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Posted Tuesday November 12, 2013, About: Around the Table
It shows how important the offensive line is. They can't get pass protection or open holes. Ohio State will feast on Roast Wolverine later this month.
Posted Wednesday August 29, 2012, About: First pick'em of the year...
Here we go:
Trojan men
Saban's Demons
LSU minus the Grass Badger
OK Corral
Track Star U - Gold and Silver in the Olympic 10K
Georgia short this year's suspendees
Free Shoes University
Clowney ****
Hogs minus one wayward coach and his official concubine
The Real Badgers
Nick Jr.'s Spartans
Auburn minus Dismukes (notice a trend with SEC teams not named Bama?)
Texas, of 21-37 fame

OK State (thank you Cyclones)

Mrs. Dooley's baby in orange pants. (lose this one and he'll be looking for a new job)
Notre Dame
Posted Wednesday May 09, 2012, About: Selection Committee? That's Us!
My four: LSU, Alabama, OK State, Stanford
Posted Wednesday May 09, 2012, About: Selection Committee? That's Us!
One word: hilarious.
Posted Wednesday May 09, 2012, About: Around the Table
The news says Mike McQueary is suing Penn State over placing him on paid administrative leave.
http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7906713/key-penn-state-nittany-l ions-witness-seeks-whistle-blower-lawsuit

Does McQueary not see his culpability in the case? He saw a man raping a young boy and did nothing for several hours. When he finally did something, he told Joe Paterno about it and hoped Paterno did something substantive. Nobody reported it to the police, and McQueary was the only eyewitness. I don't know how Pennsylvania law regards people who fail to report heinous crimes, but I am surprised McQueary has not faced criminal charges. The college did not discipline him inappropriately because he was a whistle-blower...he didn't blow the whistle!
Posted Friday April 27, 2012, About: We Finally get a Playoff! So how can they screw this up?
Absolutely. I think the "4 teams will be just as bad as 2" argument is pretty weak. How many times have we really had a dispute over the BCS going beyong 4 teams?
2003: a playoff lets USC in, no split championship.
2004: playoff lets Auburn in.
2006: playoff lets Michigan in.
2008: playoff lets USC and Texas in, no more complaints about the three-way tie in Big 12 South.
2009: playoff gives TCU, Cincy and/or Boise a chance.
2011: obviously
Of all these, 2009 is the only one that a 4-team playoff might not have solved. I'll gladly take one controversy per decade rather than 5 or more.
Posted Friday April 27, 2012, About: We Finally get a Playoff! So how can they screw this up?
Maybe a little late, but here's your Bama homer. Believe it or not, I did not want a rematch either. LSU and Alabama should have each made mincemeat of their opponents in the BCS Championship and Sugar Bowl. (Like Florida and LSU in 2006) Les Miles to Mike Gundy: "Nice 107th-ranked total defense you got there - be a shame if something were to happen to it."
Interestingly, Stanford and Boise also had in common that they were not their conference champions, they lost head-to-head to their conference champions, and they finished the season ranked above the champions, TCU and Oregon.
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.
Posted Friday April 06, 2012, About: What'll ya have?
Fire up the jukebox, GR. I just finished playing some Hank Williams: "Your Cheatin' Heart."
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: College Football Game Day - 2011 Bowl Edition
The Grass Badger was a total non-factor, except when he tried unsuccessfully to cover Norwood on the longest pass completion of the night. How sweet it is.
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: College Football Game Day - 2011 Bowl Edition
Richardson has found the end zone! 21-0, and 5 minutes to play.
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: College Football Game Day - 2011 Bowl Edition
No, he did not. Shelley's been kicking. Foster's only appearance was in a fake FG, when a shovel pass succeeded in picking up the 1st down.
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: College Football Game Day - 2011 Bowl Edition
Well, with 5 FGs, we've now got two touchdowns the hard way.
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: Around the Table
Yes, I agree that OK State deserves to play LSU for the BCS Title. The human voters have had two things in mind for over a month: 8-year streak and 81-17. The OK-OK State "rivalry" has been more one-sided, in total, than Tennessee-Vanderbilt. This year's OK State team was letting by 27 points per game, but they held the Sooners to 10. I think LSU will beat the Cowboys, but they deserve a chance.
I dislike rematches and disagree with the idea of a team playing for all the marbles after failing to win its conference (even when it's my team).
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Around the Table
Coach Richt can be very vengeful year to year. We all remember the dawg pile in the end zone against Florida, followed the next year by Meyer's 3 time-outs down the stretch. Now, it's revenge against Auburn for the Fairley late hit.
That's one reason Lane Kiffin's departure was a good thing: the SEC already had enough bad blood and well poisoning (not to mention tree poisoning) without his false accusations and crybaby antics. The Pac-12 is $10,000 richer after the Stanford game.
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: TCU Horn Dogs beat the Boise State potatoes!
Yes, this is true to a point. Ingram's fumble against Auburn was a choke moment, although the LSU and SC losses had already ended any title contention possibilities.
The other comparison I would draw with last year is South Carolina-Texas Tech. The Red Raiders have lost 3 straight after that victory over Oklahoma, starting with a blowout loss to Iowa State. The 2010 Gamecocks followed up the Bama victory with an immediate loss to Kentucky, followed later by total embarrassments against Arkansas and Auburn. In each case, the giant slayer never reached that level of dominance again.
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: Around the Table
Good afternoon Table. I just went over to the Alabama page at Rivals, and the headline says, "Brent Calloway Arrested." He was driving in low light conditions with his headlights off, so the police pulled him over, smelled something intriguing, and found marijuana on his person. Calloway is in his redshirt year.
The lesson in all of this is clear: Saban is smarter than Les "Grass" Miles: both had at least one player busted for marijuana this week, but Calloway is not on the depth chart and at least two of the three LSU players - including the famous Honey Badger - will be hard to replace.
Posted Sunday September 25, 2011, About: College Football Game Day - Sept. 22, 23 & 24, 2011
Watching Vandy versus South Carolina, the Commodores threw a pass to the South Carolina the 20, the receiver gathered the ball in while the cornerback held on to it and they fell down together sharing possession. The wide receiver came up with it after the melee on the ground, but the referees ruled it an interception. The rule book says the ball goes to the offense in a case of shared possession on a pass. Was this a case of the zebras not knowing what the rules said, or just automatically giving a close call to the home team favorite?
Posted Saturday September 03, 2011, About: Around the Table
Georgia seriously lacks discipline. They get a full share of arrests off the field as well. The handwriting is on the wall: 0-2 after the loss to South Carolina next week will unseat the dean of SEC coaches. I knew Richt didn't have the right attitude anymore when Stewart Mandel interviewed him last week. Talking about last year's 6-7 record, Richt said, "we came within a touchdown on 6 of those, so we are closer than people think." That's a terrible argument with a "7" in the loss column. The right thing to say is, "we've got to work harder, want it more, prepare better, and aim for perfection." He's satisfied with a mediocre record, and not deceiving anyone but himself.
Let the speculations begin about the new coach. I think Kirby Smart will get an offer. He is a Georgia alum, he has amassed a great record at Alabama, he runs the 3-4, so there would be minimal personnel changes necessary players-wise.
Posted Saturday August 27, 2011, About: Around the Table
RE: Jarrett Lee highlights. Even if Shepard has gotten off of his "witness tampering" suspension by November 5, Robert Lester and Mark Barron will catch more passes from Lee than Shepard will.
Posted Wednesday August 24, 2011, About: Around the Table
Yahoo - then Sports - then Fantasy - then College Football Pick 'Em - then Join a Group - then enter 10938 as the group number and password "wildbill," all lowercase - then select your picks for the first week: it worked for me.
Posted Tuesday August 23, 2011, About: Around the Table
What is the group ID number?
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