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Posted Friday November 23, 2012, About: Bears bench former first-rounder
Another one of Jerry Angelo's 1st round draft busts......and Emery's first rounder is looking average as well......same old Bears.
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: Bears eye game-breaker, V-Jax on radar
They have a good quarterback to throw to him. If Cutler had a DECENT line unlike the disaster they have now and a couple of receivers and a decent tight end he'd put up the numbers. Heck, when he plays they win.....with the crap O-line, and no receivers, and no tightends. Just think if he any kind of talent to protect him and for him to throw the ball to what he would do. He is a good quarterback inspite of the lack of talent and coaching.
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: No. 2 pick is on the block
I doubt it; the new GM is going to want to make a splash with this draft unlike the past Bears' GM who had a bad draft history...especially in the first round. If anything they'll stand pat where they are.
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: No. 2 pick is on the block
I wish the Bears would trade up and draft the left tackle out of USC or Blackmon from Oklahoma St.
Posted Thursday February 23, 2012, About: Pack ready to shop Flynn?
Even I would look good throwing to the Packers's he gonna do without all that talent to chuck the ball to and that line to block for him? I would not give up too much.
Posted Sunday January 16, 2011, About: New public enemy No. 1 for Cubs fans
Who really cares what Theriot says; he sucked and was very overrated. He was average in the field, he was a horrible baserunner, and he couldn't get a walk if his life depended on it. The Cards fan will hate this guy, especially after he hits a homerun and thinks he's Babe Ruth or when he gets thrown out once a game on the base paths. He's a joke and the Cubs are a better team without him.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: Kardashian dating another NFL star
She gets passed around like a bottle of cheap whiskey at a frat party. Why is it her and her sister have to be on the podium during the trophy ceremonies when their boyfriends/husbands win chamionships? Those women have NOTHING to do with their men winning championships; they should NOT be allowed near the podium. If I were the teammates of those guys I would not stand for it. Are they that PW? Grow a pair and tell the girls with NO talent except for their racks to sit with the other wifes/girlfriends. What a joke...

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