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Posted Wednesday February 13, 2013, About: O'Reilly done in Denver, exposing larger issue?
If you want to look at why the avs are in disarray, look no further than Kroenke. Old man Kroenke is tight squeezing his investment in Arsenal in the english premier league and his son doesn't fall far from the tree. Buy cheap, sell high, and hope the team competes.
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2011, About: Recchi set to retire if Bruins win
Recchi has had a great career, but will he become the favre of the nhl or the next chelios for that matter. As fans we admire players and then we move onto the next group who try to succeed for the teams we follow. Players really do have a hard time walking away. He won the cup in 91 than in 06 only 5 years ago. It's not like Andreychuck(sp) or Borque (sp) who went a whole careers until winning. Just let it go Recchi, Win or lose.
Posted Friday May 20, 2011, About: Will Philly find a way to land Bryzgalov?
I am no Jeff Carter fan, but how you toss aside talent like a dime store wh*re. The guy played last year with two broken feet. He somehow has a hex on him that needs to be broken. Ask any fan of another team if they would take Jeff Carter and they would say "H#ll yea, you people in philly are crazy." Bobrovsky is a kid whom impressed the fan base so fast in the beginning lest they forget all the BOB chanting. He's only 22 and you don't throw away emerging talent, especially in the new nhl/cap era. This isnt the years of Ed Snider/Bobby Clarke spending out the wazoo and trading away young talent for the quick maybe it will work fix. Bryzgalov is a bit of a fantasy unless they get someone to wave a no trade clause. That is the one vice the flyers have is all these no trade/movement clauses they handed out. Hartnell is a very well paid player who took advantage of a down season of 06-07 for the flyers. They were in last and got him in the forsberg trade. He looked like a stud in a small market and really cashed in on over 4 million for what he does. To raitonal thinking fan that's goal sniper realm money. Richards is one of the best two way forwards as well as Versteeg. Think the fan base needs to give Versteeg a training camp and season to prove what he can do. Worse that can happen is they use him in a mid season trade this upcoming season. Nabokov is a diamond in the rough with that low salary cap hit and Snow might be a genius for snatching that up. Some team like the flyers may have to bite and give in to what he may want. Like I said Bobrovsky is only 22, and in 3-4 years will still be young, and could be a Brodeur like tender for the Flyers in years to come. A mentor like a Nabokov or Bryzgalov is ideal because they are fluent in English and can help him adapt on and off the ice. Man i love talking hockey. Love the Flyers but lets be a bit more grounded fans and take time to think about the team as a collective whole and not the spoon fed "media diatribe of goal-tending." There was a lot more that happen to this underachieving team.
Posted Friday May 13, 2011, About: Snider on goalie carousel: Never again
Remember though hextall had that great 87 cup run. He was then famous two years later in the wales conference final for his run at Chelios for that hit on Brian Propp. He was then packaged 3 years later 92, because the flyers were terrible from 90 until about 94, for Eric Lindros. Then Bobby Clarke in his infinite wisdom and so forth brought him back 10 years later for the 97 stanley cup, worst memory uggh swept. So we had a young Hextal and than an older journeyman Hextall, even in a non cap era the flyers decided not to get a number one. maybe only now because snider is so old that he wants to finally see one. maybe now raising ticket prices every year and bilking the fans is taking a back seat. lets hope he's being selfish and wants to touch the cup one last time, the guy is 78 now. There are probably old head flyers fan older than me that got to witness the cup. i was a 79 baby so i can only remember from 84-85 on in my flyers fandom. good hockey talk everybody
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Snider on goalie carousel: Never again
sorry meant to say if the canucks never countered....kesler would be a flyer.
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Snider on goalie carousel: Never again
Carter has major upside but he's no Ryan Kesler which is what the flyers were probably hoping. I think that's what frustrates us as a fan base. The guy is talent but he's not developing especially for the playoffs the way we all think he can. Ah if the canucks had never made that counter offer on the ryan kesler offer sheet, he'd be a canuck. The problem with the team is all the no trade/movement clauses. Gagne was a sacrifice because he was making 5-6 million and injury prone. Hartnell make over 4 million and that buys a decent goalie. He's make top scorer or two way forward money. For what he is and does on the ice IMO as a fan seems a bit steep. I've been watching this team since I can remember, over 25 years, and it's always just out of reach. I also think I'm the only logical one who thinks Versteeg in a final year of his contract at 3 million would be more beneficial than still having Hartnell. Give Versteeg a training camp and full season with this team. Then if it's not working flip him in a trade.
Posted Monday May 09, 2011, About: Roenick adds 'gutless' to Marleau rips
If i were Marleau i wouldn't take any stock in Roenick's hot air. The sharks broadcaster hit the nail on the head when it comes to Roenick. Not surprising to anyone, he's always seemed to throw off the perspective of the selfish player. But what will he say if the sharks win, will he weep again on national tv and tell them, "when i was busted up and the end of my career in san jose, i thought win it for the fans, for that little boy." Only person Roenick cares about is Roenick, he'd be a decent hockey analyst if he toned it down a bit. He will put on a show if San Jose wins, Philly ever wins, or phoenix. Anywho great hockey playoffs so team is out by good luck to fans of the remaining teams. looking forward to the rest of the playoffs and the flyers season to kick back up next season.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Sabres want Richards suspended
yeah let's not forget the years of the scott stevens blue line blindsides on many a player. everyone hailed him as a stand up defencemen. i was never a lindros fan, but you're right, nobody let up on him. the guys on the ice will do anything it takes to touch the holy grail of lord stanley. they've wait all their lives to try and hoist that cup, so they will go as hard as possible to win.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Sabres want Richards suspended
the real crime is those pads on miller. can we get a ruling on those (just look at the above picture)? haha
as a hockey fan you have to love this hard nose series of sabres v flyers. also i commend the hawks for pushing to a game 7. these two series have been the most entertaining. bruins v habs is a runner up. just because of the original six and old time rivalry they have.

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