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Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: Jets happy to get rid of Mason
What a bunch of stuff and nonsense; the Jet's issues go much deeper than any purported problems Derek Mason may have caused. I can only speak for myself, but as a Raven's fan I never heard anything about him being trouble in the locker room and viewed him as a stand up guy who generally performed well on the field. I was sorry to see him go and I guess we will see if trading him to Houston solves the Jet's problems, although something tells me it will still be a very long season for them.
Posted Sunday June 12, 2011, About: Vick surprises grads with scholarships
Although I will never forgive and forget; I still see this as a good move by the DK. If his sordid and vicious past propel him to good things in his future; then that is all we can hope for.
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: O's on top of AL East arms race -- for now
For us O's fans it doesn't matter if it is 3 games (now 4) or 100 games. What matters is an improved team that has come out of the gates firing on all cylinders. And that feels really, really good after suffering through losing seasons for more than a decade. Oh, and while I'm at it; something else that doesn't matter to O's fans are the biased opinions of other fans.
Posted Sunday December 05, 2010, About: Reid: Officials not protecting Vick
So, after reading some of these comments it would appear Vick fans and apologists feel he is the only QB to take questionable hits? Go back and watch the hit Joe Flacco took in the Raven's first game against the Jets. On the opening snap Shaun Ellis plows the top of his helmet into Flacco's chin and nearly put him out. I still can't believe he got up from that hit. And even though Ellis clearly lead with his helmet, there was no flag. Flacco didn't whine; coach Harbaugh didn't whine. No, Flacco got up, got his wits about him and went back to work like he is paid to do. Football is by nature a violent sport and while I do agree with trying to protect players from serious injury, I also feel if we continue to pansyfy the sport it won't be football anymore. I think Reid's real issue is lack of depth at the QB postion. He has lost faith in Kolb and is worried about Vick getting injured. This is the kind of game Phil Jackson of the NBA has played for years. Just get it out there and play with peoples heads and the calls will come. I stand by my earlier statement that MV has a long way to go, and it is going to take more than a few good games, to garner the same respect as the guys who were out there doing their jobs while he sat in prison for 2 years.
Posted Saturday December 04, 2010, About: Reid: Officials not protecting Vick
Didn't take long for this nonsense to start. Now that Mike has a few good games under his belt I suppose he and Andy feel that Mike should be considered one of the elite QBs in the league; deserving of the same pound of respect as the guys who were doing their jobs while Mike sat in federal prison for 2 years. Hardly. MV will have to take his lumps and his licks. Is it a conspiracy? Maybe, but I would think it has more to do with the fact that there are some things people can't get past. There are plenty of players that I dislike intensly, but still respect their ability on the field. Not Michael Vick though. And it is not solely about his ability to commit unimaginable cruelties. I see him as a common criminal who lied to and sold out the city of Atlanta, the Falcons, the NFL, his sponsors and his fans. If he had come clean when first given the chance I may feel differently, but he chose instead to maintain the lies. Which leads me to believe that he is not sorry or remoresful for what he did, but only that he was caught and held accountable. Given the fact that he repeatedly lied to his employers and was found guilty of a laundry list of federal offenses; operating a gambling ring, gambling across state lines, racketeering and many more, I found it astounding that the NFL would reinstate him. He is not deserving; his being on the field denies someone else their chance.

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