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Posted Friday April 06, 2012, About: Tortorella blasts 'arrogant, 'whining' Pens
I missed the game, but I know in an earlier game one of the Islanders went directly for Crosby's head, when he missed initally he tried again to slam his head into the boards and nothing was called. So you whinney bums shutup.
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: Steelers didn't offer Ward a pay cut
I totally agree. Keep him in black and gold even if it's a coach, I would hate to see him in any other colors.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: Gisele defends Tom, rips Pats receivers
I knew Brady was a pansy, his wife even has to fight his battles for him...LOL
Posted Thursday January 19, 2012, About: Ravens unraveling? Reed calls out Flacco
Flacco does need to step it up. As far as getting pressure on a QB, if they get pressure on Brady they have a good chance to win. Brady is not even a average QB if you can get to him a few times. He turns into a whinny cry baby. Expect a lot of flags to be thrown if the Ravens do get to him because the league will have to help out the Patriots in that case.
Posted Friday December 09, 2011, About: Roethlisberger thought his leg was broken
Ben has played with so many broken bones, sprains. The only other QB who comes close to being as tough was Terry Bradshaw, another Steeler. And for the record Brady would not only have been choppered out he would be out the rest of the season. Maybe be back for next year if he could stop crying by then. And they would have thrown a flag had it been him.
Posted Saturday March 19, 2011, About: Burnett blasts Goodell as 'blatant liar'
Posted Saturday March 19, 2011, About: Burnett blasts Goodell as 'blatant liar'
Yes, they do play for our amusement, but mostly they play for the money. They knew all the risk's of the game and everything about it when they decided to play. A Private in the US Army serving in Iraq might make $20,000.00 a year, why should T.O. make 10x that for playing a game? Why should the owners and CEO of big Corporations make more then any of the men and women putting their actual lives on the line everyday. Give me a break.
Posted Saturday March 19, 2011, About: Burnett blasts Goodell as 'blatant liar'
Slavery? Cone on, some of these guys make more in a year then a lot of people will make in a life time. You know what will happen, let me explain it to you. Granted the owners are just money grabbing S.O.B's but, the players will get more money so Peyton Manning and Tom Brady can get 3.5 million a GAME instead of 3 million, the owners will raise ticket price's for us from $120.00 to $150.00 in the nose bleed section, the NFL will want more money from the networks to broadcast the games, and that means more stupid commercials during the game so the networks can pay more money to the NFL, then the price's for those product's goes up so they can pay the networks to show their ad's. The rich get richer and everybody else suffers through it. You people shouldn't be taking sides with the leaque or the players, you should be taking side's with you the FAN.

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