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Posted Friday March 07, 2014, About: Very curious Toronto Raptors point guard stats
Wow, a whole 7 games!!!! That is so relevant, considering it is about 1/12th of the season. Isn't that what people refer to as SSS(small sample size). It's obvious that your a Vas fan, and not so keen on Lowry, but Lowry actually plays on both sides of the ball. He is a better ball handler, better at creating his own offense, he is also better at playing off the ball. Add in the fact that he takes far more charges, and steals at greater rate, and I really don't get why you feel as if there is any arguement as to who should be getting the majority of minutes on this team that is heading to the playoffs. If it ain't broke, why fix it. Vazquez has put up good numbers, but the only numbers that this team cares about is the number of wins accumalated. I dislike when fans think that since a player put up X amount of numbers on one team, that lost alot of games, that that player deserves an expanded role when the role he is playing is serving this team extremely well at this point in time. Then factor in that you seem to be the only person who feels this way, and I can think of an explaination that fits both criteria's. You can't force the situation.

That being said, lowry could sign elsewhere, which could make Vaz the starter by default. Or the raptors will bring in another pg to compete for the job, and he would have to earn it. I personally don't think this would be a good team with Vaz as the starter, and Lowry off the bench. Same goes for Lowry moving to two, with Demar as the three, and Ross(who is a defensive force) coming off the bench. Nor is this a winning team with Vaz as the starter with this current roster. yawn... no arguement really, unless you like forcing round objects into square holes, or vise versa.

Posted Wednesday February 12, 2014, About: Toronto Raptors Dwane Casey needs to uncuff Greivis Vasquez
Also, it took him 13 shots a game to average 13.9 points, which shows he isn't a efficient enough of a scorer for a good team to to hand him 10 to 15 shots a game. In comparison, Lowry is taking 12.6 shots this year, and averageing almost 3 points more a game. Demar averages 18.2 shots a game, averaging 4 points more than that. Thats per game, so you can see over the duraration of a season, the more points you score on less shots, will make the difference between a win and a loss on a lot of nights. Again, I think he's a good role player on a good team, and a good starter on a lousy team. Which would you rather cheer for.
Posted Wednesday February 12, 2014, About: Toronto Raptors Dwane Casey needs to uncuff Greivis Vasquez
I think you awnsered your own question. Vasquez is a starter on a horrible team, and a bench/role player on a good team. He can't create his own shot, or have an abundance of athleticism like Demar, and he doesn't bring the three point shooting or defensive abilities as a Lowry, to go along with his 43% shooting. He has the ability to be a playmaker, but to be fair, at best he is a poor mans Jose Calderon.

Now if you watch a lot of Raptors games, there seems to be, more often than not, an inability to hold on to the lead when Kyle sits and Greivis is running the team. The only way I would like to see him shot 10-15 shots a game, is if Lowry is injured, IMO.

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