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Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Best Heavyweight Boxing Champion Ever
Have to go with Ali
Cain is horrible on his feet... I will say it again just because he beat an aging Nog and KO'd an over rated Brock he has no stand up....
No kidding.... You could insert any teams names where you have put FSU's.... Lets just say if a #5 ranked team beats the #1 team and then goes on to go undefeated they will have a shot at the National Championship!!! Thats not really going ona limb, heck you aren't even predicting FSU to beat OU...
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: MMA Fans Please Just Admit the Truth
Nope... most of his losses came afterwards.
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: MMA Fans Please Just Admit the Truth
If you want to use that rationale you could say the same thing about the Iceman. He went to pride and got destroyed and then came back to the UFC and dominated, but as soon as the UFC added the pride fighters he got smashed all the time.... So was he really that good????
great TD guys!!!!
I disagree, but thats the fun of it in here... I have seen roy nelson win without doing as much damage just by laying on a fighter and pinning their arms down with his belly and the ref has stopped it.
Really... SO your statement of him going into turtle mode isn't true??? From the fight I have seen numerous times. He rolled up into a ball and stayed there waiting for the punches to stop....
I have seen the fight many times, heck I can even send you a copy if you wish. The shop here on base sells them real cheap... The fact that Brock wasn't defending the shots and alot of them were connecting justifies why the ref should have stepped in. Brock wasn't fighting back and wasn't "Intelligently defending himself".
Or luck could be that you are getting beat down and the ref decides not to stop it. Your opponent punches himself out by beating on a defensless person for more than 3 minutes. Then you come out in the 2nd rd and lay on the tired person that is so gassed from smashing in your face. and he taps from exhaustion..
Or could be luck that the ref didn't stop the fight seeing as how Brock ate more than 20 or 30 unanswered un defended shots... Fights get stopped for alot less and that fight should have been stopped. Brock wasn't intelligently defending himself.
So the same can be said about Rodgers not keeping his guard up and allowing Fedor to tag him! Rodgers didn't train enough, or is that incorrect?
And for a little more info on the Fedor/Rodgers fight. lets not too carried away Loki saying Brett was destroying him. He caught Fedor with a good shot that brought blood from Fedor but never fased him at all. Fedor kept coming even after that punch.

Loki you have a very different view when it comes to reality when you don't like a fighter...
So now its luck??? Didn't we have this same conversation before about luck. When I said Brock got lucky he won the Carwin fight you screamed bloody hell saying it wasn't luck.....

Pick and choose alot huh...
I am usually open minded to everyones opinion and can see how they think what they do... but to totally contradict everything in the same argument... it baffles me...

Either they were so good Fedor was running from them or they weren't really that good to begin with... Which is it?
So Loki, I will play the devils advocate in this. You name all of these fighters and the reason to discredit every win for Fedor, so I ask you, who were the top HW's back then? Name the top HW's "in your opinion" so we can see who Fedor was running scared from.
So what you are saying is he should have come to the UFC and fought the 2 guys that you say weren't that good anyway in Arlovski and Sylvia????? Because at the time he left Pride thats all the UFC had. So which is it? Arlovski and Sylvia were that good that Fedor ducked them or Arlovski and Sylvia were never good and thats why Fedor beat them?

With your rationale even if Fedor would have fought Randy and beat him you would still knock it saying Randy is a LHW... Its a no win situation in your opinion for Fedor...
All I know I am ready to see this fight!!! AFN better show it!!!
Posted Wednesday July 27, 2011, About: Prince Fielder Sweepstakes: Reds-Cubs
Do you really think it is that easy to go from 1st to 3rd?
Only the casual MMA fans.. Hard core fans aren't so fickle.
Its amazing how fast some people forget things... Everyone has been saying Tito should retire, he won 1 fight and people are already hinting he should get a title shot with one more win. People were saying Machida was done as well after 2 straight losses, now boom he is back in contention with a win over an old Randy.
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