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Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: Pacquiao: I want Mayweather next
i realize that rationality and boxing conversations don't really mix, but, let's give it a shot anwyay...

both manny and floyd command the PPV numbers they now receive because of one common denominator... Oscar De La Hoya. each fighter having seen tremendous increases to their respective PPV numbers after defeating DLH.

since fighting DLH, floyd has generated 4.62 million PPV buys on 4 fights and manny has generated 6.65 million buys on 6 . that comes to a per fight average of 1.15 million for floyd and 1.10 million for manny. it's pretty obvious that each man has relatively equal appeal to the masses.

so when floyd says "No one is getting 50-50" it seems pretty unreasonable. now, i realize that manny is under arum and floyd is his own boss, but, we're talking about how the purse is split between the camps, not the fighters. floyd is no more of a draw than manny is. if 50-50 is too much for floyd, maybe 51/49 is more acceptable?
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: Pacquiao: I want Mayweather next
any other time, i would love to see PBF head off to prison... i'm glad he's not. even if it's only currently a far fetched possibility, the thought of this super fight will get the boards jumping again... LET's GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!
Posted Monday October 03, 2011, About: Did Romo snub Jones on Sunday?
another game to add to Romo's "low-lights" reel.
Posted Sunday July 25, 2010, About: Arum: Pacquiao moving on from Mayweather

Thanks. That did shed some light on the issue. But, for the most part, that is the same issue that impeded the initial March negotiations. The major difference is the 14days that Manny now agrees to that he didn't earlier in the year. Granted that PBF's demands were for Olympic style tests, those were his demands for the first negotiations. I realize that he has a hard stand on that, but, I'm surprised he hasn't responded to Arum's recent 14day window comments. I'm really just surprised because PBF is not known for biting his tongue. I guess all his (PBF) critics would be silenced if he just makes a statement. Until then, everyone is left to their own imagination of the mythical "Superfight".
Posted Sunday July 25, 2010, About: Pacquiao, Margarito may fight in U.S.
Its not THE fight i wanted to see. BUT, i'll take it.

Posted Saturday July 24, 2010, About: Arum: Pacquiao moving on from Mayweather
RegularJoe... nice follow up.

Perhaps you can enlighten myself, as well as others, as to your opinion as to why PBF hasn't responded to anyone's request regarding his opinion on a fight with PacMan this year. granted the ball is in his court now to fight, since Arum said Manny will agree to his blood test conditions, why is the biggest mouth in boxing so silent? it just seems so unlike him. He wouldn't comment at the charity BBall game when directly asked. he hasn't responded to the jibber jabber between Arum and HBO regarding this fight. what's up?
Posted Saturday July 24, 2010, About: Arum: Pacquiao moving on from Mayweather
exactly. Arum put it out there that discussions had taken place regarding Mayweather/Pacquaio. wether or not it's true, we won't really know since we've only read one side of the story. HOWEVER, Arum has been quoted and he hasn't refuted, that Manny WILL agree to PBF's drug testing conditions should this fight ever take place.

now what's PBF's excuse? it's ironic that the biggest mouth in Boxing is so quiet now.
Posted Friday July 23, 2010, About: Arum: Pacquiao moving on from Mayweather
MadMex2009.... always enjoy your posts here in the MMA/Boxing forum. very clear, concise and subjective with no bias.

nice job bro.
Posted Friday July 23, 2010, About: Arum: Pacquiao moving on from Mayweather

while compelling and full of numbers your points are, they are completely biased. perhaps had you given a more subjective opinion, i would have concluded that you had valid points. but, unfortunately, you used a lot of big words when all you really wanted to say is "PacMan and Arum can suck it".

Arum already said Manny would accept the conditions of blood testing that PBF's camp put out. Now what?

Manny loves his country and clearly wants to serve his people. Hence, why he ran for a government office. He has more than enough money to do that and has no real insistance on making a buzzilion dollars. Now what?

The NAC's drug testing policies have been MORE than adequate for hundreds of prize fighters and hundreds of big money fights, including PBF's, for many many years, with no dispute. Now what?

I've said that I don't honestly believe that PBF is scared of Manny. However, his silence makes the critics that much louder.
Posted Sunday July 18, 2010, About: Arum: Pacquiao moving on from Mayweather
as a pac-man fan, i don't believe that PBF is afraid to fight. however, it's understandable for some to conclude that he would be scared to tarnish his perfect record because of his silence. i'll give him the benefit of doubt that he may have some more pressing issues (no trainer) until he says otherwise.

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