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Posted Thursday December 19, 2013, About: How much rust on Rodgers?
Is that why Stafford has fumbled the Lions playoffs hopes away. You're supposed to grease up your jersey, not your hands.
In all seriousness though, the NFC north may very well come down to this week's games.
Packers host the Steelers. Steelers know about the cold. Should be a good game.
Bears go visit the Eagles. McCoy has to be licking his chops, because the Chicago run D is horrible. Likewise though, Cutler gets to face a horrible Philly pass D, and Chicago's receivers have been unstoppable of late.
The Lions are still actually in the hunt, but they need both the Pack and the Bears to lose one of their last two games. The Pack and Bears play each other during week 17. Lions finish the season playing the G-Men and Vikings, so anything is possible. Two rusty QBs that need to win out, one non-rusty, but regressing QB that needs to win out.
Posted Friday December 06, 2013, About: Kobe Bryant says he won't play Friday
Delay coming back, get lucky in the draft. Let Nash retire.
Posted Friday December 06, 2013, About: Reggie Bush says Lions offense can dominate anyone
Eagles defense gives up 412 yards per game which is 2nd worst in the NFL (Cowboys have the worst defense of course).
Lions offense gains 424 yards per game which is 2nd best in NFL (Broncos have the best offense of course).
Reggie might be onto something before this game. Now if he can just hold onto the ball.
Posted Friday December 06, 2013, About: Ndamukong Suh wants to shed bad reputation
Every GM in the NFL would love to have Suh on their team. He plays extremely hard, has incredible strength and skill, has an amazing motor (especially for a DT), is constantly doubled, has NEVER missed a game due to injury, and has been all around terrific on the field. Furthermore, while they might not say it, most players would probably love to have Suh as a teammate. Detroit named him a captain because of the professionalism and dedication he brings to the football field. He is the old man in Detroit's starting D-line and they currently have the 3rd best rushing defense in the league. He is the biggest reason that linebacker DeAndre Levy, who nobody besides Detroit wanted as a FA this last offseason, is leading the league in interceptions (watch the INTs and notice who is in the QBs face on most of them, it's Suh).
Off the field, Suh has been great working with children in Detroit, donating over $1 million to the University of Nebraska, and being a well spoken and intelligent person. He studies the game of football, does not take his talent for granted, and has volunteered to meet with Roger Goodell on multiple occasions to talk about his fines and suspensions.
Yes, in the past he made some questionable decisions, most notably the stomp of Evan Dietrich-Smith's arm. Some of the other fines he has received are all have been in the run of play, and could be in part due to his reputation. This season, he hasn't been body slamming QBs or doing anything too malicious (the Schaub hit did not fit the punishment).

Since Suh is under an extreme microscope, he gets judged differently than others. For example, earlier this year, Alameda Ta'amu for the Arizona Cardinals kicked the face of Alex Boone of the 49ers, while Boone was on the ground. No flag for Ta'amu. No fine. The media isn't calling for the head of Ta'amu's head. Here is a link to that story. nals-taamu-kicks-him-in-the-face/
Posted Saturday November 23, 2013, About: Bears working Devin Hester at defensive back
Well, Peanut Tillman is out for the year. Melton is out for the year. Chicago has made it through Cutler's injuries better this year than last, and they actually have a shot at the playoffs with an easy schedule in front of them.
All jokes aside, nothing wrong with having a contingency plan. Lovie Smith lost his job, in part, because he failed to have backup plans in the past.
Shoot, can anyone recall that in 2004 Troy Brown started taking some snaps on defense and he had more interceptions than receiving TDs, and his team won the Super Bowl. While it seemed like a joke that he was out there at all, his team won. Perhaps, Trestman has some fresh ideas that can keep the Bears in a tight race for the playoffs. If they beat out Detroit for the division title, they get to host a playoff game.
CP is the NFL's best kick returner. He leads the league in average kickoff return with an avg of 35.2 yards. He leads the NFL in total kickoff return yards with 845. He has more kickoff return TDs than everyone else in the NFL combined.

He is big (6'2" and 220lbs), fast, physical, and elusive. If he develops as a wide receiver, watch out, because he will be great at getting yards after the catch. Minnesota's QB situation is no worse than last year (hello, I'm Joe Webb, and I'm going to be a starting QB in the playoffs today, and playing wide receiver next year), but a big problem with their offense is that they don't have the explosiveness of Percy Harvin to keep defenses off of Adrian Peterson. CP has struggled to establish himself as a receiver, but if last week's showing by Tavon Austin meant anything, there is still time to make an impact.
Posted Thursday September 26, 2013, About: Young Pistons star won't talk contract
Pistons aren't getting better? How do you figure? They just upgraded SF and PG this offseason with players just entering their prime (Jennings and Smith). Just drafted an athletic and long scorer, defender, and shooter in KCP to develop at SG. Allow your game changing 20 year old freak center to develop into a force. Bring in some veteran leadership to mentor the young guys (billups). AND have TONS OF CAP SPACE lined up in the future (Villanueva and Stuckey coming off the books). Sure, Pistons might not have Lebron or Durant on their roster, but to say they aren't getting better is laughable.
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: Bucks name Brandon Knight starting point guard
let the tanking begin! Luckily for Bucks fans DeAndre Jordan only comes to town once a year. In reality though, Knight needs to become more comfortable in the role of a point guard. Detroit gave him the chance, but decided that he wasn't a point guard. They are looking to make the playoffs this year rather than continue to rebuild. Jennings is an immediate upgrade for Detroit, while Knight still needs to develop more, and the Bucks need to land at the top of the next draft.
Posted Tuesday July 02, 2013, About: Warriors looking to wheel Lee
With a healthy David Lee, Golden State may have been able to overcome the Spurs in the playoffs, rather than losing in game 6. Obviously, if Golden State can use Lee in a trade to upgrade the roster than they should. He is not untouchable, but when healthy he is a solid player, who just last year put up over 18 and 11 a game. He's sort of like a Carlos Boozer type, a versatile scorer, who can rebound, but is rather grounded on defense. Quality players, for sure, but somewhere between star player and role player. With Golden State, Lee's contract (although a little steep) is not nearly as big of a problem as the contract of Biedrins. If trading Lee can haul in Dwight or LaMarcus, than go for it, but don't trade him just to trade him.
Posted Friday June 07, 2013, About: Mitch Kupchak says Lakers undecided about using amnesty
Hate to say it, but they should amnesty Nash. He just can't play defense, and in the west you have to deal with Tony Parker, Chris Paul, Russ Westbrook, Mike Conley, Stef Curry, Mike Conley, and Ty Lawson. With Kobe, MWP, Pau, and maybe Dwight, you need to build a defensive identity. D'Antoni was a bad hire.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Jets CB blew through $5M in two years
At least he figured it out while he is still playing and seems to have learned.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Why Hibbert didn't shake hands
It's about respect. Lebron was blasted when he left the court without shaking hands, he was called a sore loser and such, and although the microscope and pressure isn't as big for Hibbert as it was for Lebron, you should show respect and class.
Hibbert just doesn't like the Heat though. He was kneed in the crotch by Battier, pushed to the floor for no reason by Birdman, D Wade had a jumping elbow into Stephenson's head (which maybe was inadvertent) and maybe Hibbert figured some of those plays showed a lack of class and he wasn't going to show that team any respect for playing that way.
Overall though, people are going to respect the Pacers after this series though, just for the fact that they made it to game seven against the Heat.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Why Hibbert didn't shake hands
"I???m a competitor. If somebody beats you up, you???re not going to congratulate them. It doesn???t make sense for me to go over and shake somebody???s hand.??? -- Lebron James, June 2009 after losing in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Magic.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Bush predicts No. 1 offense
Last year Detroit was 3rd in the league in total offense (408.8 ypg) behind New England (427.9 ypg) and New Orleans (410.9 ypg), so a No. 1 offense is not an outlandish prediction. New England could drop a little without Wes Welker, and Detroit hopes that Bush can give them yards in both the run and passing game. The O-line in Detroit is going to be a big unknown until the season unfolds though, but they are optimistic that big guard Larry Warford will upgrade the running game and last year's first rounder Reiley Reiff is ready to take over for the retired Jeff Backus. Whether these two linemen pan out or not could be the decisive factor in the offensive performance of the team.
You definitely can't disagree with Biedrins. When he signed his contract he had just finished a season where he averaged 10.5 ppt, 9.8 rpg, and shot 62.6 %. Golden State thought it was tying up a young 21 year old center with a bright future, but Biedrins got the money and never improved. This past year he averaged 0.5 ppg and 2.9 rpg. Of course he's going to take the money that he is signed on for.
Next year will be a tough year for Golden State to improve their roster, but as they wait a year they are looking at a much better cap situation afterwords. In good news for Golden State, Stephen Curry signed his extension last year, so he's locked up right now, rather than being an unrestricted FA looking for max money.
Posted Saturday May 25, 2013, About: Nuggets in tricky situation with Masai Ujiri
He has done a good job in Denver. Compare how the Nuggets have handled the Melo trade, to how Cleveland, Toronto, Orlando, and New Orleans have faired with their departed stars, and you can see that this guy has some wits to him. Cleveland and New Orleans could be on the way back up, but that is due to lottery luck as much as a quality job by the GM.
That being said, why would you want to go to the Raptors (besides $3 million)? Well, the next couple years Denver will have some cap management issues. They are paying good money to Lawson, Galinari, and Jevale McGee (a combined $35 million in 2015-16). They have Faried on the cheap, and next summer will have to make a decision on signing Iguodala, and for how much and how long. They do have a nice roster as is though, and many of their players seem to be tradable, young, and talented.
Toronto has two more seasons with the bad contracts of Bargnani, Rudy Gay, and Amir Johnson (almost $38 million in 2014-15). After that, the Raptors have only three players on contract, headlined by DeMar DeRozan at about 9.5 million per season, which isn't a bad contract. They do have a clear road ahead of them, but the next GM has to endure two miserable years, unless they can trade away those expiring deals for some depth, picks, and movable pieces. He was able to move players in Denver, but I am not sure that people will be lining up to trade for Bargnani or Gay, like they were for Melo.
Posted Saturday May 25, 2013, About: Andris Biedrins exercises option to stay with Golden State
This hurts because it may prevent them from signing Jarrett Jack back to the team. Their best bet for resigning Jack is to pay him at a discount this year, with the next couple years bumped up in price, sort of like the Jeremy Lin contract (although Jack is not worth $15 million in the third year.) After RJ and Biedrins are off the books next year, they could afford to pay Jack a little closer to what he's going to command on the market. Golden State was a lot of fun to watch this past year, and it would be nice to see the team develop and improve a little more.
Posted Saturday May 25, 2013, About: Andris Biedrins exercises option to stay with Golden State
They amnestied Charlie Bell. They do not have the amnesty option.
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Jackson wants Jack back ... but business is business
They used their amnesty on Charlie Bell, whose contract has since expired. Landry is still under contract for next season. They could pay Jack on a backloaded deal, with year one at a discount and then pay bumps during years two and three, when Jefferson and Biedrens bad deals will be off the books. Jack is probably going to seek 7-10 million per season, for three or four years, and likely a starting spot. Detroit has cap space and a need at pg, and might go after Jack.
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Lakers' chief rivals for Howard
by playing pg alongside kobe, i mean mostly coming off of screens and shooting jumpers. LA sucked this past season until Kobe essentially started to play the point. That's how they turned their season around. Needless to say though, the Lakers would be better off with Reddick than Nash. Although Reddick isn't a perimeter stopper, he is a capable and improved team defender. Nash is the weakest defender in the league, to the point that it offsets his offensive gifts and kills his team. Derek Fisher was never the strongest ball handler either (but stronger than Reddick), but he did alright beside Kobe.
Jarrett Jack instead of Nash would be great for LA. Reddick wouldn't be bad, but the point is that Nash has to go. Him and D'antoni are the ones klling the team.
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Lakers' chief rivals for Howard
Dear LA Lakers,

Amnesty Nash. Even if Dwight leaves or is traded. Nash can still shoot and pass, but he lacks the strength and athleticism to do all the small things that contribute to winning, and is thus not worth over 9.7 and 9.3 million over the next two years. He might be the worst defender in the league.

According to LA's point guards ranked 29th in the league in PER difference, which measures their offensive vs defensive ranks. (Chris Paul and the Clippers ranked 1st at pg PER difference, go figure) At SG, the Lakers ranked 3rd. At Center, LA ranked 4th. SF, 14th, and at PF LA ranked 16th in the league. PG is the worst spot on the team, and Nash makes too much money. It is probably already to late, especially since LA also made the mistake of hiring D'antoni to deflect blame away from Nash's porous defense.

Jarrett Jack made between 5-6 million this last year, and he's available. In LA, JJ Redick could play the PG alongside Kobe, and would make life easier for everyone.

Wherever Dwight ends up, his team needs to be built around defense. In LA, it is not possible as long as Nash and D'antoni are around.

Houston sounds like a great option for Dwight. Harden is already a top 3 sg and he has experience playing a lesser role. If Houston could sign Dwight, rather than sign and trade for him they could be really good, but if they have to give away young talent then they could be left thin.
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