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Posted Monday June 17, 2013, About: Rays' heralded prospect will play ... lots
As a Royals fan (heckles welcome), I hated to see them trade Myers. Such a great talent. Unfortunately they desperately needed pitching and the trade was a sensibile one. I think that Myers will be a perennial All-Star canidate eventually.
Posted Thursday May 30, 2013, About: Ice thinning under Yost
The key to their current slide is the lack of hitting and poor game mangement by Yost. Interestingly enough, the slide coincides with the Dyson injury. Just coincedence? Probably. This team will go no where unless Hosmer & Moustakas don't produce some offense. Starting pitching has been decent but it's hard to win any games when you don't score any runs. Middle relief has gotten in trouble a couple of times but that happens. You adjust and fight back. The bats are cold and they continue to get colder. So cold that they just named George Brett the interim Hitting Coach today. I understand that you sometimes have to work a player through a slump but with the game on the line in the top of the 9th, two outs and two players in scoring position for the potential win, you don't put Mike Moustakas (batting .187) in the batter's box when his back up is hitting (Miguel Tejada) is batting .350. C'mon Yost! He leaves in relief pitchers way too long when it is obvious to the layman baseball fan that they are struggling. When they were winning earlier in the year, Yost was taking some calculated risks. He knows that he has to generate runs as the team doesn't have overwhelming power but he has gone extremely conservative and has given up on playing small ball in this last month. He just has not made the proper adjustments. I am a firm believer that the players on the field win/lose the games but when the game management is this poor, it is painfully obvious that Yost either doesn't have his heart in it or is incompetent. I don't believe that he is incompetent. I am actually starting to agree with the conspiracy theorist that Yost is actually trying to get fired from the position.
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Bowe predicts monster season
Somebody needs to tell D-Bo that you have to actually catch the ball for it to be considered a reception. Having the ball simply hit you in the hands and you drop it counts as a different stat. Charles always has a chance at the rushing title. Look at his stats even with the horrible O-line he has had in the past. The O-line should be slightly upgraded this year. Great, now I've got the tune "Somewhere of Dwayne Bowe" going through my head. Gonna be a long day.
Posted Thursday July 12, 2012, About: Greinke back in Kansas City?
Just another reason why CBS Sports is sub-par as this info is exactly opposite of the truth. Are the Royals taking the politically correct by saying things like, "We'll definately take a look at him" or "We haven't ruled out the idea of bringing him back?" Of course they are saying things like that. My source within the Royals organization said that they won't consider him at all. Not b/c of his talent on the field but because of the amount of money that he will demand and b/c of his attitude in the clubhouse. Doesn't act like a diva neccisarily but more like an 11 year-old. But the kid has talent streaming from his pores! I hope he gets huge money and gets his WS ring!
Posted Wednesday July 11, 2012, About: Cano: Fans yelled at my family, too
Yeah, you're right....none of those could ever happen again in this era of intellect and acumen. Socialism (aka gov't run healthcare) is an early form of communism. 'Communism Light' if you will. Oh, I forgot that Marxism, communism and tyranny are occurring throughout various regions of the world as we live and breathe. Please reference: North Korea, Nigeria and China. Oh a lighter note, it was good to see Charlie Sheen at the ASG last night. Good to know that he was able to get out of the house. I wonder what he did with that ankle bracelet?
Posted Wednesday June 27, 2012, About: Brewers 'definitely' moving Greinke if ...
'bout time the Royals got the better end of a trade. Been since John Schuerholz days since that's happened. The Royals basically raided the Brewers of any major talent that was within their organization (Escobar, Cain, etc) in that trade. Zack will never be back in Royals' blue according to Dayton Moore. And the Royals are in desperate need of a high caliber pitcher such as Greinke for their 2012 playoff run (yep, you heard it here first). Don't forget that Zack's dad comes with him and he's a load all by himself. My guess is that Zack (with agent advice such as: "If you wanna get paid kid...") will start singing a different tune about being able to handle the media pressure in the larger markets. If you've never heard him give a post game interview, it's like talking to a 14 year old boy....the subject somehow always reverts back to his favorite X-Box games. That'll go over like a turd in a punch bowl back in Boston or NYC.
Posted Tuesday April 24, 2012, About: Royals in dangerous territory: Irrelevance
Their Achilles heals are situational hitting and the ENTIRE pitching staff. They have good offensive talent with 4 legitimate hitters who could hit 20-25 HR's and knock in 100 RBI's earch (Gordon, Moustakas, Butler & Hosmer) but is it possible that an entire offense could go into a slump at the exact same time? We knew their starting pitching was going to be bad but the middle relief and closers are making the starters look decent. So far our best closer is our CF Mitch Maier. I was at that game and it just so happened to be Jackie Robinson Day and all the players were wearing the #42 jersey in honor of Jackie. I couldn't figure out who they brought in for the 9th and after a double take I saw that it was Maier. He didn't throw a single pitch over 75 mph, didn't throw off-spead, no curves....just straight balls at 75 mph and no one from Cleveland got a hit. That was a hoot!
Posted Tuesday April 24, 2012, About: Royals in dangerous territory: Irrelevance
Actually, Billy Butler is the normal clean-up man. Yost just tried to shake things up a bit yesterday by putting Hosmer as clean-up. That, and the fact that Billy can't hit anything except double plays of late.
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: No. 2 pick is on the block
Smart move by the Rams. They have a lot of holes to fill. Has Cleveland given up on Colt McCoy already?
Posted Thursday February 23, 2012, About: Pujols objects to Angels marketing push
As a fellow Maple Woods Community College Monarch, I applaud Pujols on not disrespecting Musial???s legacy. Maybe he should tell the Angels to "lamer mi huevos."
Posted Tuesday February 21, 2012, About: Roethlisberger discouraged Haley hasn't called
Haley didn't bring in anyone....Scott Pioli (GM) did. Haley had little, if any, input into personnel in KC. KC suffered some horrific injuries to top tier starters (Jamal Charles, Moaki, Eric Berry, etc...) and they shouldn't have been in contention for the division title but remember, the AFC West was very weak in 2011 and KC didn't catch the division, the division came back to them. Haley did this same ignorant "I'm not gonna talk to you" crap in his first season as Head Coach in KC with Brian Waters. Waters did not get a call and being a rational, intelligent and reasonable man he thought, "the phone works both ways" and called Haley's office. Through his assistant, Haley refused to speak with Waters (most likely a first ballot HOF'er, Walter Payton Man of the Year, union labor rep and bonafide team leader) prior to minicamp so Waters called Pioli. Due to the fact that Pioli didn't want to micro-manage Haley, he let Waters know that he would have to hash it out with Haley directly. Waters, feeling disrespected (and probably rightfully so) by both Haley and then Pioli, didn't give the Chiefs a look when he hit free agency at the end of 2010. Even though he is in the twilight of his career Waters ended up being the starting right guard in SB 46 for the Patriots. And just all could have been avoided with Haley accepting a simple 15 minute phone call. You would think that Haley would learn from past experience. Goes to prove that Haley's ego is larger than Mark Cuban's bank account. I hope Haley succeeds in PA but it seems to be dejavu all over again.
Posted Tuesday February 14, 2012, About: Power struggle unfolding in Pittsburgh
Ben is in no way a "system QB." Niether are Brady, Flacco, Eli, Peyton, Brees. As a matter of fact they are the antithesis of a "system QB." QB's like Brady, Flacco, Rodgers, Manning(s), Brees are very cerebral and are able to know what is going to happen before it happens by their ability to read defenses and know tendencies of the defensive players. I have no doubt that Big Ben is able to decypher what defensive scheme the other team is running on every play but there is a disconnect between recognizing what the defense is on a particular play vs. the anticipation and tendencies. The reason that Ben is holding the ball for so long in the pocket and taking so many hits because he is not able to anticipate how to attack before the ball is snapped. A lot of plays he's still trying to process the information as it unfolds in front of him. Big Ben has had great route runners combined with some of the fastest receivers in the NFL on the field at the same time and half the time is still running around for his life even with that very talented offensive line. No, he is not a "system QB" but when Charlie Batch can come in and go 4-0, it says something about how the team is able to win even though Big Ben isn't in the line up. The Steeler organization is a top tier organization who have built a complete team, top-to-bottom, and it's nothing again Ben but he just doesn't play as big of a role on the team as some QB's do for their team (i.e. Brady, Peyton, Brees).
Posted Tuesday February 14, 2012, About: Power struggle unfolding in Pittsburgh
Yes, Todd Haley will yell at Big Ben. Todd Haley will berate Big Ben. But....Todd Haley will not get better play out of Big Ben. Haley was extremely successful in Arizona but that is largely in part to riding horses named Warner, Boldin and Fitzgerald. Most of their success was in spite of Haley's leadership. Not saying that Haley doesn't deserve some of the credit for what happened in Arizona, just saying that just about halfway talented OC could have been successful (i.e. Mike Martz) when Warner is at the helm. The Haley Project with KC was a joke and embarassing long before his paranoid statement thinking that Mgt. had Arrowhead Stadium bugged in order for them to listen in to his conversations. Really Todd? He might be a very talented coordinator someday but he keeps tripping over his ego on the way up the ladder. Unfortunately for Steeler Nation, I don't believe that their offense will be nearly as good under Haley as it was under Arians even though they are loaded to the hilt with talent. He'll have that locker room divided by the end of training camp.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Irsay snipes back: Manning not cleared by Colts
So you're saying if Manning had played they wouldn't have fared much better? I am not much of a stat guy because stats often times are misleading. Don???t get me wrong, stats are fun but they don???t tell the whole story. For instance, you show their deteriorating defensive stats from 2007-2011. And exactly what place did they Colts finish in their division in those years? I think that your stats go on to show exactly how impressive Manning's contribution to the team truly is and how his play counterbalanced other team deficiencies (i.e. drafting, free agency). There were people who said that Manning deserved to be in the MVP race due to the falloff from being a perennial SB contender to a 1st draft pick contender. I believe that you need to play to be considered in the MVP race but their point is valid.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Irsay snipes back: Manning not cleared by Colts
Irsay is falling right into the media's hands. Hook. Line. Sinker. Nothing sucks worse than a loudmouth owner (i.e. JJ, Al Davis or Steinbrenner). If we (sportfans) wanted needless drama, we would watch Desperate Housewives.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Sources fear Manning's career is over
For some reason that doesn't surprise me.
Posted Tuesday January 31, 2012, About: Sources fear Manning's career is over
Anyone else seem to think that this information was "leaked" from the confines of Lucas Oil Stadium? Something to soften the blow to the locals. If his playing days are done you won't see him on the sidelines as a coach or in the pressbox as a'll only see him in one of those pregame "Greatest 100 Players of All Time" introductions to where the bring the top 100 onto the field and possibly a 60 Minutes interview. Sort of like what Archie does these days. Otherwise he'll probably spend the rest of his life raising his family and hanging out with Dad, Cooper and the rest of the family while rooting for Eli & the NJG. I never met the man but I don't think that he is petty enough that his sole reason to come back would be to compete against Eli's SB ring(s). I don't think that they are nearly as competitive as the media has made them out to be b/c I don't believe that Archie and Olivia raised the boys that way. Blood's thicker than water in the Manning household. He is one of the best QB's of all time (top 5 in my opinion) and he knows it. He has nothing to prove to anyone else other than himself and I'm sure that he's satisfied with his body of work. BTW...Otto Graham being the #1 QB of all-time in my opinion (10 years in the NFL, 10 NFL Championship Games [Won 7 of them]). We won't know how he's healing until it comes time to put-up or shut-up (physical by new team). The rest of this media attention is white noise to generate hits on the website for advertising revenue (yes, I'm guilty too) until then.
Posted Thursday December 15, 2011, About: Bradford suffers setback
First, the Rams need to fire McDaniels. He's obviously an ineffective OC. Secondly, the Rams need to sit Bradford. You can't get any useful experience throwing to moving targets or become a better decision maker when you are throwing off you back foot alone. Remember, his college injuries were with his knees, not ankles. Take two aspirin and call me next off-season workout.

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