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Posted Monday March 17, 2014, About: Yes, the Bobcats are for real
McRoberts is a perfect fit for this team. Look at the box score after the game and he'll have 3-5 assists and 5-7 rebounds with 1-2 Made 3s. He plays decent defense and lets the game come to him.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: NBA's best offseason pickup
Dwight was the best pick-up? Overpaid and overhyped. The best pick-up was Iggy going to Golden State.
Posted Tuesday September 27, 2011, About: This may be the beginning of the end for Gates
Brady IS more accurate than Romo, but do you REALLY think Gronkowski/Welker/Ocho/Hernandez/Branch are better than Bryant/Austin/Witten? I don't know...
Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Heat interested in Nene
TO the Miami Fan who said Bosh is better than Nene. Wake up. Nene is putting up All-star type numbers playing OUT of position. He's a PF playing Center. Denver will keep Nene and get rid of Kenyon Martin (unless Martin signs a home-town discounted contract). Assuming Martin is gone, Nene will move back to his natural PF position and be an ABSOLUTE BEAST. He'll average 20-10 and shoot over 50%...mark my words. To fill the Center position, Denver needs a serviceable center...not a superstar...just a guy who wants to play defense and grab boards.I don't think Dalembert will come to Denver, but he'd be a nice addition. Maybe get a guy like Jason Thompson from the Kings who can fill up the middle.
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: K-Mart: 'Melo's a great player, but ...
Anybody here remember when the Pistons won WITHOUT a "STAR"? They won because of great chemistry and unbelievable team defense. They didn't have any player the caliber of Amare or Melo. Yeah...Rip was certainly an above average player as was Chauncey, but would you pick either of them, at the time, to start a team with?

My point is this...the Nuggets are closer to winning a title than the Knicks are. The Knicks have two STAR players that are selfish on offense and at best, average on defense (Amare is a bit above average and Melo below average). Neither player makes anybody else better. Go ahead...bring in another won't help. Melo will NEVER be part of a CHAMPIONSHIP team...NEVER. Melo is Glenn Robinson reincarnated. A great scorer (maybe the best in the game) but brings nothing else to the defense...nothing. I'm not a Kobe fan, but no one can dispute that on nights when his shot is off, he'll do all the other little things to help his team win. He'll be the distributer and he always brings a defensive tenacity to the court. When Melo's shot is off, the Knicks would be better served with me playing SF.

The Nuggets, however, have plenty of cap space now to get a complimentary player or two. If I'm the GM, my plan would be this. I'd love to have K-Mart back but at a considerable discount to the monster deal he's currently playing under. If we can't sign him, no worries. Get a serviceable Center like Samuel Dalembert...a unselfish guy who rebounds and plays defense. Move Nene back to the his normal position of PF...the guy will dominate at that position. I'm fine with Chandler at SF. He brings solid defense and doesn't demand the ball. Affalo is just coming into his own. I'm MORE than happy with his offense as defense is the reason he's on the court. Felton and point guard duo in all the NBA right now. And a guy that I have despised since he came to the team is starting to make me change my opinion of him...JR Smith. Since Melo left, this guy has completely changed his approach and it shows in the numbers. And Galinari...I don't know if he'll be the great player everyone sees in him, but he certainly has the tools and I think could be a terrific 6th or 7th man.

So Knicks fans...go ahead and keep living your "dream" cause it's all you have. With Amare and Melo, you'll never be anymore than what you are right now. Go ahead...bring in a stud PG. It won't matter. Once the ball gets to either Melo or Amare, that's where it will stop.
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Harris relationship soured by trade talks
Everyone keeps saying that if Melo leaves at the end of the season, the Nuggets will have let him go without getting anything in return. My question is this...what type of Cap Space will the Nuggets have after Carmelo leaves? Isn't K-Mart's contract nearly up? Couldn't Denver take the money they were going to pay Melo and possibly add a piece or two to the puzzle? I'd like to see them get Melo, but I don't want them to simply get players to fit into uniforms.

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