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Posted Thursday January 10, 2013, About: Nowitzki's choice for NBA's 'best leader'
I'm was pissed that the laker trade for CP3 went bad with the comissioner. Instead we might see the other LA team in the finals. CP3 and LBJ are the top contenders for MVP.
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Howard on where he'll play next season: 'I know'
He is not Chinese. He's Taiwanese. Them two cultures are really not into each other, but the Chinese might not know that...so you have a point.
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Magic shares wisdom with Kobe
Wisdom and Magic won't help bring up Superman's free throw percentage...
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: LeBron loved even more in locker room
Everyone is warming up to Lebron in the lockeroom. His teamates and Riley are feeling warm and fuzzy and is willing to give his las dollar out. He has become Mother Lebrosa.
Posted Wednesday January 18, 2012, About: The next Jordan? Only Kobe compares, says MJ
I disagree. By now, everyone knows LeHype is not even comparable to Karl Malone or Charles Barkley. If MJ wanted to send a message to James, he would do so directly. It is an endorsement of Kobe.
Posted Monday December 19, 2011, About: Marion wants you to call him 'world champion'
Shawn, if self-glossing makes you happy, then you are angry person. You sound like Kareem whinning because the Lakers did not erect his statue.
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Leaving China won't come cheap
I am just waiting for JR to just punk out of there and then get arrested at the airport for failing to honor his contract. They'll proceed to cut his balls off. The Chinese legal system is not at all like ours (no, it did not happen to me, but to an foreign entrepreneur who failed to pay his dues a few years back).
Posted Thursday September 22, 2011, About: K-Mart's deal is China's richest ever
"It also gives him an opportunity to expand his name globaly" says his agent. they will get to know the tatoo thug who underachieves at the end of important games.
Posted Monday August 29, 2011, About: D-Wade to dance with stars?
Just do it Wade! Maybe it will f (fix) up his often ailing back.
Posted Monday August 22, 2011, About: New CBA could keep Howard in Orlando
I just saw the top ten NBA Basketball players ranked by S.I. and they just named LeQuit James as number one! Hillarious. This is my top ten going into next season (if there is any): Nowitzki, Wade, Howard, Kobe, Durant, Rose, LeQuit, CP4, Williams, KG (healthy).
James can be number one if he gets well between the ears...
Posted Thursday August 11, 2011, About: K-Mart dumps longtime agent
He got 90 Million for the past few years? Wow. He is the wasteful spending poster child.
Posted Wednesday July 27, 2011, About: LeBron's game hitting plateau?
Looking back at LeQuit's latest finals performance, I have to expect he will work his arse off to develop his game and shooting. I hate his game, his attitude and his self-glorifying personna, but he would be incredibly stupid if he doesn't start to post up opponents...but then again his entourage expects him to deliver......a great night life in South Beach. Mango's is not bad.
Posted Wednesday July 20, 2011, About: Bynum parking in handicapped spot?
The more he does stupid things the more I think it translates to his game....I want him out of here....provided we get Howard.
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Carlisle: Dirk is planet's best player
Agree. You have some issues if you cannot give props to the Finals MVP.
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Carlisle: Dirk is planet's best player
My sentiments exactly. I would put Dirks playoff performance near the top 10 all time.
Posted Monday June 13, 2011, About: LeBron felled by nerves
The most amazing thing about the Mavs was their ability to come back when they were down in many of the games. Never seen that in a playoff series. It was Dirk who provided most of the fireworks and he delivered in the clutch. The media and the Heat themselves believed they were better, but their arrogance and stupidity got the best of them. This is a win for the good guys, the ones who work hard, show respect and have class.
Posted Monday June 13, 2011, About: LeBron felled by nerves
Post game comments by LeHype showed his arrogance. Of course WE all have problems and issues, but to have an athlete of his stature (TRY to) rub it on people's faces is pathetic. An athlete's job is to perform on the court (which he couldn't) , respect the fan (which he didn't) and show some class in losing (mission impossible?)....I guess he doesn't get it.
My suggestion to James, Wade and Bosh: Just shut up and work on your game, you will be very good next year and go see a swrink, the problem is upstairs. South Beach deserves better.
Posted Monday March 21, 2011, About: Lakers not happy with Bynum suspension
Bynum was just playing good ol' Celtic and Piston's ball. But it could have injured the what's his name Minnesota player. He should have made the attempt to go after the ball, but didn't. Next story....
Posted Wednesday March 09, 2011, About: Bosh: 'I am uncomfortable now'
The big three do not get it. It takes a team with chemistry to win. Put together a bunch of egotistical superstars and you have the Heatless. Of course Bosh is uncomfortable, he is not contributing and will never see the ball enough with this group. ESPN exposed pretty much how Bosh is just standing around like a spectator waiting to see what LeClown and Wade do. They are a big joke right now and deserve all the ridicule they get.
Posted Tuesday January 11, 2011, About: Robinson: NBA handing Griffin dunk title
A rare burst of jealosy from Robinson. Blake is the frontrunner and favorite to win because he is dunking with power and delivering facials every game. If he shows up like Brown last year, it will be boring too. WTF. Why am I commenting on such a non-issue!!! I'm out.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Change of heart: James now enjoys villain status
At least LeHype is not in the news every day. He has learned to keep his mouth shut and decided to talk with his game....which is what he should have done from day one. Yes, I do not like his attitude and last year's performances, but he has game and has been a beast of late. Have to give him props.
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