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Posted Saturday January 25, 2014, About: Jerry Jones' QB Draft Philosophy
And this year Romo counts 21 mil against the salary cap.
Posted Thursday January 16, 2014, About: Cowboys Cap Issues
Cap numbers for 2014:
Tony Romo-21.7
DeMarcus Ware-16
Miles Austin-8.2
Jason Witten-8.4
Brandon Carr-12.2
Sean Lee-7.5
Orlando Scandrick-5.6
Total 79.6
Posted Monday January 13, 2014, About: Cowboys Cap Issues
This is the biggest obstacle for the Cowboys. JJ pays too much for his players. 8 and 8 wouldn't hurt as much if the Cowboys were 30 to 50 million under the salary cap. The highest paid 8-8 team.
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Pictures
Exactly!!! Run the horse to the ground! Even Green Bay stuck with Lacy when they were behind. The Cowboys would have had more touchdowns instead of field goals if they would have run the ball more in the red zone or penetrations.
Carrot head did the same thing against the Bear. Running the ball helps the Cowboys defense by keeping them off the field and making the game shorter.
Posted Tuesday December 10, 2013, About: if you were the owner who would be your quarterback
Then Tannehill only has upside to him.
Posted Tuesday December 10, 2013, About: Jeremiah Ratliff sightings?
Ratliff didn't have a bad night against the Cowboys with 3 tackles and 1 sack, but he is motivated to play since he is playing for a contract. He will revert back to his old self of faking injuries once he gets his money.
Posted Monday December 09, 2013, About: Russell Wilson the best QB of the 2012 draft class
Too early to tell. Last year it was Kapernick, Luck, and RGIII leading the charge, but there are other quarterbacks who are playing will and leading their teams to victory. The question of who is the best quarterback will alternate because there will be different quarterbacks playing at a higher level during different stages of their careers. In addition, injuries and surrounding casts will be major factors of who is best quarterback of 2012.
Posted Monday December 09, 2013, About: are the saints overrated
They are not overrated, but they are one of 2 teams that benefit from home field and still compete on the road with the exception of the Seahawks game.
Posted Monday December 09, 2013, About: if you were the owner who would be your quarterback
There are a lot of great or elite quarterbacks. Brady, Mannings, Wilson, and Luck, but Tannenhill is doing a great job with not a lot of talent around him and with the controversy that has hit them over the last 5 weeks.
Posted Monday December 09, 2013, About: 64 yard field goal by Denver kicker on 12/08
I believe it can be blocked at the goal post.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Jay Ratliff
I believe the last 2 years that Ratliff was voted to the Pro-bowl was based on reputation and not on performance.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Jay Ratliff
Ratliff bit the hands that feeds him. Who in his right mind would get his owner's face who is overpaying him to begin with.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Jay Ratliff
I believe this happened last year when Ratliff was injured and JJ told him that the team needed him and that is when Ratliff got in his face. Ratliff and Austin since they got their contracts have been getting phantom multiple pull muscles, lacerations, and contusions. Noticed how Austin played sparingly a week after he so-called pulled his hamstring after Ratliff was released. I'm surprised Doug Free hasn't joined them in ripping off JJ and I have the feeling that Austin will be next.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: NFC East Recap: Where does everybody stand?
The NFC "Beast" has become the NFC "Feast".
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Fire Garrett and Callahan
I'm tired of the learning experiences that this team has week after week. One would think this guys would learn not to repeat the same mistakes, but if there is no discipline then they will never learn. I think this comes from JJ.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Petersons TD was illegal, refs tried to give the Vikings the game
It's illegal, but over the years the refs have been not been calling it. AP scored because the tackler let him go more than anything else. He had AP off his feet in what appeared was going to be a great form tackle, but he let him go for some reason which was followed by AP getting into the end zone.
Posted Monday October 07, 2013, About: The 'NEW' Dallas Defense
Hopefully the defense gets better, but can't get too critical at this juncture because they have played against Alex Smith, the Mannings, and Phillip Rivers which are qbs who light it up at any given Sunday.
Posted Monday October 07, 2013, About: The 'NEW' Dallas Defense
I hated that series, especially after Murray was the one who carried the ball to the 2 yard line. I was hoping to see Murray get 3 straight handoffs to get the touchdown instead 3 straight poor plays. I stopped watching the game after Manning ran in for a touchdown on a bootleg.

I disliked this game because I knew the Cowboys would play up to the Broncos and either pull off the upset of come close to looking like "world beaters" and fall flat the next game against the Redskins. That's why I believe that the 2 previous losses against the Chiefs and Chargers will hurt because they could have been 3-1 for the first 1/4 of the season.
Posted Tuesday September 24, 2013, About: Demarco Murray
And microfractures are not guaranteed to work because those are the last hope before knee replacement.

Austin needs get his legs stronger and learn how to stretch.
Posted Monday September 23, 2013, About: Demarco Murray
I also think it's time to demote Jay Ratliff and Miles Austin because both can't stay healthy.
Posted Monday September 16, 2013, About: Cowboys-Chiegs
No disrespect intended with the Chiefs' misspelling.
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