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Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: REPRESENT YOUR STATE (yo!)
Hey man I grew up on Chelton ave you close to that......left when I was 10 and always wanted to go check things out!! Anyway you got me on GP
Good argument bud! Congrats on the win! I still believe tho!!!!!
REALLY did you even watch the game if Crist doesn't have the freak eye thing we (probably) WIN?! Now yes that didn't happen and DR played great but for you to say embarrass...come on man really? And the arrogant thing OK some????? Maybe are I personally don't know too many that are different than an Alabama, Florida, USC, OR Boise fan! We celebrate, tease, berate and antagonize the opposition and we are ARROGANT?? Anyone else does it and awwww they're just playin....or their supporting their SEC power house!! If the arrogance label should go anywhere I personally think SEC fans take the cake (WE ARE BEST) BLAH BLAH BLAH!!
comment 23 above is an argument from the right so I guess you don't vote on substance you vote on ignorance
Ya ok hate because???? Go suck your yanks off !
I'll refer you to comment 23 above! Even tho I've been a member for a while, I'm new to all this and I'll learn from my mistake
2013....yes 2012 is gonna be a rough one with maybe 1 loss probably in a bowl 2013 is the yr we'll see the Game of the century again!! IMHO
As I ran out of characters....You can put a group of NFL players together in the college ranks and without the right leader they WILL LOSE! Notre Dame whether you like em or not is a perennial power and has had a rough stretch (My 2nd Argument) shows that every one has had them! We will regain our label once the system is in place and the players can get accustomed!

If you'll look for the info you can see were the teams who won suddenly after the new coaching change they implored somewhat of the same system as the previous regime! It takes a min. but when we get it we WILL WIN!!!
Thats fine we can do that! I can tell by some of the non-votes......Not too many ND fans tho!!
I agree completely!! Kind of took my thunder (if I had any) but I'd have to disagree a bit at the end.....Coaching?
Cool..... thanx man
Funny funny!!!!! Had to redo it
I have posted my argument and nothing comes up? What is up with that????
My first real one man, looks like yours too so might be interesting huh?
Come on you got this man
Posted Saturday October 02, 2010, About: Notre Dame will win NC within 4 yrs
Why not? Scooby fan

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