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Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: No interest in Oden?
you have to admit, this is a very sad story. how would you feel if your knees/legs were the reason you couldn't play the game you love? it disturbs me as to why no one cares to pick him up. Heck, the Bobcats should at least try, just as they are doing with Haywood.
Posted Wednesday August 08, 2012, About: Dark horse candidate for Howard
Atlanta would never trade Al Horford in order to get Howard. Atlanta would most likely trade Kyle Korver, Deshawn Stevenson, Johan Petro, Jordan Williams, 2013 1st Round Draft Pick, 2013 2nd Round Draft Pick, and Cash Considerations.

Hawks will also send F Mike Scott and more Cash for G Von Wafer.

Hawks Roster after trade:
C Howard
PF Horford
SF Smith
SG Morrow
PG Teague

C Pachulia
PF Johnson
SF Wafer
SG Williams
PG Harris

C Benson
G Jenkins

The other 1,, 2, or 3 candidates will be prospects or cheap minimum salary players. more than likely players without a huge impact.

Orlando's Roster after trade:
C Ayon
PF Davis
SF Turkoglu
SG Richardson
PG Nelson

C Nicholson
PF Richardson
SF Korver
SG Reddick
PG Duhon

C Petro
F Scott
G Stevenson
C Harper
F O`Quinn

In the end, the Magic will waive Jordan Williams, and thus have a complete 15 man team.
Atlanta, will only have twelve, however, the way the Hawks have been constructing their roster, they will likely sign only one or two more players after the preseason. One that was a promising standout, and another veteran, preferably at Small Forward.
Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: Rush's role on the rise
Kinda disagree with you there. Their depth behind Lee and Bogut is quite horrendous. Besides Andris Biedrins and Jeremy Tyler, their only other options are rookies Ezeli and Green. Although, they did sign Landry a couple days ago, i'm still not too sure if Ezeli is NBA ready right as of now. Heck, they made David Lee a F/C last year, so if Bogut goes down, look for Landry to be starting and that entire depth thing to deminish.

But i do agree with you 60%. They did get a pretty fair backup point guard in Jarrett Jack not to mention they still have Charles Jenkins, both of whom are playing behind Curry. Thompson is being backed up by Rush (stated in the post) and rookie Harrison Barnes is back up by Richard Jefferson, who only shot 42% from the field, however shot the exact same percentage from the 3.

Expect them to be a high octane offense with Curry on the floor and a more steady team with Jack.

I expect them to take the 12th spot this year ahead of New Orleans, Portland, and Sacramento. I have them here only because of the inconsistent Curry and Bogut, who have been decimated by injuries as of late. If they are healthy, i expect them to place 10th at the highest. They just don't have depth on the bench behind Landry at the 4 or 5 slot. And if Bogut goes down, so do their hopes and dreams of making the playoffs.
Posted Tuesday June 05, 2012, About: Finally the year Iguodala moves on?
Kinda not a gread idea to be thinking of moving Iggy so soon. I'd rather keep Iggy starting and have Turner play behind him and someone else. I think they need an upgrade on the wing cause i seriously think Meeks cannot get it done consistently, and Turner at times seems just as bad. They might need to part with Brand or Iggy and get someone of decent value in return. Or trade both.

I'd send Iggy to a team that needs him. Teams, say.... Maybe Memphis trades Gay for Iggy and someone else, that could work. The 76ers get a decent leading scorer in Gay who can play and start at SF, and the Grizz bring in another lockdown defender to pair with Tony Allen. That would seem to me like a DANGEROUS team. The Grizz could even throw in their first round pick and even add Nikola Vucevic and a 2nd rounder to the trade.

For Brand, eh, kinda seems like a lost cause. Maybe to either Detroit, Phoenix, or maybe even the Jazz. Hell the Jazz wouldn't be bad. Think of him and Favors subbing in for Millsap and Jefferson. O.O Omg. That'd be indcredible. I'd trade Raja Bell and Enes Canter for Brand and an extra cash load or 2nd rounder. That'd be a decent investment.
Posted Thursday May 17, 2012, About: Batum prepared to sign first good offer
? I'd let Felton go, but i wouldn't go after Miller. He is only interested in Championship contenders. And Aaron Brooks......He should just stay in China. He's terrible. They already have Nolan Smith, Johnny Flynn, some other PG, and their probably gonna draft that guy out of UNC i think. 6 foot 4 PG, cant remember his name. Then HOPEFULLY one of those is good enough to stay a starter and stay healthy.

I say they resign Batum if their smart, go after a PG with their first pick, then go for SG or SF or C with their other 3 picks. They don't need to waste money on free agency, comboed with the fact that no one wants to play for them, they probably wont make a splash at all. Better to retain that 15-20 million if you ask me.
Posted Thursday May 17, 2012, About: Batum prepared to sign first good offer
Yeah. Roy, Oden, Pryzbilla, some Rotation players. It sux.
Posted Thursday May 17, 2012, About: Batum prepared to sign first good offer
I thought it was Charlotte
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Will Miller return to Nuggets?
I say the Heat pick him up if they don't get Nash. Its either them or mayber the Spurs.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Raptors want Nash or Lin
It actually makes a TON of sense for Lin to want to be traded to the Raptors. Several reasons as well. First off, Toronto has one of the most diverse cities as far as ethnicity goes. Several people from Asia, Europe and South America move to live better lives in Canada. There are also a lot of Chinese, Taiwanese in the Capital. It is also cheaper to live than in New York, and the Raptors have a lot more money and a better team for a young PG to be built around by. They have no real selfish players on that team (kinda excluding Derozan here), but still are fairly young and are in need of a much better effort from their fans to pack the building. Toronto is the 4th most populated city in North America only behind Mexico City, New York City, and Los Angeles. They have been in the top 10 or top 12 in attendance in recent years, however with all of the immigration, there will obviously be a lot of fans rooting for the other team such as the Lakers or Heat. But i think Lin can bring good fortune to this struggling franchise.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Will Joe Johnson end up a Knick?
BTW the team i mentioned for Atlanta is somewhat big, and does present matchu[ problems. Especially on that secondary.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Will Joe Johnson end up a Knick?
I'd definitely NOT do that trade. The Knicks are garbage. Everyone on that team except for Tyson Chandler, Jared Jeffries, Carmelo Anthony, Landry Fields, Jeremy Lin (somewhat), and Iman Shumpert are all either too old, too crappy on defense, or too crappy in general. JR, Baron, Steve, Amar`e, they're all terrible and not worth picking up.

If i was the Hawks, the teams that seem desperate to me are Charlotte, Orlando, Brooklyn, Portland, Minnesota, and a Dallas. Atlanta should try going into talks with these teams, even if they can't afford his contract (Dallas and Orlando).

If i trade Johnson, I'm going to want a choice of a few packages. Now, all packages are with teams interested in Johnson, possibly every team mentioned above along with a few others like New York, Phoenix, or hell, even the Clippers.

Package A: We get a premium quality defender/ nice solid rotation player who can play defense (much like Hinrich), but can score fairly effeciently.
Package B: We get a player of equal quality/caliber as Johnson. However, they MUST be either a Shooting Guard or a Small Forward.
or Package C: We dump Johnson for a ton load of draft picks. But we also want to make sure we get a top 3 pick in this years draft and a few more future first rounders. Cap it off with bad contracts or decent players and Atlanta can start somewhat beginning a rebuilding method.

What i personally want is Atlanta to trade BOTH Johnson and Smith. I made a decent trade with Atlanta and Minnesota, with Atlanta getting Nikola Pekovic and Derrick Williams, and Atlanta trading Smith and their First Round Draft Pick. Pekovic gives Atlanta a decent rotation of Centers, with him and Pachulia (if resigned) along with Jason Collins. Williams can play starter at Small Forward for us, or at least try and make the starting rotation, and with Smith going to the Wolves, they can do what they were always meant to do, PLAY SMALL AND BE QUICK. Starting 5 of Rubio, Love, Smith, Beasley, an whatever shooting guard that team can desperately find.

As for Johnson, its going to be hard to move him. Not many teams that can afford him need him, and not many teams who need him can afford him. So i have him staying put.

So, if Atlanta can resign Pachulia, Hinrich, Williams, I. Johnson, and possibly McGrady, you could see this Hawks team back where they started a year ago, albeit somewhat weak in the secondary backcourt.

Hawks Lineup:
C- Pekovic
PF- Horford
SF- D. Williams
SG- J. Johnson
PG- Teague

C- Pachulia
PF- I. Johnson
SF- M. Williams
SG- McGrady
PG- Hinrich

Extra Reseves:
C- Collins
Need Two more. Mainly another PG and a possible combo guard. I elect Pape Sy, the player Atlanta has tried to make the team, although he was a bit young when they started scouting him. I say he makes it on a small salary, and Jannero Pargo gets resigned.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Cousins, Harris feud boiling
Nice Grammer DeMarcus. I'm sure kids are looking up to you as a successful role model now. XD

I think he like, repeated the same like, same thing, like, all the same time, things like "he weird, i figure the guy out, cause he weird and strange." lol
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Casspi among four or five confused Cavs
Ok, Lets play the guessing game. Casspi, Hollins, Erden, Samuels, and Thompson. Damn. Thats their entire frontline! No wonder Scott loved playing Jaminson at that 5 spot so much! Cause the rest didn't have a clue!
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Woodson already cutting stars' minutes
Guess who dat leading scorer is for them Knix during the streak? J.R. at 17.3. Man, he and Novak are just sick together. Now all they need is some Vlad Rad from ATL at that 4 spot, pick up Mehmet Okur during the offseason, then BAM! Look Out!
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Celtics eyeing Turiaf
Celtics need somebody, anybody at this point. Makes me wonder why they didn't trade Rondo or Allen. I'm sure a Allen and Garnett trade to the Wizards for Lewis and McGee would have been a whole lot better than just standing pat and thinking you can get to the finals again. Ainge is selfish. He wants to watch them get wiped out in the first round again just to remember the good moments him team had. That ****.

I would sign Johnson and Turiaf both. I mean, they are only using who? Garnett and Bass, then Stiemsma as their only big off the bench. And Jajuan Johnson, but he's far off course with this team.

Celtics are the new Knicks.
Posted Friday March 09, 2012, About: Celtics open to offers for Pierce
I'd trade Pierce to the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard, Richard Jefferson, and a first round draft pick.

Also trades that i think should go down (even though they can't happen due to money problems or whatever)

Detroit trades Tayshaun Prince to Indiana for Jeff Pendergraph, A.J. Price, and a 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Boston trades Ray Allen to Indiana for Louis Amundson and Lance Stephenson.

Milwaukee trades Josh Smith to Milwaukee for Andrew Bogut.

Milwaukee trades Stephen Jackson to Chicago for a 1st Round Draft Pick and cash considerations.

New Jersey trades Marshon Brooks, Johan Petro and a 2nd Round Draft Pick to Cleveland for Anthony Parker, Alonzo Gee and Anderson Varjao.

New York Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony to Houston for Luis Scola, Terrence Williams, Johnny Flynn, and a 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Memphis trades O.J. Mayo to Boston for Kevin Garnett.

Orlando trades Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Duhon, and J.J. Reddick to Golden State for Monta Ellis and David Lee.

Portland trades Jamal Crawford to Sacramento for Franciso Garcia and a 2nd Round Draft Pick.
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: Ripped by Silas, Diaw may be done in Charlotte
Garbage! So much for my Cleveland-Charlotte Antawn Jaminson trade...
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Brooks asked to adjust game (and attitude)
Heat over Magic, Bulls over Pacers, 76ers over Hawks, Nets over Knicks

Heat over Nets, Bulls over 76ers

Bulls over Heat
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Brooks asked to adjust game (and attitude)
1. Heat
2. Bulls
3. 76ers
4. Nets
5. Knicks
6. Hawks
7. Pacers
8. Magic

9. Bucks
10. Raptors
11. Cavs
12. Pistons
13. Wizards
14. Celtics
15. Bobcats
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Brooks asked to adjust game (and attitude)
Don't care about the post but here are my preditons for next years Eastern Conference:

1. 76ers- Defense and youth. Need a closer/go-to guy
2. Nets- Get Dwight during this years trade deadline or offseason. Sign Gilbert Arenas/Allen Iverson. Press for Monta Ellis. Needs better supporting cast.
3. Knicks- Retain core of team. Defense needs imporvement.
4. Raptors- Get Jonas V. Sign Wilson Chandler. Get all players healthy. Get a solid draft pick in the lottery.
5. Celtics- Trade away Rondo. Do not resign KG or Ray. Done for. Ready for the rebuilding method.

1. Bulls- Win division with ease. Try and makes team better.
2. Pacers- Press for Tayshaun Prince and Ray Allen or Paul Pierce in offseason. Decent team. Need a finisher/closer.
3. Bucks- Health is a must. Defense improves along with scoring.
4. Cavs- Trade to get Marshon Brooks from NJ for Varejao and Parkers contracts. Developing youth.
5. Pistons- Trading anybody except Monroe, Knight, Jerebko, or Stuckey. Need more size and wing postions. Still rebuilding.

1. Heat- Chamions of the East. Again.
2. Hawks- Decent team with a good starting rotation. Need more toughness and defense off the bench. Need an upgrade at SF.
3. Magic- With Howard gone and no really amazing star studded player, expect them to stay competitive. Their team isn't entirely bad. But a .500 record is their best shot.
4. Wizards- Continuing rebuilding and maturation period. Need more maturity and development of skill.
5. Bobcats- Just need talent. Anything will do. Will try to trade for Antawn Jaminson and hopefully clear out Maggette's bad contract along with Boris Diaw's expiring contract.
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Celtics working hard to move Rondo
Oh god. That trade would be so awsome for the Celtics, but really **** for the Thunder. =/ So, no way that can happen.
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