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Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: Five-team trade in the works?
It said Tampa Bay wasn't part of that specific trade, but as a Rays fan, I'd love to see Shields dealt for the right return. Their offense was weak last year, and now they lost BJ Upton. They need a major piece or two for the lineup
Posted Friday October 08, 2010, About: Rays fans bid farewell to Crawford
Yankees and Red sox are obviously players for crawford, but what about a team like the Cubs? I believe payroll is only about 103m right now, and the new ownership has got to want to make a splash after last year. Tigers? big spenders with money off the books. Angels have a chance. Astros are the hometown team and his boyhood friend michael bourn plays there. Why not the Mets, new GM and manager will want to change the culture there as quickly as possible. And to everyone who says "He'll look great in pinstripes!" thanks for the most unoriginal comment about free agents ever written.
Posted Wednesday October 06, 2010, About: Lee warming to a stay in Texas
I hear you but Crawford has been pretty open about not liking to play centerfield and leading off (in case that was going to be suggested by someone). Now that the power is truly in his hands, I don't think he will be agreeable to signing a contract that will require him to do either.
Posted Wednesday October 06, 2010, About: Lee warming to a stay in Texas
Crawford doesn't like to play centerfield. Granderson is better than Crawford would be in center. and don't the yanks have a revolving door in left field? Why would you assume Crawford would play center?
Posted Wednesday October 06, 2010, About: Lee warming to a stay in Texas
Why does everyone think it's a forgone conclusion that the yankees will get whoever they want? There are at least a few other teams in MLB who spend big and go get who they want besides the yankees. What if the Red Sox, Cubs, Mets, Angels or a team with a mid level payroll that set money aside for Lee want him? They're all out just cause the Yankees want him right? That said, if I was a betting man I'd say yankees too. Just hate when everyone acts like its a done deal with every soon to be free agent.
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: Girardi to Cubs? Guillen to Marlins?
Why are New Yorkers so arrogant? I moved to NY for work almost 3 years ago and was expecting great things because all I heard from was how great it was from everyone I knew who used to live in NY. It's outrageously expensive, all of the (semi) affordable places to live are outdated, there's no where to park your car and mass transit is always late. It's horrible here and I'm already looking for jobs back home (or anywhere else). Maybe Girardi is like me, he just wants to get the hell out of this **** hole and go back to home sweet home.
Posted Wednesday September 15, 2010, About: Gonzalez spurns Cubs, waits for Braves?
Please let it be Ryno. Come on Hendry, you can't f*@# this up, just pick Ryno.
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Sandberg the best choice for Cubs?
ryno is probably a year or two away from being ready, but so are the cubs. Fans aren't stupid, they know they shouldn't expect much from the club in 2011 so it's a perfect learn on the job year for ryno. They have a good base of rookies and prospects that will be rookies in 2011 or 2012 and a lot of cap space by 2012 for big guns. Ryno has already managed a lot of these kids in the minors, too.
Posted Friday August 06, 2010, About: Greinke not encouraged by Royals prospects
I respect your ability to put together a potential deal that would help both teams out and I am in no way bashing your trade, but as a Rays fan let me tell you why this wouldn't work for the Rays:

1.They don't need a second baseman as bad as most people think. The ideal plan is for Zobrist to play second and find a rightfielder (or in a perfect world Matt Joyce picks it up and they have their right fielder). Even if Zobrist has to play right field, S. Rodriquez and Brignac are both more than serviceable at 2nd. Why do they need Mike Aviles?

2. David Dejesus would be welcome, but is he someone the rays should give up a premium prospect for? especially a premium outfield propect like Jennings? Why wouldn't they just use Jennings as opposed to trading for dejesus and then using dejesus in the same roll?

3. They really don't need a starter. rotation now is Shields, Garza, Niemann, Price, and Davis. They want Hellickson in the rotation next season so they should actually try to trade one of their current starters away in the offseason (I hope its shields; he is the weakest link and has a shot at a much better era in the NL). Would adding Greinke make them a better team? absolutely. Adding Greinke to any team would make the team better, but that doesn't mean they should deal away top prospects to get stronger in an area of strength.

4. They LOVE Hellickson and Jennings and think quite a bit of Brignac too. They would NEVER trade all three in one deal unless they were getting Pujols, Cliff Lee and Hanley in return. I'm not saying thats what they should get, but that's how highly they think of their prospects. It would never happen. never.

You want to give them something they need? Soria (the rays closer Rafeal soriano (not betancourt) is a free agent after this season), a good setup man (their set up guy Benoit is a free agent after this year), a power hitting first baseman ( Pena's a free agent) even though you don't have any of those. Rays would probably take a flier on A Gordon, but are the royals at that point with him yet? and Dejesus in case Jennings isn't ready/Joyce doesn't pan out.

You would probably get Brignac, Shields, MAYBE Jennings, and a couple very good but very raw low minors prospects
Posted Tuesday August 03, 2010, About: A no-hitter wouldn't have saved Hellickson
Shields should be traded (maybe packaged with Brignac or S. Rodriguez) to the NL for a solid power bat at the end of the year. Shields would benefit most of all the Rays starters from the move to the NL and the Rays really need a bat. And the Rays drafted Hellickson in the 4th round (and fellow top prospect Desmond Jennings in the 10th round) so every team in baseball had multiple chances to get him. It has nothing to do with them being bad (if you are insinuating that they get all their good prospects at the top of the first round) and everything to do with having a very baseball smart scouting department and front office.
Posted Tuesday July 27, 2010, About: Bobby V turns attention to Cubs
I really hope they hire Sandberg. He's been managing in their farm system for four years for this opportunity. If they don't hire him, he'll probably leave the organization. Isn't that what happened to Mattingly and the Yankees? Besides, they cubs are probably going to semi-rebuild next year with a lot of young players. Sandberg has been managing all those kids for four years already.
Posted Tuesday July 20, 2010, About: Bulls to adjust expectations
I don't want to be the "Luol Deng defender" of this thread, but why does everyone think he is so horrible? He is a career 16 ppg scorer, closer to 18 ppg the last few years when healthy. If Boozer and Rose are your first two options on offense, I'm not upset that my third option can give me 16-18 ppg a night. And yes, $13m a year is a lot, but theres only this year and two more (I believe) and he'll be in his prime for the whole contract. It's not like there's 7 years left and he'll be 35 when the deal is done. Come on people, we're not talking about Rashard Lewis' contract here.
Posted Tuesday July 20, 2010, About: Bulls to adjust expectations
You know who's not going to battle for the 4th seed? The Pistons. You know what city is probably the least desirable place to live since the recession started? Detroit. Detroit and the Pistons would love to switch places with Chicago and the bulls right about now so quit whining. P.S. The lions suck.

By the way, the worst president since carter is obama? I know its been more uneventful than Obama promised but how can you say 2 years of an uneventful presidency is worse than 8 years of catastrophic economic and foreign relations failure by a president that should be legitimately tested for mental retardation?
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Sources: Cubs to start dumping salaries
hey whitesox mark, if one team in chicago was going to be demolished and their park razed to the ground do you really think it would be the cubs? who is the red headed step child of chicago sports teams? I think we both know the answer to that. But I'm not mad at you, I think all neglected red headed step children probably resent all the rest of the kids that get attention. I like your argument that wrigley should be a ballpark and not a beer garden, like it's a bad thing people have fun at a ballgame. You're right mark, baseball is a serious matter, how dare those people go for a day of fun and not just sit and stare serious and emotionless at the field. What a joke. Have fun going to that bland stadium to watch that bland team, don't get shot on the way there. P.S. be sure to grab some crack on the way home in that lovely neighborhood.

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