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Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: Week 5 picks..... post here.
1. Falcons* & Browns - Matty Ice is keyed in and Browns are the Browns...
2. Ravens & Broncos* - Ravens have been too inconsistent for me, at least on offense. I think Orton and the short game can move the ball against the Raven's D.
3. Jags* & Bills - lol Bills
4. Lions & Rams* - Bradford is really coming on and Jackson is still a top RB..
5. Texans* & Giants - Is the Giants D-Line that good, or a Chicago O-Line that bad?
6. 49ers & Eagles* - I like what Kolb can do and think he'll be fine with a week of practice..
7. Jets* & Vikings - Jets shutdown defense has a field day with Grand pa pa..
8. Bears* & Carolina - If Cutler plays, Bears win big if not.. they win close. Peppers takes game over either way..
9. Bengals* & Bucs - Bucs are just too young, but they're going places..
10. Packers* & Redskins - Redskins barely beat Philly and Rodgers is just too good..
11. Cowboys & Titans* - I really don't care who wins.. but I'd love to see Roy Williams get crunched.. alot..
12. Chargers & Raiders* - Upset special..
13. Saints & Cardinals- If only the Cards had a decent QB.. still the Saints stumble to a W..
Posted Wednesday October 06, 2010, About: So what do the Bears do now after the NY massacre?
Brown was old, is still old, has no sacks, and got 'caught out of position' with the best of em. The Bears need a DE who can beat 1 on 1's opposite double and triple teams of Peppers. The Wotton era shall begin soon anyway..

Oh sorry did you say something troll? Let me guess.. aliens are controlling the refs and seek to destroy our football culture.

Just stop posting Pee Wee, your posts aren't read as much as skimmed.
Posted Wednesday October 06, 2010, About: So what do the Bears do now after the NY massacre?
Oh joy.. another conspiracy theorist. Yep all pro sports games are rigged and the refs ensure the outcome. *yawn*

As far as letting Brown go, who cares? He has like 5 tackles and zero sacks for the Saints. Zero. Seriously jcc1.. stick to Roswell and coaching pee wee..
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Chief Illiniwek
Of course.. it was just a bunch of **** liberals that got rid of him. I mean lets see.. an Honorable symbol who learned the half time dance from an actual tribe. OR The FSU mascot who rides around on a horse throwing a flaming spear... But I guess there isn't a Illiniwek nation to pay like the Seminoles...
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: The Real Power Ratings Week 4
jcc1 is a moron, I wouldn't take his post as having any merit..
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Vick's injury
Kolb almost won the game.. had Avant been able to hold on to the hail mary..

As far as Vick, karma hurts..
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Titan Star Running Back Chris Johnson Needs To Get Bigger
I really hope A.P. continues running as he does. I know it might shorten his career, but its just a pleasure to watch him play. Too many guys cut out of bounds at their first chance, but Peterson just lowers the shoulder and brings the pain. Best running back in the NFL without question, in my opinion.

As far as Johnson adding size.. it might help, but as +40 said.. just look at what happened to Jones. He seems to have lost some of his burst, with the weight he added in the offseason.
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: So what do the Bears do now after the NY massacre?
I have a feeling Cutler will play, he's a competitor and from what's been said.. it seems to be a "minor" concussion. Manningham of the Giants was a week removed from a concussion when he played against the Bears for instance. Either way, good time to play Carolina. The defense should man handle Clausen and the Panthers don't have much pass rush without Peppers.

Caught a little blurb on the radio on the way home from class too.. Apparently Mark Anderson has been cut and will be replaced by some Charles Grant. Who apparently couldn't make it in the NFL and was also recently cut by a UFL team... Maybe Wotton will see some time..
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: Hey Packer fan...
What bubble? I don't see anyone, or at least anyone not a homer, crowning them as division champs/super bowl contenders/best team in the nfc/etc etc. There is no balloon to "burst" as the Bears have been an underdog and will remain so. Which is fine with me, more so when they show that highlight of Hester lighting up GB special teams.. that and the W of course.

Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Week 4 Mid Week Picks
1. San Francisco @ Atlanta*: Falcons light the 49ers up and Alex Smith is benched at half time..

2. NY Jets* @ Buffalo: Buffalo won't break 150 yards offense..

3. Cincinnati @ Cleveland*: Upset special.. Palmer has done nothing with his weapons and Hillis has another surprise game.

4. Detroit @ Green Bay*: Rodgers 400+ yards passing?..

5. Carolina @ New Orleans*: Brees won't let the home crowd down, I.E. this won't be decided by a field goal.. to say the least..

6. Baltimore @ Pittsburgh*: Baltimore gets exposed and Batch makes just enough magic happen. If Hillis can put 140+ up.. Mendenhall should be drooling..

7. Seattle* @St. Louis: What can I say, a red zone stand against Phillip Rivers? Seahawks should get a road W.

8. Denver* @ Tennessee: If Denver can shut CJ down we'll see Collins part 2..

9. Colts* @ Jacksonville: Jags have fallen apart after beating Denver, that and of course.. Payton Manning..

10. Texans @ Oakland*: Going with the Raiders: Big day for McFadden to step up and run wild.

11. Washington @ Philadelphia*: Washington is in disarray, whether it be the Haynesworth situation or Portis taking a dive.. Vick keeps the gravy train rolling..

12. Arizona @ San Diego*: Chargers at home.. Anderson is just bad.. That and Nate Keading is like 2nd best in field goal percentage..

13. Bears* @ Giants: D.A. finally sees the field and Cutler finds him repeatedly, Bears force Eli into mistakes after the run is stuffed.

14. Pats @ Miami*: The Fins almost beat the Jets.. the Patriots almost lost to the Bills, I think Marshall has a field day against the terrible N.E. secondary..
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Bear Fan Allegedly spits on Packer player after loss to Bears..
Yep, heard there was a rather high number of drunk idiots at the game. All that does is make Bears fans look bad and yourself an idiot.
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Hey BGDUECE....
Shaffer started the game against Mathews, was having a bit of trouble.. So the Bears replaced him with a 7th rounder Webb for a series. Shaffer came back and for the most part.. held his own against Mathews. I believe there were no sacks in the second half? Not to say there wasn't pressure or still problems within the O-Line.

Still no excuse for Cutler to consistently throw off his back foot. Every time he does that.. all you can do is cross your fingers for the DB to drop the pick...
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Should Seneca Wallace start the rest of the way?
Write this down.. Pittsburgh: 34 Baltimore: 10
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: What I took from GB/CHI..
What I learned about the Pack..

-Rodgers is the second best QB in the land and by seasons end.. could be pushing Manning for numero uno.

-Finley is a beast, found the cover-2 wholes all night long and wasn't too shabby in the blocking department.

-GB is playoff bound.. if they clean up penalties.. Some were silly, like the helmet to helmet on Cutler and Collins driving Forte after the play was over. Others were simply a rookie mistake, such as the final pass interference. Either way.. GB can fix them and I see them **** slapping Detroit all over the field.. it won't be pretty.
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: why so many penalties? GB v Bears
Oh really?

Lets see there were the holds and false starts, pretty clear cut. More so when you can see Peppers jersey almost pulled over his head. Maybe you're complaining about the helmet to helmet.. in which case you're a moron. The only questionable call was the final pass interference, but it was pass interference.

Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: PACKERS WILL CRUSH THE BEARS ON MONDAY NIGHT
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: PACKERS WILL CRUSH THE BEARS ON MONDAY NIGHT
Aaron Rodgers is Legit. I would honestly take him second only to Payton Manning.. Oh and Devin Hester.. you are slightly ridiculous..
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Tonights the night! Pack 31 da Bears 13
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: THE WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO 0-4
That's a rather bold statement.. Arizona has taken a step back, thats obvious.. but you can't count out Fitzgerald in any game. Seattle is 2-1 with a strong defensive stand against the Chargers. Even the Rams are improving, McNabb and the Redskins are suspect but still aren't slouches. I'm not counting the 49ers out, but it won't be as easy as you'd think to come back..
Posted Sunday September 26, 2010, About: Horrible officiating in Ravens/Clowns game
En route to the Super Bowl.. but giving up 144 on the ground to Peyton Hillis? I expect more from a Ray Lewis led D..
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Anyone pumped about the Bears this year ?
All those great receivers? Troy Brown, Jermaine Wiggins, David Givens, Daniel Graham, Deion Branch..

Yep he basically had 4 Randy Moss's every super bowl....
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