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Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Martz avoiding 'I' word chat with Cutler
Even the picture above seems to tell the story....OHHHH Jay I could KISS YOU you super duper QB you!
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Martz avoiding 'I' word chat with Cutler
Martz should be ashamed of himself with all the contortions he has had to do as the OC for Chicago so far this year. He has spent so much time kissing Cutler's backside that people are not sure where Martz lips end and Cutlers backside begins. Martz is so worried he might break Jay's fragile ego that he lauds on about how average QBs take two years to absorb his Offense and Cutler has mastered it in just a few months...GENIUS! We shall see...Martz's system is known for INCREASING QB interceptions...not reducing them. If Cutler throws more INTs this season than last season, Bears fans will be livid...franchise QB, not really!
Posted Monday July 12, 2010, About: Is Cutler really a franchise QB?
I am so glad this Jay Cutler question came up and my friends in Chaicago will be happy to know that I didnt start it or even bring this topic up this time. The short answer to this question is NO...Jay Cutler is not a franchise QB. He is a QB with a great arm, but he has zero leadership skills. His team spends too much time worrying about what is reaction will be to roster moves or coaching decisions, rather than him simply focusing on the task of being QB. Several people posted that he is today's version of Jeff George...FACT! When was the last time you heard people talking about making sure a franchise QB and a team's OC had the right scheme to make the team's offense go? A franchise QB has the scheme built around him and he becomes the scheme, ala Montana, Marino, Elway, Manning x2. So far, Cutler being the scheme hasnt worked out very well for Denver or Chicago. Jeff George had the same modifications made to his game at this point in his career, having to rein in his over active interseption giving nature. Only a matter time before the Bears realize why Denver was a trading partner when it came to Jay...big arm, little brain.
Posted Wednesday July 07, 2010, About: Browns out to reclaim fans
Given the picture above...I would say the Browns Organization is looking to eat the fans. Two fat ****! Manjo says..."Mike I cant find anymore fans and I am SO HUNGRY!" Mike says, "Eric...I dont recall exactly, but I think I have two fans locked in my truck, you can have them."

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