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Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Stoudemire pans teammate's record-setting outing
The Knicks can't use the amnesty clause on Stoudemire. They used the amnesty clause on Chauncey Billups.
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Rockets promoting Dwight Howard and James Harden for MVP
I like Harden's game. But he needs to improve his defense before he can contend for the MVP.
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Rockets promoting Dwight Howard and James Harden for MVP
I thought J.R. Smith and Larry Sanders were fighting it out for the MVP.
Posted Saturday April 05, 2014, About: Josh Smith: Pistons' problems 'not all my fault'

Smith was offered, took and signed a $54 million deal. No other team was offering him that type of money. Why not take it? And who here wouldn't take the deal?

The problem is with Joe Dumars. He once again had money to spend and signed the wrong players.
Posted Friday April 04, 2014, About: Gasol done in L.A.
Signing and trading for him wasn't the problem. The problems in the trade was the Lakers sent two draft picks to the Suns for him. Then on top of that. The Lakers didn't put a buyout clause in the contract.

No buyout clause on a player with a three year deal that was at the age of 38 at the time you signed and traded him? Foolish move.
Posted Friday April 04, 2014, About: Even Riley fears for next season
That's true to some extent. The Heat have been to three NBA finals. But what about the years after they won their first championship? Those were some dark days. I think one season the Heat only won 15 games. It took Pat Riley some time to fix and right the ship.
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Nash proving he has something left to give
To bad when the Lakers management did a sign and trade with the Suns for Steve Nash. They didn't put in a buyout clause in the contract.

Who the hell gives any player near the age of 40 a contract without a buyout clause? Oh Jim Buss would do that. Never mind.
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Chandler: 'Somebody's in trouble' if Knicks play on
JR Smith will read what Chandler said and will shoot the Knicks right out of the playoffs. That is if the Knicks make the playoffs.

I hope they don't and their lottery pick is in the top three. That way Denver fans can be happy with the draft pick.
Posted Saturday March 29, 2014, About: Report: Lakers assembling lottery package for Kevin Love
Funny thing is if you go to Kevin Love's Wikipedia page. In his career history it says the Love played for the Timberwolves from 2008-2014. And he's been player for the Lakers from 2014-present.

It's on the internet. So it must be true.
Posted Saturday March 29, 2014, About: Report: Lakers assembling lottery package for Kevin Love
Yes Love was born in the LA area.

But I do remember him growing up and watching him play his high school games in Lake Oswego outside of Portland. And entering the NBA. Love always said he dreamed of playing for his home town team in Portland. Is that going to happen? Nope.

When Love is playing in Portland. You can see what section his family is in. Most of the section is wearing his jersey.
Posted Friday March 28, 2014, About: Gores vows return to title times
Isn't that the same thing that Dan Gilbert told the Cleveland fans that winning ways are coming back?

Easier said then done.

But step one is handing Joe Dumars his hat and showing him to the door.
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: Nash planning surprise return to Lakers
To show the Laker fans how much he loves them. Steve Nash should come out of the locker room in a wheelchair.

But another great job by the front office of the Lakers. You sign a player that old with no buyout clause or options?
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: Pietrus shuts himself down
Oh I see that you can't use a word that also means that you're happy. I know response number 5 will be pulled down soon.
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: Pietrus shuts himself down
Do what Jason Collins did. Say **** (I don't know if he is and I don't care) and then the media will ask and wonder why no team has signed Pietrus.

And if some team did sign Pietrus. His jersey would be one of the top selling player jerseys. It would be a win win for everyone.
Posted Sunday March 16, 2014, About: Chris Paul playing through pain
Flopping taking it's toll on Chris Paul?
Posted Friday March 14, 2014, About: NBA's new superpest?
When that happened in last years playoffs that was a accident. Both players bumped knees and Westbrook was injured. People and fans said what Beverly did to Westbrook in the playoffs was a punk move. Trying to steel the ball as the player calls a time out. But you can go back and look at some of the games that Westbrook has played. And you see Westbrook trying to steel the ball from another player as that player is calling a time out. Pot calling the kettle black.

But what Beverly tried to do to Westbrook a few nights ago was a punk move. Trying to steel that ball after the time out was called and players walking to the bench? I can't wait until the day Beverly drives to the lane and player trips him. Or when he's in the air and a player just knocks him down. Then we can hear Beverly and McHale **** about why teams are doing that to him.
Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Report: Lakers unlikely to fire Mike D'Antoni in-season
The Lakers a just a badly build team. Lakers management signed players to a one year deal. The knew Kobe was coming back. And the team needed to hold out until Kobe returned. Then they could make a push for the playoffs. In the offseason, they Lakers would be under the cap and hope to sign a franchise player to team with Kobe.

Well It didn't work out the way it was planned. Kobe came back and went down again. Steve Nash aged quickly and badly. They tried to give away Pau Gasol. But no team wanted to give away draft picks to the Lakers for a player that would walk away at the end of the season. And they signed Kobe to a 2 year deal taking a big chunk out of the salary cap.

You know the Lakers season has hit rock bottom when Jack Nicholson leaves the Lakers game at half time and a Clipper fan in a Clipper jersey takes over Jack's seat. That's as low as it can go.
Posted Sunday March 02, 2014, About: Is Shane Battier ready to retire?
Flopping takes it toll on a player.
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: J.R. Smith questions Knicks' hearts
When J.R. Smith is questions where's the hearts of his teammates is at. You can't help but to laugh. Smith is the biggest fool on the Knicks teams. And he's calling the rest of them out? Anyone see a fight in the locker room in the future?
Posted Friday February 28, 2014, About: Granger already told Doc he'll sign
I thought Danny Granger would have been a perfect fit with the Spurs.
Posted Saturday February 22, 2014, About: Kevin Love calls opt-out rumors 'media driven'
Of course it is. The fans and media of other NBA teams (the Lakers) are taking about it all the time until you have a new deal. Want to end it? Just opt in for the last part of your deal.

It worked for Dwight Howard in Orlando. He opt in and the fans gave him a standing ovation at the very next home game. Oh wait a second. After doing that, Dwight still fooled around with the fan and still wanted a trade. Never mind.
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