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Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Bruins can't count on shut-down D
He punched Moen from the Habs so hard that Moen had to be helped off the ice by teammates.
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: Boston's double trophy candidate
Ahhh...a Leaf fan venting...

Shouldn't you have a brown paper bag over your avatar?
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Petition aims to block Vick from camp
Really? Someone has gone through and reported every comment with the word "dog" in it?

All I said in my comment was that I don't have a dog in this race. That is offensive?

I see someone with a dog for an avatar...quick someone lodge a complaint!
Posted Monday February 24, 2014, About: Boston's future No. 1 (or a trade chip)
Malcolm Subban won't be traded any time soon. For one thing, the Bruins don't need to, and for another...he'll be worth more in a couple of years, if Rask has not declined by that time.

One thing Subban has going for him is that he's not a loud-mouth **** like his brother.
Posted Monday February 03, 2014, About: Habs seething over officiating
Don't lose your panties over it the referees didn't grossly favor the Habs just once in like 40 years...
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: Josh Thomson contemplating retirement
Thomson won that fight. I really couldn't see how they could give more than two rounds to Henderson.

Mind you...I've yet to see Henderson legitimately win a fight. He shouldn't have won either fight against Frankie Edgar, either. I've never been impressed with Henderson whatsoever.
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: Miami's Wallace: I should have had 15 or 20 more TDs
Does anyone still wonder why the Steelers didn't want him anymore?
Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: Tortorella unloads on 'gimmick' shootout
Tortellini is an idiot...and the Canucks deserve him.
Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: Noel on thin ice
Was he the First Noel?
Posted Thursday November 21, 2013, About: Big Ben open to hometown discount
A rather pathetic attempt at humor
Posted Wednesday October 30, 2013, About: Leafs prepared to give Phaneuf $50M?
A lot of money for a pylon...
Posted Thursday October 24, 2013, About: Suspension likely for Sabres' Scott
News flash....Seguin doesn't play for the Bruins. Know much about hockey?
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Tomlin takes away 'silly' celebration, too
My nomination for moronic comment of the day.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Tomlin takes away 'silly' celebration, too
He did go right after Brown, as Brown came off the field after going out of bounds short of 1st down and celebrating on the field. I was hoping he'd get on him for that.
Posted Tuesday October 15, 2013, About: Rousimar Palhares forfeits bonus for unsportsmanlike conduct
That's the thing I hated about Royce Gracie...every opponent he submitted, the referee had to physically force him to let go.
I agree...there's no need for this BS.
Posted Tuesday October 15, 2013, About: Ivory takes a shot at Jets OC
He didn't do anything when he had a chance. He's only averaging 3.4 Y/C so far...maybe he should shut up.

It doesn't take a genius of an OC to know you throw on the Steelers, which is their weakness these days.

It's always the players that under-perform that cry the loudest. If he improved at all as a receiver and blocker, maybe he would be on the field more. One problem is...when Ivory's on the field and it's not an option play, it's a run play.
Posted Monday October 07, 2013, About: Chuck Liddell wants GSP to be more exciting
Totally agree.
The UFC has to be the only professional sports franchise where a champion gets criticized for winning.
It's ridiculous...GSP absolutely dominates when he wrestles, so he should change his tactics because nobody can compete? So he's supposed to give the other guy a chance? Just for entertainment? It's asisnine...
The problem is not GSP, the problem is that the welterweight class is not very good right now.

We'll see how the fight with Hendricks goes, who is supposed to be a great wrestler...but as always, I'm sure GSP will have the perfect plan.
Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: Jon Jones feels he beat Alexander Gustafsson decisively
Maybe Jones should just shut up...his whining just shows even he knows he lost that fight.

I still can't see how anybody gave him one of the first three rounds.

Read between the lines, though...he has no intention of fighting Gustafsson again...but in the UFC, unlike boxing, fighters have no choice.
Posted Monday September 23, 2013, About: Jones vs. Gustafsson was nearly stopped in final round
I could't see how they could've possibly given Jones any of the first three rounds, unless they count intentional eye pokes. Even if you want to give Jones the first round citing stats, Gustafsson's stats in the 4th overshadowed Jones'.
The result was a joke...Jones clearly lost the fight and had to be pretty much carried away from the cage, he was so badly beaten up.
Posted Monday September 23, 2013, About: Steelers struggles on ... Big Ben
Haley needs to be fired ASAP. There's no sense to the play calling at any point of the game.
Everything is predictable, the calling and the plays.
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Longest HR of the season travels nearly 500 feet
Lighten up ****
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