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Posted Wednesday May 30, 2012, About: Taylor: Wallace upset with contract status
He did he was a restricted free agent he doesnt have a contract
Posted Thursday December 22, 2011, About: Big Ben's regular season may be over
If an old and aging defense is second in scoring defense and fourth or fifth overall that doesnt say alot about the rest of the league and we saw what Brady did against the Steelers and it wasnt very much at all. Every body scores in the NFL with the rules the way they are. The Steelers may loose in the playoffs but Im not sure I know your definition of done. They are probably gonna be 12-4. They have older starters on defense but they also have alot of good young players like Heyward,Hood,Woodley, and Worlds. and they have been drafting young corners to mix in as well. I think I like the position the Steelers are in. It may take a year or two to get the young players mixed in but they will be fine
Posted Thursday December 22, 2011, About: Big Ben's regular season may be over
Like every other player in the NFL. Every player says they want to play and no one thinks they will hurt the team and now somehow this makes Big Ben stupid. He is no different than thousands of players who try to play no matter what. Cutler got killed last year for not trying to play through an injury. Its a no win situation expecialy for Ben because all the haters look for any reason to bash him
Posted Friday September 02, 2011, About: Who's Mike Vick's backup?
are you kidding me ? go read a thread about the Steelers or Ben. Its 80 % talk about rape from idiots who dont know the difference between Being "accused" and not charged with sexual assault " not rape. Vick is a convicted felon and was suspended for two games Ben was suspended for 4 games for not being charged with a crime them **** are so racist. Hanesworth was just convicted, Benson is in jail, and at least two other black players were arrested over the off season and none of them faced suspensions at all is that racist ? You guys who just throw around the race card for everything without any facts are as bad as the racists. For the record Vick didnt just watch dogs fight he admited to killing and torturing them before he killed them and also I agree rape is worse than killing dogs Ben was never accused of rape and was never charged with anything
Posted Thursday September 01, 2011, About: Who's Mike Vick's backup?
Stats dont lie VY is average at best the Titans won despite him most of the time. When he got drafted I always said he was a less talented Michael Vick and it took Michael Vick a long time to actualy become a good Quaterback and Vick isnt as mentaly screwed up as Young. Vince Young was very overrated early on and will always be a somewhat capable back up for a game here or there but not if something season ending happens to Vick
Posted Friday August 19, 2011, About: Herremans says Eagles weren't ready to play
Why would you assume the Steelers game planned ? No one game plans in pre season they run what they want to work on that week no matter who they are playing. That being said its pre season. The Steelers got whipped by the Redskins last week what did that mean ? Same as this game ... Nothing
Posted Thursday August 18, 2011, About: Booster details millions in Miami benefits
Ohio State will get more but selling your own stuff or trading autographs for tats is no where near 50,000 dollar payouts, hookers, and abortions. I seem to remember when Ohio State first started to get in trouble Willis Mcgahee whining about wanting his 2002 national championship ring because the Buckeyes were cheaters... oops. Wonder if he still wants that ring ?
Posted Saturday July 23, 2011, About: Owners tried to pull a fast one
All you guys blaming the players are just a little off I think. First of all the owners opted out of this deal not the players. The players didnt just stop going to work and say were not coming back until you pay us more money. If this deal passes the players will be taking less money not more. And the benifits for retired players will increase. The owners stoped the season so they could pay the players less. I also think you are all just a bit jealous. The problem all of you have is just the amount of money we are talking about. Why should these players not try to make as much money as they can ? Are they any different from you and I ? Its a class thing. I guarantee theres a Mcdonalds employee out there making 15,000 a year thinking those whiny teachers out there making 40,000 a year should just quit crying about how much money they make and enjoy the high life. This is America no one is really wrong here the owners have a right to try and increase there revenue and the players have a right to try to increase their pay just like you and I. That right shouldnt stop once you get paid a certain amount. At what point did you decide you have enough money and stop trying to earn more. There are employees asking for raises every day at every income level. The players are not asking for raises they are negotiating how much less they are going to take Im not sure how that is greed exactly. If your boss came to you and said " Hey the bussiness is better than it has ever been we are making money hand over fist these days and everyone thinks its going to increase by 6 billion dollars. Oh by the way we need to talk, I dont think we can sustain our bussiness like this I need to change our deal and pay you less from now on. " I doubt many of you would accept that or maybe you have made enough money and would stop being greedy and just take the pay cut.
Posted Saturday July 23, 2011, About: Owners tried to pull a fast one
Public money almost always pays for the stadiums as well so whats your point ? Its still the fans money and as far as the stadiums go alot of people that domt care about football are paying as well.
Posted Saturday July 02, 2011, About: Hearing set on Owens' child support claim
5000 dollars a month is based on what he makes not what she deserves. So Owens is allowed to be a multi-millionare and go get women pregnant and walk away while his kid lives in poverty somewhere. It is reported that we're not even sure how many kids he has. He has said in one interview that he has one 3 year old kid that he hasn't even met. If he doesnt care about who he gets pregnant or that he has kids that he hasn't even met then I have no sympathy for him. If a women divorces a wealthy man she ends up with half that kid ought to be getting at least that. All these idiot athletes who go out and have 6,7,or 8 kids by 6 different women SHOULD be broke and everything should go to the welfare of these kids AND the mothers that they leave to raise THEIR kids by themselves. Solve all your problems and be a real man and take care of a family instead of going around making at risk kids without a father in their lives. Terrell Owens is nothing but gutter trash and thats where he should end up
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: GM: Newton victim of racial profiling
I agree with Mcnabb and washington not being very good and I think Mcnabb is much better than Young. I still say Mcnabb was always overrated. Vince young in my opinion is just not good. Maybe he was mis-handled cause I also think Jeff Fisher has always been overrated. I just dont think Young was never emotionaly mature enough to actually learn the position. For the record i have always liked Mcnabb and rooted for him it just seems alot of excuses were always made for him.
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: GM: Newton victim of racial profiling
Just because Warren Moon was a victim of racism doesnt mean he is right about this issue. Racism is very pevelant in this country still and probably always will be unfourtunately, however things like this do not help solve problems. If I critisize Cam Newton Im a racist. Thats ridiculous. Tebow got destroyed last year and continues to get destroyed today so is that racism ? If I go into a resturaunt and get bad service as a white man its just bad service. If someone with your attitude gets bad service its automaticly racism. sometimes its just bad service. I have an issue with Warren Moon crying racism over someone pointing out character flaws of Cam Newton. Can we say anything bad about Warren Moon beating his wife or is that racism. I have no respect for Warren Moon or his opinion
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: GM: Newton victim of racial profiling
I dont care about the black or white thing if you can play you will be drafted. Why does Mcnabb always get an excuse. His entire career in Philly was excuses. "He doesnt have anyone to throw to " Didnt Vick have alot of the same players the very next year ? He did ok and his receivers were praised all year. Now in Washington its the same thing. Mcnabb is over rated and always have been. I may be wrong and probably am but I think black quaterbacks usualy ge more of a chance sometimes because of this. If you critisize your a racist. There have been really good black quaterbacks so i dont think it matters if your black or white but I dont understand why players like Mcnabb or Vince Young get a pass. Vince Young has actually made the Pro Bowl and I beleive he was rookie of the year. He is a horrible quaterback
Posted Monday March 28, 2011, About: Tomlin wearing out his RBs
this is a stupid comment. I havent heard one person, Player or fan make an excuse. All I have heard is that the Steelers were outplayed by the Packers. I think it kills all you haters out there that Steelers lost and we Steelers fans just accept it unlike all of you haters who complain about everything when the Steelers win.The Steelers lost you should be happy but you cant even let it go when we lose.
Posted Tuesday February 01, 2011, About: Despite report, Pouncey and Smith are out
Mathews is on steroids
Posted Saturday January 22, 2011, About: Cromartie rips Steelers receivers
WR's arent complaining about it its the NFL thats complaining about it. If you watch Steelers games Hines hit everybody you only see what they put on sports center. Hines has been hit in the head by a defensive back at least twice this year and left a game with a concussion because of one and I didnt hear him say a word about it.(no flag on either by the way)Hines has always made catches across the middle and been crushed in the process and I have never heard him crying about it
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Kolb wants to start, or he wants out
I dont know if Kolbs the answer but Vick played out of his mind for a while but I believe he has come back to earth and is exactly what he was in Atlanta. Even if Im wrong the few Eagles games Ive watched I saw Vick get hit alot and get up slow alot I think he is going to always slow down at the end of the season if he makes it to the end of the season
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Kolb wants to start, or he wants out
I think you could say that earlier in his career but his stats are pretty darn good the last couple of years. A 4000 yard season a year ago A 3000 yard season this year minus the 4 games. His interceptions go down every year and for whatever its worth his QB rating is always high. Alot of people say he benefits from having a good team around him but the Steelers team that won Super Bowl 43 had a horrible O-line and an average running game. Most every team that wins a Super Bowl has a great team around them.
Posted Wednesday December 29, 2010, About: Eli wilting under pressure?
His brother doesnt have a great track record in the big games either. Probably the best regular season QB ever but not very good in the playoffs
Posted Monday December 06, 2010, About: Big Ben to undergo surgery
He should have gotten the flag then since he has never been charged with anything at all
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: Suggs: NFL plays favorites with Brady, Manning --.html Try reading it Seymour says he didnt do anything but "run up on him " he doesnt even remember Ben saying anything. I watched the only video I could find about 10 times and at no time did Ben flip him the bird. If theres another video I would like to see it. As I said earlier just keep saying it im sure it will be true

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