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Posted Tuesday December 25, 2012, About: Can Tim Tebow actually help the Jaguars?
No. Tebow has a limited skill set, there is not one single OC or HC in the league who's first option would be to start Tebow. His limited skill set, which in English speak means "not a very good passer", limits a teams playbook. There is NO OC or HC who wants to put his job on the line for that. Everyone kind of forgets how terrible he actually played in the first 3 quarters of most of his starts. Look, clearly there is no NFL team other than the Jaguars that is even remotely interested in him, and that probably has more to do with the owner than the coaching staff. The Jets are going to try to trade him at the end of the season or cut him. They have zero need for him after he refused to play in the wildcat this week. The Jaguars no longer need him to fill seats, they haven't blacked out a game in about 2 years now. Look I'm not saying he's a bad player, I'm saying that there are no coaching staffs that want to run that kind of offense. Maybe if Paul Johnson was hired by an NFL team, but other than that, not likely.
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: Prepare for hurt feelings in San Francisco
This is the NFL, there's a pretty good possibility one of em's gonna get hurt througout the course of the season, if not preseason. I doubt this will be a serious issue, whether the 49ers can repeat the magic from last season will be the real issue.
Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012, About: Colts 'up in the air' on first pick
Yeah, I think his uncle is the VP or something of this agency, and that's who's representing him.
Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012, About: Colts 'up in the air' on first pick
I think Luck hired his uncle as his agent, not too sure about RG3.
Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012, About: Colts 'up in the air' on first pick
Old style? Like who? Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Big Ben, Eli Manning? Because we all know those guys have never won a championship.
Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012, About: Colts 'up in the air' on first pick
It's just smoke and mirrors probably posturing for contract negotiations. You don't cut Peyton Manning to debate between RG3 and Luck. Luck will be the #1, they just want to get a contract agreed upon before the draft.
Posted Wednesday November 23, 2011, About: Tebow no closer to impressing the bosses
Tebow's a QB????? No, but realistically, having 2 completions in a win over the Chiefs isn't anywhere close to what you want in a starting QB.
Posted Sunday September 18, 2011, About: Must-win for Orton in Denver
If the Broncos want a sure fire win, trade Tebow to the Bengals immediately as a distraction. The team will fall apart within minutes. But it is the Bengals, so I'm not sure how much lower they can go...
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2011, About: Howard sounds off: 'I can't do it alone'
He's going to the Lakers. I couldn't be happier.
Posted Wednesday May 11, 2011, About: Real's Mourinho plans to sign Tevez
Mourinho probably won't even be at RM next season, this post is garbage.
Posted Friday April 29, 2011, About: Niners seek game-changer ... on D
Well they picked up another A. Smith in the first round and uhh let's see how well this works out.
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: Fitzgerald doesn't see Cards taking QB at No. 5
Translation: "Don't pick any of these Qb's"
Posted Friday April 08, 2011, About: Rudolph's pro day salvages draft status
Oh no, it might mess up a lot of those bs mock drafts!
Posted Wednesday April 06, 2011, About: Bennett wants QB competition in Dallas
When was the last time that a team who had QB's competing for a championship won the Super Bowl?
Posted Monday March 28, 2011, About: Will Favre quarterback Carolina?
Everybody who read this story in their minds instantly screamed "NOOO!"
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Lewis moving on from Palmer, eyeing QBs at No. 4
Why is everyone so worried about who's gonna trade for whom? The draft is likely coming before any new CBA, so I imagine it's gonna be kinda like musical chairs, whatever team is left without a starting QB is gonna start scrambling to trade for one, and I can see how the Eagles would want to keep Kolb around as insurance, but he's only got a year left on his contract, if they have a team that's willing to trade a first round pick, they should take it.
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: Elway: Tebow 'not there yet,' looking at QBs
Too many people on here defending Tebow and Quinn, let's defend Alex Smith while we're at it, or Matt Leinart, or Troy Smith.
Posted Sunday March 20, 2011, About: Lewis knows Palmer's done with Bengals
The Bungle index?
Posted Sunday March 13, 2011, About: Peyton Manning to the Jets?
Why the Jets? It was about the possibility of Manning becoming a Free Agent and then you chose a random team and went with it.
Posted Monday February 28, 2011, About: Fairley: I'm not a dirty player
(1) It's Fairley, not Fiarley for the headline editor. (2) (for Fairley) Yes the **** you are a dirty player!!! You want to lose the reputation, then don't do it in front of the entire country in the BCS championship game.
Posted Saturday February 05, 2011, About: Report: USC recruiting chief under investigation
NCAA's a joke with their investigations especially after the Cam Newton and Ohio St debacles this year.

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