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Posted Sunday January 22, 2012, About: Magic may call Howard's bluff
I agree that Howard is far and away better than Bynum, but it's only a few teams that can make a deal worth taking and until the best offer is on the table i'd wait it out as stated above. The Clippers could finally past the Lakers if they can get a 3rd team involved, and be willing to part with Griffin I mean really? do you really think that Blake won't have any other injuries and if so we could be looking at a repeat of history Antonio McDyess, Larry Johnson, & C-Webb off top come to my mind but and did any one of those guys get a ring NO! so think bigger if you're looked at as that other team in LA. Send Blake to the Magic, Howard to the Clips and with somebody like the Hornet just off my dome bring in Oakafar .
Posted Friday November 19, 2010, About: Parcells wants back in
I wouldn't oppose Jerry bringing him back but, what if J.G. goes on to do better somewhere else.
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Teammates' testy courtside confrontation
Send Tayshaun down to my spurs we're thin at sf spot and could use him.
Posted Saturday September 18, 2010, About: Pop has big dreams for Splitter
You mean like the lakers were before Gasol, I wouldn't be hating foreign aid seeing as how it's helped acheive greatness + if anyone can trust in foreign players it's the Spurs have you seen their track record dummy.
Posted Friday August 27, 2010, About: Report: Carmelo done in Denver
but where does melo want to go ???????????it does say melo gave denver a list!!!! and it names 5 teams teams that might have the assets to make a deal!!! but melo will not go where he does not want to be and he did not say where he wants to be --- so we all want melo but does melo want us??????????sort of like that blond in the bar--- i want her but does she want me ---- I love this quote but we do know Texas appeals to Melo due to it's state tax situation so there's a lead.
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: Grizzlies fielding offers for Henry
Yeah, but they didn't grow up in Oklahoma especially KD who grew up in the tough streets of D.C. so it's a huge difference, it's just that in some cases ownership pays a free agent big money and gets cold feet after the draft(Grizz) of course everybody can't be the Knicks or the Timberwolves and spend money for the heck of it.
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Eva: Tony Parker wants to play in Big Apple
Not like any of us tru spurs fans are in shock and are crying we knew the deal, the _itch just verified that, that's all. But for all NYK fans don't get too excited you won't be winning anything anytime soon point blank period you end up probably being the east's Mavericks never good enough to win the big game except you won't get lucky enough to get there lol!
Posted Sunday August 08, 2010, About: Nuggets may lose Carmelo for nothing
Can someone please get I Love L.A. off of this blog if he has nothing more to say then come to L.A. bro, seriously if that's your top recuiting line you won't get far. As for your teams window as well, it won't be long Kobe will break on down like Farve and retire.
Posted Saturday July 31, 2010, About: Cuban working both sides of Rangers bid
I'd love for him to help Nolan & the other dude get the Rangers ultimately and then get out of the way, because to be honest as a true Texan born and bred and Rangers fan as I look at what we've accomplished without him I figure once Nolan & his sales team are in place we wont need Mare Cuban.
Posted Monday July 19, 2010, About: Artest to LeBron: If you want pressure, come to NYC
Had Ron Ron went to Cleveland last year we wouldn't even be having this coversation, Lebron try to recruit him there,

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