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Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: Petrino: 'My first mistake was leaving here'
Is it just me or did his nose just grow about a foot?
Posted Wednesday January 08, 2014, About: Penn State moving quickly, Franklin tops wishlist
I thought one of the reasons O'Brien got tired of being there was because of the constant comparisons to Paterno and whether or not he was a "Paterno guy." If that's the case, what do you think they will do to a guy who has no ties whatsoever to Penn State? I think the safer bet would be Munchak to keep all the detractors at bay but who knows. I personally couldn't care less about Penn State.
Posted Tuesday January 07, 2014, About: DeSean wants his 22-month-old deal ripped up
That's what I'd do. This chucklehead signs a new contract and now he wants more money. He probably thinks he deserves QB money and guess what...he probably still wouldn't be happy. These guys like to complain about their salary but they forget that they got that big signing bonus that should be prorated as well. So, since he signed a five-year extension and got a $10M signing bonus, that means $2M more per year. In other words, this egomaniac is going to get $12M+ the next three years and he still wants more? Get rid of him while you can and you can get something for him. Either that or just cut him.

Every time I hear stories like this it reminds me of someone who said he'd rather own a racehorse than a professional sports team. Why? A horse eats oats or whatever and is happy. He wins a race or a few races. He still eats oats or whatever and he's still happy.

Not these chuckleheads. Just look at Jamal Anderson of the Falcons. He had several mediocre years then has one good year and now all of a sudden he wants a monster contract. Of course right after that he gets injured and pretty much did nothing. It makes me wish the owners could go back after a player has tanked it that year and say that since they only got half production from the player, the player only gets half his salary. That would solve a lot of these problems. Of course it's unrealistic but it's always nice to dream.
Posted Thursday December 05, 2013, About: Colts vet losing his job to a rookie
I was surprised anyone would give him a big contract after showing how poorly he played in Oakland. I saw a few Colts games this year and it was more of the same. Dropping so many catchable balls and basically playing like he just doesn't care. If he gets cut this year, it will be buyer beware for whoever signs him next and if they were smart, they'd make it incentive laden. Maybe that will give him some motivation to put forth some effort.
Posted Monday August 19, 2013, About: Alabama CB Geno Smith arrested for DUI
It's the SEC. His punishment will be not starting. So he'll miss a play or the first series and he'll go in and play like nothing happened.
Posted Saturday August 03, 2013, About: Winslow on Seahawks: 'They put me in a bad situation'
If this guy played as well as he ran his mouth he'd be in the Hall of Fame next to his daddy. That's never gonna happen. Just ask Josh Freeman if he was sad when Tampa Bay dumped Winslow. Let's face it...he's another malcontent. He complains if he doesn't get thrown the ball. He complains if he drops the pass because the QB should have thrown it better. He whines when nobody wants him because of his incessant whining.

It's great to have a goal to catch 100 passes but let's be honest...is this guy going to be willing to do what it takes to catch 100 passes in a season? I doubt it. He's been nothing but a cancer everywhere he's been.

Regarding the Seahawks. I thought Tampa Bay cut him which would have made his contract void. I'm not entirely sure of the rules but they wouldn't have had to pick up those three years on his contract. I could be wrong. However, if the previous poster was correct in that assumption, there's NO WAY he's worth $13.3M for three years. He should have realized the opportunity Seattle was giving him considering how little he has produced his entire career. So now the Jets bring him into that QB situation? You really think he's going to be a good teammate for Sanchez (who's psyche is more fragile than wet toilet paper) and Geno Smith (who may get the starting job if he can stay out of Dunkin' Donuts)? This is just another disaster in waiting for the circus, a.k.a. the New York Jets.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: Report: Josh Gordon's sense of entitlement worried Browns
He's wearing Maurice Clarett's number. That can't be a good sign.
Here was probably how the questioning went...

Police: "Did you do it?"
AH: "No officer"
Police: "OK next suspect."

What do you expect them to do in Gainesville for a UF player. Do you really think would arrest a UF player? They probably get paid by the Athletic Department to look the other way.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: NFL teams reviewing their player 'vetting' process
Posted Friday June 21, 2013, About: Arrest warrant reportedly issued for Aaron Hernandez
He's probably delusional enough to think that nobody would arrest him for this because he's an NFL player so why should he run?
Posted Friday June 21, 2013, About: Arrest warrant reportedly issued for Aaron Hernandez
That's one option. The other option is to do what Ray Lewis did and lie about everything so the real murderer gets off and then fight the obstruction case and have some sympathetic judge give him a slap on the hand. I think they issued this arrest warrant to turn up the heat on him but he's got a good lawyer who will just tell him to say nothing. If he doesn't give them any information and they can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt, he will get rewarded for destroying all the evidence and get away with murder. I think at this point he could be charged with at least accessory to murder but I don't know if they have to prove who murdered who. It's obvious he was murdered and depending on what they found in the house he may be in deep trouble.
Posted Friday June 21, 2013, About: Arrest warrant reportedly issued for Aaron Hernandez
The Raiders or Ravens will sign him.
Posted Friday June 21, 2013, About: Arrest warrant reportedly issued for Aaron Hernandez
You're right about that. Destroying the cell phone did nothing but make him look guilty and if nothing else, that will give them enough to prove he obstructed justice. I know this from personal experience. My girlfriend was involved in a legal issue and it was easy to prove her story based on text messages. Apparently the guy didn't realize those text messages are kept forever (or however long) and all her lawyer needed to do was subpoena the phone records from both her phone and his and it shows every phone call and text message. Granted, it doesn't give the content of the phone conversations (but don't kid yourself, those are recorded also) but what did Hernandez hope to gain by destroying his cellphone. That's just stupid.

All this being said, all he needs is enough money for a good lawyer to get off just like Ray Lewis did. The legal system isn't about justice...it's about justice for whoever can afford the better lawyer.
Guess it didn't bother him too much to take a job in North Carolina. What was the point of even saying that over thirty years after the fact anyway.
You can't fix stupid. This guy just doesn't get it.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Terrell Owens wants to join PBA
Yeah, in his well-publicized debut (well-publicized by his mouth) he bowled a 185, 129, and 161 for a 475 series. Most of these guys he competed against probably got 475 in two games. I rarely bowl anymore (it was a Friday night staple when I was in the Army in Germany) but I'm pretty sure I beat that score every Friday night. The fact that he bowled a 129 and talks about joining the tour with a straight face tells you a lot about his grasp of reality.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Andre Smith misses OTAs
He's not playing under the franchise tag. He signed a three year deal for $18M. This is how he rewards them for that contract and immediately tells me the Bengals made a big mistake by giving this lazy tub of lard a ton of money.
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: Saban questions whether Buckeyes are SEC material
Yeah, but at least one SEC team is recruiting him and what do you bet he won't ever be in danger of being ineligible academically then...
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: Saban questions whether Buckeyes are SEC material
Good point there. Here's his "SEC schedule"...

Michigan (they sucked--finished 8-5 with only 'quality' win over Michigan State and wins over UMASS and Air Force)
Western Kenutcky (finished 7-6, biggest win?... Kentucky)
Arkansas (finished 4-8 with wins over Kentucky and Auburn)
Florida Atlantic - finished 3-9 with wins over Wagner, Troy and WKU
Mississippi - finished 7-6 with wins over Central Arkansas, Tulane, UTEP, Ky, Auburn, Arkansas
Missouri - finished 5-7 with wins over Southeast Louisiana, UCF, Kentucky, Tennessee, AzSt and lost to Vanderbilt
Tennessee - finished 5-7 with wins over Akron, NCState, Georgia State, Troy and Kentucky
Mississippi State - finished 8-5 with wins over Jackson State, Auburn, Troy, South Alabama, Kentucky, Tennesse, Middle Tennesse and Arkansas (none of those eight wins are impressive in the least) and lost to Northwestern in bowl game
LSU - finished 10-3 with wins over Towson, Idaho, North Texas, Washington, Auburn, A&M, South Carolina...some good wins but lost to Clemson in bowl game (I can't believe with their offense they won 10 games)
Texas A&M - nothing needs to be said here....good opponent
Western Carolina - finished 1-10 with lone win over Mars Hill and losses to Alabama and 9 FCS schools
Auburn - finished 3-9 with lone wins over Louisiana-Monroe (almost lost), New Mexico State and Alabama A&M (in other words, not a single victory over a BCS conference team)
Georgia - good team, only cupcakes were Florida Atlantic and Buffalo
Notre Dame - over-rated is an understatment (almost lost to Purdue, Pittsburgh, Stanford and Michigan...biggest win was Oklahoma)
Posted Friday May 24, 2013, About: Cowboys' Josh Brent could have bail revoked
This is not going to help him during his trial.
Posted Wednesday May 15, 2013, About: Titus Young has mental illness, according to father
Brain disorder = stoopid
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