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Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: NBC VS Coverage of the Stanley Cup.
Looks like all you folks got your wish.......................a game 7 which promises to be a nerve-wracking night for fans of both teams. I don't have a dog in this fight but both teams have played great at times and this should be a really good one. I hope it goes to a couple of OTs before it's over. Good luck to you whomever you cheer for.
Posted Tuesday February 22, 2011, About: I want the Steelers to draft this guy in the 2nd or 3rd round
Quarterbacks or women being assaulted?
Posted Thursday January 20, 2011, About: Will Sid the Crybaby miss yet another All-Star Game?
To have a serious (or even mild) concussion you have to have something in your head to start with.
My bet is Green Bay and Pittsburgh. It's a close call though on both games.
I agree with Packfan. I've been there......................a lot. It's a mess, over-taxed, run by criminals......and those are the good points. I'm sure your wife and her family are wonderful folks. But, Illinois is a sad excuse for a well-run state. Chicago is better because the criminals who run the city have more experience than the state-wide criminals.
Posted Wednesday January 19, 2011, About: Will Sid the Crybaby miss yet another All-Star Game?
The All-Star "Game" isn't a game. It's a skating/shooting exhibition. If I were Crosby, or any other player, I'd try to skip it.
Honors grad from Princeton. Had a student loan for the 14 years it took him to get through.
Posted Tuesday January 11, 2011, About: Blue Jackets leaving Columbus
Posted Wednesday December 15, 2010, About: Refs 0-for-Season on Head Shots to Big Ben
This argument is pointless. Hitting Roethlisbergeri in the head is like a missed tackle. There's nothing there anyway.
Posted Tuesday December 14, 2010, About: Refs just keep getting worse!!!
And a good job you did!
Posted Monday November 29, 2010, About: Refs just keep getting worse!!!
Bingo! He knows very little about hockey. I'm not a Pens fan either and hate it when he scores against, or leads a win against, my team. But, you don't have to be very smart to realize he's one of the most talented guys to play in the NHL. I never get into that "he's the best" contest with any player. But, IMO he's certainly one of the top 5., now and in the past 10 years.
Posted Monday November 15, 2010, About: NHL Expansion (Kansas City & Seattle)
You make some good points. I hope everyone understands that "expansion" is a dead subject. Re-location is all that can realistically take place over the next decade.
Posted Thursday November 04, 2010, About: An open letter to the FanNation moderators
I agree with the gist of the comments being made. The golf threads are nearly 100% spam and there is absolutely no excuse for this. All threads are being taken over by spam. Some of the real comments being removed are totally inoffensive. What is going on? Are there no moderators on any of these sites. Seeing a thread contain "Comment # whatever has been removed" 50 or 60 times is simply pathetic.
Posted Tuesday October 26, 2010, About: How's the season thus far?
It's been a little while now and the Devils are in real trouble. It's early yet but Brodeur looks tired and Ilya doesn't appear interested. If I was in NJ I'd be real irritated.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: James Harrison is So Dumb .....
Now that's good..................and it sounds accurate to me.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Colts punter arrested in Broadripple ...
I feel sorry for the guy. He probably feels totally embarrassed and really stupid right now. But, if that's the dumbest thing he ever does in his life he's ahead of most folks.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Rypien loses cool
Rypien had no excuse to do what he did. I've been to more than 2000 NHL games in my life and I'm aware that some fans can be total and absolute jerks. Whether this guy was or not I don't know. But, players should never, never touch fans unless they're out on the ice (as I've seen a few times)...........even then use your head. Since it was relatively minor I think he should get something like a 3 game suspension. Fans involved in the incident should usually be thrown out, but since I wasn't there and didn't see the entire mess, I'm uncertain. One thing I do know, access and egress from the rink ought to be set up in such a way the boorish fans can't touch, or be touched by, any players.
Playing for Hershey Bears now.
Posted Wednesday October 13, 2010, About: How's the season thus far?
Caps have looked improved on the defensive side. 3-0 after a lackluster opening loss. Neuvirth and his defensive front, especially the PK have looked very good for the first week. It's early yet. While I know Pens fans are disappointed, it's far too early to be really worried. I think they'll be at their usual spot in the top 5 or 6 teams in the entire league very soon. Toronto has been the biggest surprise in this first week I think.
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: New season
There is no temp too hot and none too cold for hockey. Drop the puck!
Posted Wednesday September 15, 2010, About: What A Way To Start The Season
Neither team looked like a play-off team, much less a SB contender. On the other hand there were some hopeful signs for both. The Redskins D looked good most of the time and they had a few spurts of offense (very few). Dallas looked solid on D and offense showed life (except when it counted down close). Dallas needs to eliminate the many mistakes they made on offense. 'Skins need to have some consistency on offense. Bottom line........long way to go for both teams.

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