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Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Buffalo Bills settle text suit for $3 million
Well if they add you then the $68 goes down to $67 and we all know you prefer $69!
Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Buffalo Bills settle text suit for $3 million
They deserve it, they promised 5 texts or less a week, then sent out 6 one week and 7 the next. They also should lose all draft picks this year and next, give every fan a pile of Buffalo Wings and a pitcher of BEER!

Turns out though each fan will get about $68 in vouchers for the Bills team store, they have about 39,000 fans to pay.
Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Pryor to the Seahawks?
One point everyone missed (including me) or did not care about.

Seattle gave up "Mr. Irrelevant" pick for Pryor, they won the SB so their 7th round pick is the last pick in the draft. That player now goes to Newport Beach's Balboa Bay Club and gets treated like royalty for a day.
It is all different now, when the Raiders drafted JaWalrus they had to pay him the scale, at the time it was stupid money. He just went out and partied with the money and never really cared.

Now a player has to work to earn the money, so who is this years bust?

What constitutes a bust? a guy who under performs because of lack of ability or desire, I say the later.
Carr will not be a bust under those conditions, if he does not make it the reason will be injuries or inability to get it done, not a lack of desire or work ethic.

You can say most anything about Tebow except lack of desire or work ethic, the guy gave full effort, he failed but was not a bust.

This years probable bust in my mind or to put it better yet, the player I'd avoid like the plague (with my top 10 pick in the draft) if I were a GM is Clowney.
Posted Tuesday April 22, 2014, About: Pryor to the Seahawks?
Yeah kiper is a dork, and JaWalrus was showing signs of improving under Lame Kitten but then Al put a stop to that. he

The walrus did come with character issues though, his lack of work in college should have been a warning sign, all Al ever saw was the 60 yard passes when he was on his knees, nice trick but it does not mean you can read a defense and the word was he was lazy, obviously spot on.

I really think that pick was on Al not kiper.
Posted Tuesday April 22, 2014, About: Pryor to the Seahawks?
Yeah Reggie getting hurt killed the Colts. They need to pick up some targets for Luck in the draft just like the Hawks need to replace Tate, doubtful Harvin will play every game with his injury history.

Adding Pryor is a shot in the dark, but the guy does have talent and he had the longest run from scrimmage in the NFL last season.
Posted Tuesday April 22, 2014, About: Pryor to the Seahawks?
I think when a team has all the core ingredients they can play a little with a special player, Pryor is probably better than any 7th round draft choices and if he gets cut before opening day so be it, so will other 7th rounders.

The upside is worth the risk, who knows what Pete can do with Terrell? no one knew who Russell was 2 years ago today.

Judging Pryor by what he did in Oakland with that franchise's lack of cohesion may not be fair to him.
Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: What The Texans Should do with #1 Pick
I think by the time this draft finally happens everyone will have cracked open more than a few brews!
Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: What The Texans Should do with #1 Pick
I agree, doubtful Mack is still there past the first 3 picks, hopefully texas just has eyes for a QB or Clowney and Mack goes some place else.
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: Mocks are crocks. Wanna bet?
One thing you have to give our author here Ripper, his last name, that is awesome!
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: What Next?
You go to Buffalo, Baltimore, Miami 3 long trips and to frisco.

Your hosting the Super Bowl Champion Hawks, Rams, Jags & Jets.

Those are some tough road games besides playing everyone in your division twice.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: What Next?
I am a Michigan fan and still really don't like this guy, especially the whinning on every call that doesn't go his way, doubt the ref's give a rats butt about his side line antics anymore.

But he did turn that franchise around and no doubt he'd find Oakland a challenge.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: What Next?
Hey LiHi
if the Raiders have another year like last they will probably want to switch coaches, the guy across the bay is not too happy with the GM, seems to me it would be a perfect fit, he would just take a different freeway to work, wouldn't mess with his personal life at all.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: What Next?
The chick involved with Kaepernick admitted they had woopie together on prior occasions so that seems to be a none issue.

I think the media is just jumping on nothing here.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Do you ever.........
I know it's the off season but...

Maybe we should start a thread on the triple 7?

Greys took it, etc.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: What Next?
If your a 49er fan you can at least look forward to the draft, they got quite a few picks.

Then again will the rift between GM and Jim grow even bigger?
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Bowns Got Their Bluff Called
Just when did good centers become a dime a dozen? The center is not called the center for nothing, he is the guy in charge of your offensive line, the guys in the trenches win or lose games. When they cannot do their job (blocking) like in the last Superbowl you get a HOF QB like Payton looking pedestrian.
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: Discounted game tickets
So you live in Stone Mountain, tell me is the name because you have a lot of stones around or is it because everyone that lives in Stone Mountain are stoners?


Do you all live in a Mountain of Stone (most mountains that I have seen in my life are made of stone so why you folks decided to use that name is sort of odd).
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Could this be the end for FanNation?
Now I got coffee all over my monitor, thanks Mother.

Could we have a different color robes I hate purple?
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Greatest QB of all Time?
The best ever QB in the NFL would be the one that gets me (and a guest) into a Superbowl luxury box for free.
Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: 1/22/84 38-9
Can you say Jack Squirek?
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