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Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Injured Wing still bound for payday
Visionary? More like bad acid trip, though if you come up with a better way of getting some value for VF I'm all for that.
Posted Thursday May 23, 2013, About: Rangers fear 'huge' loss on D
Seeing as how the matchups haven't been going the Rangers' way as it is, why does Torts think Stralman's loss will make a difference?

Oh wait....yeah, something to point to when he's trying to keep his job....that's the ticket!
Posted Thursday May 23, 2013, About: Avs' coaching chase takes bizarre turn
Excellent players rarely make good coaches - they have trouble understanding why the moderately talented players can't do better than "moderate".

Just trying to stay on topic for a sec. Anyway, I still think the biggest problem with the Rangers is Torts himself. He's amusing when he's doing his postgame interviews, but I haven't seen much in the way of even attempts to change things up. The Blueshirts may simply be outgunned, but at least TRY something different - Hell, put Hagelin on the PP for more than a single shift. Cause why not at this point?
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Hagelin fires back at Tortorella
Anyone want to point out to Hagelin that right now they ALL stink on the PP? I've never heard Pierre MacGuire raise his voice at how bad a team's playing until tonight's 2nd (or 3rd?) power play, when the Rangers were so bad they couldn't enter the Bruins' zone as a unit the entire 2 minutes. I honestly don't get it, it's not like the Rangers aren't talented...shouldn't Torts be able to come up with an answer for Boston's 4th line?
Posted Saturday May 11, 2013, About: How the Canucks keep getting it wrong
Nah, it was back when they paid a metric f--kton of money for Roberto Luongo, then felt like they had to try and play him because he cost them so much. Canuck party line notwithstanding, even the NBC announcing team noticed Vancouver plays better in front of Schneider. Any team that's uncomfortable in front of their goalie is going to fail at some point.
Posted Thursday May 09, 2013, About: News left Habs captain crying in coach's arms
Like BGDave said, I'm sure Gionta was thrilled that Therrien said that to the press. There's nothing wrong with it - hell, it may be tears of relief that the lost function isn't permanent - but you don't have to be a regular poster here to know what kind of reaction a comment like Therrien's will bring. Too bad T-pain-in-the-buttocks himself didn't think of that first - he should stick to ranting about MacLean's Super Walrus Powers instead.

That said, Canuck (comment 16) wins the "best use of subtlety in sarcasm" award. Nice... :)
My favorite was Gallagher at the end of the game - I think it was him anyway. The sucker punch to end all sucker punches.

I do wish there were extra time outs sometimes though. I'd like to watch Therrien's head explode when "John Lennon" Maclean (he is the walrus, after all) called *two* time outs in an equally unprofessional game 4.

I didn't think it was possible to find a team I disliked more than the 'Nucks, but the Habs and especially p-u-to the double s-y Subban made me forget all about Vancouver and the waaay-overhyped Sedins. On a side note, how about the fall from grace of Luongo - he doesn't even rate being overhyped anymore. :)
Posted Monday May 06, 2013, About: MacLean in Therrien's head
I was beginning to think the organ/music player needed to throw on "Oh Canada" during MacLean's time out, then I remembered the Quebecois don't want to be Canadians anyway. Are we sure this series isn't secretly Civil War by proxy, and Canada's PM didn't secretly use Ontario as collateral in a bet that the Sens would win?
Posted Thursday January 03, 2013, About: Deion Sanders doesn't think Ray Lewis is retiring
Lewis isn't stupid, he knows his play has slipped lately, even before the most recent injury. Moss took plays off BEFORE he retired, so coming back to the NFL and only half-assing it for a couple more seasons is pretty much normal for him. Lewis never half-assed anything in his life, except maybe the obstruction of justice he got in trouble for back in Atlanta. I think he knew he was done after this playoff round - judging from how fast ESPN seems to have hired him, I think the day after the doctor told him "torn triceps" (or biceps, pec, whatever muscle it was), he was already talking to ESPN about next year.

For someone who's as much a showman as Deion, he's really lousy as a sports commentator.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Jerry Brown's mother doesn't want Josh Brent prosecuted, Ray Lewis was not a murderer. An obstructor of justice and liar, but he didn't kill anyone himself. Having lived in Atlanta at the time of the shooting, I got to hear all the gory details of the police investigation. I even remember thinking at the time that it was about time a celebrity didn't get the royal treatment. Lewis' biggest problem was being with his old "friends" even though a lot of them were gang bangers, and thinking they would behave themselves - then trying to cover for them when they didn't. Stupid, very stupid.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Jerry Brown's mother doesn't want Josh Brent prosecuted
I don't want him prosecuted either - I think any drunk driver that takes another person's life should be summarily executed. They call it an accident, but no one "accidentally" takes his keys and gets behind the wheel, starts his car, and drives it after being out all night drinking.
He may have changed the wiki page himself, if this was more premeditated than it seems right now. Hope not though, it's a bad enough story as it is. :(
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Chargers' locker room distraught
Isn't it obvious? Spanos is trying to pull a "Major League" scenario so SD won't try and keep the Chargers here. There's no other possible reason to keep a head coach/GM combo whose won-lost ratio keeps dropping and more importantly, whose goal is to get rid of any player (or team competitiveness) which could accidentally spur an increase in season ticket sales.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: Steelers confirm rib fractures for Leftwich
Death before demotion!
Posted Thursday September 13, 2012, About: Blame the players, too
Seems to me the KHL should be negotiating to have their games broadcast here in the West. Bettman might be less condescending towards us fans - and the owners a little more willing to negotiate - if they all knew that there would be good, competitive hockey games (and even some former NHL's like Sergei Federov) to provide the NHL with competition for their "loyal" (read: only game in TV town) fans.
Posted Wednesday August 08, 2012, About: Jets practice erupts with 20-player brawl
This sounds like the grand finale of Blazing Saddles, where the big fight spills over into the other studios. Tebow's gonna have to do a lot of Hail Mary's for this one...
Posted Wednesday May 23, 2012, About: Coyotes goaltender wants Brown out ... forever
Classic - My wife and I noticed the same stylish clothing choice you did. :) Poor Dave Tippett never got an excuse to turn around, but you know if Pierre had been between the benches last night he'd have been interviewing Dave at least two or three times each period...I can even hear it now...
"Mike, I've been talking to Dave Tippett, and....I can't remember what it was he said. Never mind, I guess I'll have to go ask him again."
Posted Monday April 16, 2012, About: Crosby doesn't like a single Flyer
Given how Weber was treated by Shanny, both teams' combatants should be fined $2,500 and left to play game 4, so someone can REALLY get hurt. Because that's the only time it counts as dangerous, apparently.
Posted Monday March 05, 2012, About: Manning video puts pressure on Colts
It would have been better with a cat, like all things YouTube.
Posted Wednesday January 11, 2012, About: Jackson: McKenzie out to 'gut this place'
Al Haig would have been proud of Hue. :D

Sounds like Don Banks saw the same things I did. Too bad Cable didn't give Jackson a 5-finger kiss like he did Davis' other flunky - if he'd managed to hang on for one more year, McKenzie might have found someone there worth trying out "for real".
Posted Thursday December 29, 2011, About: Pereira rips Gruden as 'loudmouth,' 'blowhard'
I hate to say it but Pereira's right, at least about Gruden's broadcast work. I'm getting sick and tired of his complaining every time a penalty is called on a hit against a defenseless receiver, or a hit to the head. He was right once, that the safety hit the WR in the shoulder first. But he's been wrong ever since, yet he still whines about the penalty being called. It's time he crawled out from under the rock and realize that this is how things will get called these days. He may not like it, but the calls themselves are legit.

He and Don Cherry should get together and start their own "one and done" league - head shots designed to knock players out of the game permanently. From the way he blathers on during MNF broadcasts, I think Gruden would rather watch Sproles' career ended by a helmet-to-helmet hit than watch him catch the pass that finalizes Brees' record season. Replace Gruden with Cherry, and Sproles with Crosby, and repeat.

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