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Posted Sunday March 24, 2013, About: Sacramento's bid to keep Kings includes new arena
The Kings over the last 13 years have averaged 20th in attendance. Prior to 2007 season they were consistently at number 12 or 13 but if you recall in 2006 the Maloofs tried to get a new stadium financed by the citizens of Sacramento without putting any money in themselves. That is the first time that the Maloofs threatened to move the franchise out of town...they burned a great deal of trust within the community at that point and the decline of attendance is directly reflected. No more Maloofs and the team will more than likely regain some of it's lost footing in attendance figures.
Posted Sunday March 24, 2013, About: Sacramento's bid to keep Kings includes new arena
Because there are no other professional teams is not a viable reason for the Kings to move. The people of Sacramento have earned and deserve to keep the Kings if they so choose. If not for the bungling of current owners during their term of stewardship this team would never have been on the market. The Maloofs have squandered a fortune that was developed by their father and their attempt to finance their irresponsible lifestyle by squeezing the life out of this team is reprehensible. Time for the Maloofs to move on, that is certain...but for the citizens of Sacramento who have continued to show up night after night in support of "their team", the Kings are right at home.
Posted Wednesday March 13, 2013, About: Cousins eroding relationships, alienating officials
Its not the coaches...as a "student" at Kentucky Demarcus didn't have the money that comes with the NBA...and it's inherent sense of entitlement. He feels "untouchable" therefore acts accordingly. When Coach Smart left him home Demarcus saw the light for a moment...ownership because they are invested, saw fit to put him back in the line up prematurely which negated the effect that Keith was attempting to establish. Cousins is a time bomb...and without therapy...Boom!
Posted Wednesday March 13, 2013, About: Cousins eroding relationships, alienating officials
Demarcus has been told his entire athletic life that he is special...he has been courted, stroked, and encouraged. Physically he is one of the more gifted players in the NBA at his size. He has quickness, guile, and power...great attributes. He has never been held accountable however, never told "no", never asked to behave until now. For moments at a time he is capable of maintaining on the court but without the fundamental mindset he cannot remain composed for any significant length of time. He is petty and vengeful with a huge body...he is a poster boy for eliminating the "one and done" college to pro elevator ride. While many of today's youth are capable of being adults at age 19, even more are still just kids. Unfortunately for Demarcus he was released into the adult world completely unprepared.
Posted Friday October 19, 2012, About: Report: Howard to debut Sunday
You are so off the mark...Cousins plays hard but I don't see any reason to malign him with a crack like that...how many centers in league are just as capable? All of them...so maybe Dwight should stay home and stick to milk and cookies? By the way, its spelled "L I B E L".
Posted Saturday August 25, 2012, About: Bosh: Lakers have NBA's best team 'on paper'
You might want to wait til Dwight is cleared to play...if the games start right now...mmm, might not look so pretty.
Posted Saturday February 18, 2012, About: Can Lin keep Knicks' nutty ex-Nuggets in line?
He can, and he will...he is aware that its a problem and will continue to work on it and improve. Thats what he has done since coming to the NBA...improve, and I don't think he is finished getting better. Keep in mind he has had very little playing time up until the last few weeks and he has blown some minds in recent game exposure. He is an extremely smart guy and will hone his skills. I met him when he was with the Warriors and got a chance to talk with him a bit...I'm pretty sure that with only his minimum salary he had more money in the bank a the end of the year than Monte or Steph did with their big money deals. You could just tell that he knew what to do with it to make it grow as opposed to squandering it on a "posse". Time will tell...
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: D-Will doesn't want to hear about Jeremy Lin
'Melo=6th man
Posted Thursday January 05, 2012, About: Celtics have a new cult hero
...and then, the spelling?
Posted Sunday January 01, 2012, About: Nike labs evaluate Curry's ankle
Last season he was wearing shoes a half size too big and damaged his ankle because his foot was rolling inside the shoe. He switched to a proper fit and the condition improved although the damage had been done. Shoes do make a difference, particularly when they don't fit. Unfortunately for Curry, he has had to have surgical repair and despite the best efforts of surgeons, once you damage something that complex that extensively the problem isn't going away.
Posted Wednesday December 21, 2011, About: Warriors, Ellis sued for sexual harassment
Wonder if he sent a pic of his latest tattoo with the caption "it'll groooooowwww on you"? Just a country boy caught up in the big city with a wad of cash...
Posted Friday December 09, 2011, About: Howard disconnect growing in Orlando?
Nice try, but I'm fairly certain he won't be inviting Howard to the Knicks...LOL
Posted Friday December 02, 2011, About: Warriors eye adding Paul and Chandler?
Pretty funny how GS is supposedly willing to do all this for a coach with zero experience but did absolutely nothing to support Keith Smart who won 10 more games than the year before. It seems obvious that Jackson will be made to look like a better coach than he may actually be, just because of roster improvements that were not afforded his predecessor. What a sham.
Posted Thursday December 01, 2011, About: 'The Monta Decision' again looms for Warriors
No disrespect to Mr. Ranadive but evaluating nerds that write code is a bit different from evaluating fitness, athleticism, jump shots, court vision, locker room chemistry, and everything else that basketball involves. Its similar to taking a pedantic half court style offense and asking them to run and gun, lets see if he makes the transition...
Posted Thursday November 03, 2011, About: Despite success, Luck finding more critics
**** should read *it* or could be b**bs, your choice
Posted Thursday November 03, 2011, About: Despite success, Luck finding more critics
Anybody "pre-McD's" remembers when only 1 in 20 fourteen year old girls had ****. Post McD's and its 1 in 3 eleven year olds. Nah, those growth hormones they feed cattle don't make it into our food chain...right.
Posted Friday August 19, 2011, About: T-Wolves search will drag on ... again
So would you call them the "Licks" or the "Knackers"?
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2011, About: Barkley: NBA needs a miracle
Excellent! Can I get some extra fries with that?
Posted Thursday June 16, 2011, About: Former MLB commish: Cuban 'a real problem' in NBA
Sadly true but hilariously funny!
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Time for Lakers to trade for Howard
Hmmm, let see...Jerry West was the Laker's GM when they got Shaq...Jerry West is the closet GM of the Golden State Warriors...There ya go...Howard to the Warriors for Monte Ellis.
Posted Tuesday June 14, 2011, About: Harris' car rented by Oregon employee?
So why is it that all these college athletes think it won't happen to them? They all know the rules yet so many of them are incapable of following them, jeopardizing their careers, educations, and the careers of their team mates. They all know who they can and cannot talk with, receive gifts from, and work for. The whole recruiting scam should be abolished...the entire system needs an overhaul. College should be for people that want to learn...not for people that want to cut corners, take advantage, and cheat. They can wait to become boosters for that.

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