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Well missed it by 1 second. Very close though.
Ok. Well maybe I miss took your comment then. Anway thank you for your comments, and watch for Bama to take home the crystal. RTR!
Thank you, Same to you.
You mean apathy? I sorry if you thought the TD was boring. Well no not really, but I'm sure someone some where might think myself and MArlin made some good points on both sides. In the end we will see if I am right or not.
Don't recall telling you how to vote, but oh well!
Yes I agree it will come down to votes. I will be honest a two lose Bama team will not go to NCG, nor should they. A one lose, because of the polarization factor I believe it would more then likely knock them out, depending on when, to whom, and how bad. Either way it will be a close vote. But if Bama goes undefeated, which is a good possibility, I don't see how they could possibly be left out.

Oregon will not make it. Ohio St does look very possible. But lets be honest who would want to win the final BCS NCG with out playing an SEC school. Thats like saying the only way anyone else can win the title is by keeping the SEC out. Would it not be better to say we beat the SEC in the final BCS NCG? Like you said a lot of people are tired of the SEC winning it, would they not relish the opportunity to dethrone the SEC? That right there would help push the votes in Bama's favor to get a shot if they are a 1 lose SEC champion. Poeple will think maybe this is our chance to dethrone the SEC.
My bad I thought this was about Football, not grammar.
I agree his usage is going to be lower then his peers. When you have the running backs that Bama has, you can spread the wealth around instead of relying on a one or two man team. Also when you add in the actual play time, McCarron can't add to his stats if he is on the bench, and the second and third string are out there makeing a name for themselves. Not saying other teams don't put their second and third strings in. It's just I don't believe they saw the amount of play time that Bama did.
Of course Manziel was the Offense for aTm. Bama is a lot more rounded. That is why once Bama started to shut him down. Bama was able to continue on marching forward, and scoreing, and made a very good comeback, but like I said earlier. Bama chose to pass at a critical time, where they normally would have ran the ball. It did not work and Bama lost the game. This year I beleive we will see more improvement in the passing game, but they will not just abandon the run either, it will be a well balance offence.
Actually Saban left the collar a little loose last year and I've heard it might even come off this year.
As far as comparison's, I'm not a big fan. Reason being Most teams will keep their first team in there or at least their QB and run up points whenthey have the game in hand. You will not see that with Coach Saban. AJ may have only accounted for 40% of total offense, Which I believe it was closer to 50% myself, But there were many games last year that by a quarter of the way through the third quarter he was coming out of the game and the second and third string took over and continuied to rack up points. So that will throw the Percentages off. Which brings me to another point experiance most all the players that are filling holes as starters this year are not true freashman they are players that have seen agood bit of play time over the last 1 to 2 years so ther is exsperiance there.
Yes it is a scrimmage, but that is how teams are able to find out what their streangths and weaknesses are. Just showing a sample of what the passing game may look like. Amari Cooper was awesome last year and it looks like he will have an even better year this year. Add kevin Norwwood, Kenny Bell, Christion Jones, Raheem Falkins to your choice of WR's to chosse from and the possibilities are limitless. In order to cover the passing game teams will leave theirselves open for the Running game of Bama which IMO will be even better then last year also. The OL is the only place they will see a small drop off.
Sorry so late with post was unable to get on line for a while there.
Bama does have an easier road to the SEC Championship game this year than they have had over the last couple years. They win the SEC Championship and they are going to the NCG. Once there they will be prepared and will have worked out all the kinks. Coach Saban Given some time, can prepare for a team better than any other coach in College Football IMO. This looks to be better then last years in most areas, with small drop off's in a select few.
Preseason scrimmage: AJ 13-21 267 yards 3 TD's 1 INT. Amari 4-182 3 TD's. Blake Simms one of the back up QB's 4-53 1TD. These are only partial stats for a short period.
I don't have very good internet so yes I do type up comments in word from time to time. That way when the post does not take I don't have to go back and type it all over again. Saves a lot of time.
ment = meant.
Sorry my bad Ment Eddie Lacy. After a while they all start to run together.
Looking more and more like I was right. That's 2 in a row. One more to go.
Well I guess time will tell. I may lose the vote here, but time will tell who wins in the end.
proof I'll get it right here soon. LOL

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