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Posted Wednesday September 14, 2011, About: Get Out the Paperbags Aiders Fans
Is this Texas guy for real ? They have a man, not a team break down, but a man who by him self blew the game for the "Girls". Cow Girls that is. Ware was in the jets backfield all night and that loser Romo made it all for nothing. You make fun of the Raiders? We have a screwed up owner, whats your excuse for keeping that Bum, Shane Falco, I mean Tony Romo.
How about David Gerrard? Next year Carson Palmer? The Bags will Have Stars on them this year !
Posted Thursday January 20, 2011, About: Leave it to Al to send the Raiders back to the Cellar
Harsh ? This is the second time Ben has been in trouble keeping his thing in his pants. What if your daughter or friend was on the bottom when Ben was not listening to no. And how about his Motorcycle ride that injured him a year before.
Pssst, the O-line in Pittsburg is beyond banged up. The Jets should handle them. But if they dont and Pitt goes to Dallas, and wins, they better make a ring for Flacco. He gave the win to Pitt, yes even with Rices fumble. And Anyway the Packers should win it all. NEXT
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: Get Out the Paperbags Aiders Fans
Man its so Quiet over here, you could hear a mouse peeing on cotton.
How's Kitna working out?
Well they looked pretty good today, being banged up as they are. The Cowboys lost, Mike Singletary is going to have a heart attack and the Lions scored 44 points !
Not a Bad Sunday
Posted Monday October 11, 2010, About: Get Out the Paperbags Aiders Fans
Well That is quite a mouthfull from the boys who got beat AGAIN. 3 Picks for Romo the Latino savior. You and Wade pute the bags on your heads and find a seat in that nice stadium to watch the Super Bowl.
Posted Thursday August 12, 2010, About: RIP Jack you were one of the greats
Jack was part of the Soul Patrol, Jack Tatum, Skip (Dr. Death) Thomas, Willie brown and George Atkinson. Got pics and Autoghraphs with all. Too bad the only ones worth the Autograph today are Seabass & Lechler.
Posted Thursday August 12, 2010, About: RAIDERS SUCK!!!
You Heard it from me first, the Cowboys will not win a Superbowl with Romo at QB. So just stop. save it for the Hootinannie Hoedown or whatever.

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