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Posted Tuesday September 25, 2012, About: Doc: 'Probably best' that Allen left
Terry is very cold (blooded) in the playoffs...and a little younger..neither can defend...

Ray is HOF..better career, but right now Terry can do what he did (spot up and hit clutch J's).

He will not be missed as much as people are suggesting.
Posted Tuesday January 17, 2012, About: McGee's showboating dunk irks coach
Flip should get benched....he wasn't brought in to rebuild, therefore, send him away. I'd be more irritated about Rashard Lewis (AKA Mr. 21 mil this year) not playing last week because he argued with the assistant coach (Sam Cassell).
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: NBA sent warning email to Billups
I can't wait to hear the boo's when Stern approaches the podium in next Junes draft to announce the first pick..Hopefully we won't be able to hear him...he'll act like it doesn't effect him but he won't like it....He think's he's J Edgar Hoover of the NBA.
Posted Tuesday November 15, 2011, About: Mohammed amazed by offer: 'So bad'
It's been reported that through the life of the contract of this next CBA that each percent the players give back to the owners is worth 300 million dollars. The players have clearly given back by going from 57% to 50%. The owners are trying to say small market teams are being killed when the bigger problem lies within bad management...and they want to take it from the players because they can't work the system they agreed upon the last strike. OKC is a small market team and they're doing just fine (with proper management). If you think the NBA will exist with Scabs (and no stars) then you're fooling yourself...not only will people not come out to arenas without stars, they won't tune in on TV either...
Posted Tuesday November 08, 2011, About: Shaq reserves harshest criticism for Kupchak
Why is Shaq pretending like he doesn't know the business side of this. He also knows that Kupchack has people he answers to and can't do anything without approval. If Jerry Buss wanted Shaq to be a Laker moving forward it would have happened. If I was an owner and I heard Shaq's comment about not having surgery immediately after the season was over so he could be ready for training camp, I wouldn't pay him all that $$ either. He said he had the surgery near the beginning of camp and not on vacation because "I didn't get hurt while on vacation" Therefore he misses games (while being paid) and has no consideration for his team. Yes, I really want to pay that guy 20 mil plus per season..
Posted Tuesday October 04, 2011, About: Sabatini banking on Kobe merchandise
KObe does not come off as one of the players who is living irresponsibly, and will need to play a second beyond when he doesn't feel like it for financial reasons. That $197 is only in NBA checks...endorsements/investments...who knows...Wasn't he one of the players who stated he would lend other players $$ if the lockout dragged on??
Posted Tuesday October 04, 2011, About: Blatche moving back to D.C. without agreement
Being a Wizard fan, it's good to see signs of his development mentally and physically because he is such a pivitol player if we can make strides to turn the corner.
Posted Monday June 20, 2011, About: Report: Warriors dangling Ellis for Howard
Howard shoots 60% from the field and dunks frequently...I hope to never see him shoot turnaround jump moves, yes, a touch up....jump shot, unneccesary..he's proven that he doesn't need to have that because he usually gets what he wants, where he wants it... Howard is already better than those guys. Is he as versatile? no...but what he does, he does it well, and he's more unstoppable at what he does...and that includes being a stud/force on defense which makes him over the top...

Ditto for shaq when he was in his prime....if both of these guys could have made 70% of their free throws, they would be so far ahead of everybody else we wouldn't even discuss these two with those guys.
Posted Monday June 20, 2011, About: Cavs prefer Knight over Irving?
Return to the promised land?? We're talking about Cleveland...was that 4 game sweep by the spurs in 07' considered the "promised land"? .....
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: Pippen thinks these Bulls are soft
I bet Pippen wouldn't be talkin that stuff around Xavier McDaniel, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, the Detroit bad boys....they're probably laughing histerically reading this...from Pippen!! He could play but he couldn't intimidate a towel boy in his day.
Posted Wednesday January 05, 2011, About: Cuban calls Jackson a 'boy toy'
Billionaires can get jealous too i see.....Phil may not have the dollars but his success is even more rare than a billionaire....and the life that goes along with it....and as a man, Phil garners far more respect than cry baby Cuban and his bundles of cash....not to mention more people like Phil (can't prove that but it seems that way)...Cuban just made sure that Dallas get's their **** kicked if they play LA in the playoffs...dummy.
Posted Tuesday January 04, 2011, About: Kobe: Yes, I 'broke' the offense
Doc Rivers calls it "hero basketball". It's bad for the team.
Posted Tuesday December 21, 2010, About: Wall to miss more time?
It's not the's the bone bruise. He clearly stated that he played through tendonitis all summer in vegas and this year as well. We don't want him to pull a Grant HIll out here trying to overcompensate for an injury, especially when the team is 6-19. Relax playa!! He's 19, he'll have plenty of time to show us how he rolls.
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Gilbert in post-James era: moving on 'right way'
Can you say "delusional"?? you must be flying home from Mars if you believe that the Cavs will be anywhere near a championship contender by 2012 or 2013. I'm wondering how much money the Cavs are losing by only having 2 nationally televised games this year...BTW, thank Lebron for that because the heat games are the one's they are putting the Cavs on national TV for.
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Coach K playing away from Team USA strength
Coach K lives the life. He has a school/campus/town on lock who treat him like a God. he likes the teaching aspect of the game which college basketball allows him to do...we all know once they get the $$ and they're in the NBA they rarely listen to you unless you're a top notch coach....and coach K gets to live out his NBA dream so to speak by coaching them in the summer...By having the top tier for the olympics, and having these players for the worlds, he's coached almost every top player in the league....and he can actually cut them if he doesn't like them which he couldn't do if he were an NBA coach...did i mention he's stinkin rich your thang coach K!!!
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Though sour, Mo won't root against LeBron
after reading this last post, and I've seen several of need to be committed...
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Iguodala: Durant will outscore Kareem
Seriously, this is T&R usually is. Even with all the stars aligned perfectly he is unlikely to get there....and I love durants game. Iggy doesn't realize the level of excellence it takes for a loooong time to do that...and the health. I hope I'm wrong because I like the kid but that's the tallest of tall order's.
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Why Kobe is due for a decline
You know how the game can get boring for the mega stars and they have to create their challenges to stay motivated and at optimal performance? Well if the trio in south beach gets to the finals, believe me, kobe will be firing on all cylinders like u haven't seen in a while to send them home ringless, and increase his legend even further....that's an opportunity to really boost his swag...he even mentioned it in the post game interview how he would love that challenge (after ring 5)....and he has the team and the execution to do it.
Posted Monday August 09, 2010, About: Neighbors: Wright's ex always needed money
This is terrible that T&R chose to put this as a topic. They need to prosecute the person who makes the decisions on what to put on here.....
Posted Thursday August 05, 2010, About: Rome, Shaq to square off?
Look at how Yao Ming is breaking down......He's about to concede at age 30 with far less games (and less success). Even if Shaq is not in top notch condition now, he went for the long ride and played alot of years, and at his size that says alot.....and people always forget when he was younger how uncheckable he was....Oh BTW, he's a champion....If you want to get on Shaq about something, maybe you can look at his rebounding or something...he has 8,760 career rebounds and Moses Malone had 7,382 offensive rebounds....
Posted Thursday August 05, 2010, About: Rome, Shaq to square off?
Exactly...and those center's you are referring to are's going to put that weight on their a$$
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