Speed rushers go right around him, and power rushers go right through him. The only thing he was good at on a football field was walking to the sidelines when the Vikes had to punt again.
Posted Sunday August 14, 2011, About: Nathan staying in Minnesota?
Ah johnny, have you seen Capps pitch lately? He has no movement on his fastball, will not pitch inside, and leaves the ball up. Recipie for disaster which is what he's been. Yes Nathan is 36, but he looks like he could be effective for a year or two, and it looks like we've got a closer in the making in the low minors who could be ready in two to three years. So, keep Nathan for 2 more years, let Capps go and sign some middle relievers that can get someone out with the Capps savings, or use that to invest in a SS that can field and get a hit.
Once again the FN interns screwed up. Isn't that a picture of Deron Williams, not Derrick Williams who was just drafted by the Timberpuppies? Unless they've already worked out a trade they can announce after the lockout.
Posted Tuesday July 26, 2011, About: Twins send Cuddyer to hill in debacle
Sad thing is the Twins don't believe their in sell mode yet. While they did have a good run a few weeks ago, their showing what they are again. A sub .500 team with a lot of weaknesses in the field (Nishioka, Young, Kubel), in the bullpen (almost everyone), and at the plate (again almost everyone at some point). They have some assets they could trade to begin a small rebuilding phase and hopefully get back in the chase next year.
Posted Saturday July 23, 2011, About: Adelman to interview with T-Wolves
Would bring some instant credibility to an organization severely lacking it if he were hired. Not sure if Kahn would want a face or an ego bigger than his in the news. Would certainly create an interesting dynamic with an owner who's too wishy-washy to begin with and prides himself in loyalty over results. So who would Taylor be loyal to then, Adelman with a proven track record, or Kahn with a longer history with the team, but a lack of anything resembling productivity?
Posted Thursday July 21, 2011, About: Kahn, Carlisle first to earn NBA fines?
Boy, you are so original. I think this was funny the first million times I saw it.
Posted Thursday July 21, 2011, About: Kahn, Carlisle first to earn NBA fines?
Is this every comment for you?
Posted Wednesday April 27, 2011, About: No timetable for Mauer's return
Stop ripping on Mauer and his health. He's a great player who would look good in a Yankees or Red Sox uniform. I'm sure they'd give up plenty to get a great player like Joe. Maybe some team would offer a power pitcher or a true #1 starter for him. Billy Smith should listen to the offers rolling in, just quit bringing up that he's a china doll.
Posted Sunday February 13, 2011, About: Ga. Tech eyeing Tubby Smith?
Why would Georgia Tech want him. What has he done at Minnesota to warrant any interest from another school? His top recruits either fail out of school, transfer, or keep getting arrested. Not only that, he can't win a big game.
Posted Sunday December 05, 2010, About: Boise State coach linked to Gophers job
Way to go GOOFERS, rumors of Leach, Calhoun, Petersen, Edsell, etc... And who do we end up with JERRY (Who the hell are you?) Kill. Way to KILL your program. Get used to an unprecendented run in the bottom ten polls. Time to cancel my season tickets after 22 years.
Posted Friday October 01, 2010, About: Former Wild assistant: Richards days numbered
The Wild will need to make a decision at some point regarding Richards. He appears overmatched on game strategy and is not learning as he goes along. If the Wild continue to sell out with a subpar team, management will not make a move. But, it seems like the team is starting to struggle to sell tickets and with the on-ice product being very shaky a move could indeed come soon.

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