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Posted Monday April 15, 2013, About: Golf's crazy rules mean Tiger should have been DQed
I think they are much more at fault than Tiger, to be honest. If there was still a question of him being penalised, they should have told him before he signed his card and he could have waited. But the rule is clear and silly and the new rule is just plain silly so...
Posted Monday April 08, 2013, About: Rory's Sunday showing gives hope for a competitive Masters
A coronary of ecstacy, I would think!
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: NFL 12: A painful week on both sides of the border
Way too many. And, as often happens, instead of helping me gain spots in the pool, these risks costs me spots. Lots and lots of them. As in, from 24th to 49th! Ouch. How'd it go for you, LIHI?
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: WWFP 9: Back on the beam
Hey, I picked them at least. No one said I was confident about the pick! Good luck this week...
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: NFL Picks: Seattle, Philly and the Jests really hurt me
But how did you do last week?
Posted Friday October 26, 2012, About: Friday Football Questions: A Giant step for NY?
Wait a minute: aren't you a Dallas fan????
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Picks Week 7: The Bills are killing me
Thanks LIHI: week reference changed. What's the rational for the weighting in your pool? Sounds hard to me...
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: Week 6: Yes, they are the "World's Worst" picks
I think this coming week should be a little bit easier - not much but a little bit. And, by way of update, despite the fact that I went only 8-6 and blew my 10-, 11-, 12- and 13-point picks, I still moved up in the overall pool from 9th to 4th place! Seems everybody else did as poorly as I did!
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: WWFP 6: Bills should deal with Cards, 'Hawks knock off NE
Thanks for the optimistic words of encouragement! :)
Posted Wednesday September 19, 2012, About: World's Worst Football Picks: Week 3
Keep at it, LIHI! It seems I'm on my way down to 8-8 and even lower. I just want to win that pool ONE TIME! That's all I ask. Hence, the bold picks.
Posted Thursday September 06, 2012, About: I wasn't kidding: World's Worst...
At least we can't blame it on the refs!
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: World's Worst Football Picks: Week 1
Me too. I hope I'm wrong about the Raiders. I've read your preseason coverage with interest but I'm not sure what to make of this edition of the silver and black. If I'm going to be wrong about any game this week, I hope it's this one!
Posted Wednesday August 29, 2012, About: US Open will show Serena's the true GOAT
As I said, the stats don't support the argument, I know. It's just that ability that Serena has to decide, "Today, I will be dominant" that makes the difference. You get the feeling that, if she had wanted to and not found other distractions in her life, Serena could have won as many majors as the best of them. More. I can't think of another athlete who can simply decide to be the best whenever she feels like it.
Posted Monday June 04, 2012, About: How will Phil deal with Tiger's roars?
Great point on the flop shot. Nothing like beating Lefty at his own game. We may not all like him but we have to admit: Tiger's got style.
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Madrid highlights Federer's purity
It's funny. I'm not sure if I expressed it very well but I just feel that a truly great player can elevate his or her game no matter the surface. Nadal appears to need certain conditions to be successful (though, true, he has improved vastly on some of surfaces upon which he used to struggle) while Roger handles wind, rain, slippery blue clay and all kinds of other challenges almost without batting an eyelash. I wonder if the slippery clay has a greater impact on Nadal because he's so physical in his play and he needs a firm, non-slip foundation to play his way. Federer, meanwhile, seems almost to float across the court:he doesn't require solid footing for his power and accuracy... See? I'm still struggling to say it!
Posted Thursday April 05, 2012, About: Picking the Masters is impossible... but I'll go with Rose
I had considered picking Donald as well. Not sure why but his name stuck out for me too. Maybe because he just never seems to get talked about when the top golfers are discussed so he has something to prove. We'll find out, starting today.
Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: NFL Combine gets way too much attention
You've got a point, LIHI. Unknown talent can get noticed through the combine. But I worry about the growing dependence on stats rather than on on-field performance. Some of my favourite players (Moon, Flutie, Welker, London Fletcher) were guys who, for whatever reason (to do with some stat or personal characteristic), were mostly passed over.
Posted Tuesday February 21, 2012, About: SI is killing Fannation
Thanks Steven. I've noticed the posting problems with Chrome too. It also happens (or at least used to happen) when you use a Mac to post on the site. Crazy. So now I read Fannation using Chrome and post using IE too.
Posted Tuesday February 21, 2012, About: SI is killing Fannation
Tremendous help with the adblock plugin. I will try that. I might have the latest equipment but I sure don't have the latest technical knowledge! thanks for the tip!
Posted Friday January 27, 2012, About: I really thought Federer was ready to go on a roll
Stay tuned, LoveItHateIt. Murray and Djoko are currently tied 2-2 in sets so I'm not sure we'll see Nadal-Djoko in the final. Who are you picking? What about in the women's final? I'm still considering and plan to write my picks later today.
Posted Monday December 19, 2011, About: NFL Week 15: What did we learn?
Or shave his contract and restructure his beard!

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