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Absolutely. While HanRam is a more potent offensive weapon, Tulo is very good, especially at a position with relatively little offensive talent. Tulo's defense and leadership qualities are far above Hanley's level however...The only reason anyone would rank Hanley over Tulo is because the Colorado market is smaller, and Hanley gets himself in the news more.
I wouldn't say underrated...ask anyone in the game, and he's the best out there right now. Not even close, really, now that Jeter is obviously regressing. While I agree his power numbers are boosted thanks to Coors Field, he still is the backbone of a good team offensively, and plays a premiere defensive position as well as most.
Posted Sunday January 16, 2011, About: Worst BCS Conference CFB Coaching Job
Umm...that's what happened when the field hadn't been used for over a month in Minnesota weather. If they didn't heat Soldier Field or Lambeau, it would be rock hard too...And there were no problems playing on it even with that anyway...lots of hype from the media is all that there was.
Posted Saturday January 15, 2011, About: Worst BCS Conference CFB Coaching Job
Wow...Minnesota? Really? I honestly find it hard to believe you picked the Gophers. You're talking about a team that first of all wasn't even the worst team in the Big Ten last year, despite firing their coach mid-season...You rip their tradition, and yes, I agree those titles were a long time ago. And yet, at least they have one...I can probably find two dozen teams in BCS conferences that would kill to have anything close to it. The school also has a commitment to the program, with the state of the art stadium they just built...And frankly, while they haven't been great, they've been good. I'll take this if you wanted to re-do it...
Posted Thursday October 21, 2010, About: Redo-Fall Classic-Where should the Winter Classic go next?
Minnesota should get it...A matchup between the Wild and the Stars has loads of marketing potential. Plus, there are as many hockey fans in Minnesota as there are in the entire south, so filling up TCF Bank Stadium would be no problem.
Posted Friday October 01, 2010, About: major league baseball playoffs &boise state
Big East? No way does that happen...but the Big 12 is a possibility for TCU at least, and a longshot for the Boise.
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: major league baseball playoffs &boise state
Boise is full of themselves...They seem to think that they are above the traditions and stature of every other school out there but seem to dislike the idea of proving anything outside the Pacific Northwest...Not that I'd say they're pretenders, they just have massive egos.

And while I'm biased, I'll take the Twins in the WS over the Rays (I agree the Phillies have to be favorites).
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Greatest Football Player, All Time Something Different
If this included college football as well as NFL, I'd have my pick...
Yea but in all actuality, Boise got absolutely outplayed until the last minutes. And they won't have another chance this year to show they can beat top talent.
The SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac ten aren't better for their powerhouse teams, it's the depth of their mid-and-low level teams. I'd take the bottom of any of those conferences over the bottom of the WAC any day. So, even if they aren't battling powerhouses every week, the conference schedule for teams in those conferences is more challenging week in and week out. Boise, even if they are as good as any other team, has nothing else this year to prove it, while other teams do...Sorry, I'll take the team that proves its ability over Boise, who won't have to again this season.
Posted Wednesday September 08, 2010, About: The BCS system is terrible, and holds college football back.
Quit arguing in the comments...I'd take this but I'd be attacked for an easy win...
Posted Friday September 03, 2010, About: Division X or Division O which is the toughest????
Wow...I would expect a Badger fan to appreciate the most played football rivalry in D-1. Even lately those games are intense....Even with Wisconsin the powerhouse and Minnesota the suckish, it's a consistantly great game. And, of course, Minnesota DOES lead the series all time. Just had to get that one in there...
Posted Friday September 03, 2010, About: Division X or Division O which is the toughest????
Frankly...Right wins this argument. It will be WAY tougher to win the O division. None of those teams are superpowers on a year in year out basis, but rarely are they pushovers either. Sure, teams like Minnesota are crap now, but don't forget that the game is cyclical...it wasn't long ago Marion Barber and Laurence Maroney were setting NCAA rushing records with Minnesota. None of the teams are constantly weak, unlike X
They weren't nobodies, but they didn't have anything remotely close to what the other guys had on their teams.
Posted Wednesday August 18, 2010, About: Steal of the 2nd Round in 2010 NBA draft
They had a winning record, and finished high in their conference (which is probably as deep as the pac-ten was...in other words, no great teams at all). Difference is, Stanford was a bottom feeder in a bottom feeder conference, while Marshall was at least a winner in a bottom feeder conference.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Steal of the 2nd Round in 2010 NBA draft
Ok, that makes more sense.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Steal of the 2nd Round in 2010 NBA draft
Who knows, it's happened before. I started to think it was being avoided for some reason after I took it.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Steal of the 2nd Round in 2010 NBA draft
Sorry if anyone is mad I tookthis, there were just a couple hours left until it expired...
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Steal of the 2nd Round in 2010 NBA draft
Lots of people did, which is why I picked him. Not only was he the steal of the second round, but also the whole draft (imo). He is way too talented to go in the second round, period.
Posted Tuesday August 10, 2010, About: Predict Mlb Awards:
So what you are telling me is Ben Zobrist deserved the MVP last year? Besides, I'm not saying he's a bad player, he's really great. All I'm saying is he probably won't win with half of the rest of his team overshadowing him.
Posted Tuesday August 10, 2010, About: Predict Mlb Awards:
OK, you're right. Still, the hype surrounding him has dropped off big time as his stats have fallen to realistic levels again...And I don't think he'll win, partly because he hits in the 6-7 spots in the order. All that tells me (and the voters) is that giving him more at-bats than other guys on that team would be a detriment...not an MVP-type description.
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