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Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Penn State, Bill O'Brien may ask NCAA to reduce sanctions
We Are...Ped State. Touched.
Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Penn State, Bill O'Brien may ask NCAA to reduce sanctions
Don't these people understand that they are still playing football on Saturdays? Numerous victims have been physically and emotionally scarred for life and all these people care about is idolizing a dead enabler and going to a bowl game.
Posted Saturday July 06, 2013, About: Bruins really acquire Jarome Iginla this time
Now all those classy B's fans will be able to boo Iggy during every home game.
Posted Wednesday July 03, 2013, About: Big Ben openly chasing Bradshaw
Kind of ironic that a Giants fan would make disparaging remarks about another teams player and sexual assault given LT's appetite for cocaine and underage hookers.

As for SB wins, Ben maybe gets one more I would bet. Not two or three.
Posted Friday June 28, 2013, About: Ohio State on Shell's new wish list
It's not. A couple of his smokin' buddies ( Davis twins) from Pitt transferred there this year after being shown the door at Pitt. They were all Fraud Graham recruits before he bolted for ASU.
Posted Monday June 24, 2013, About: Former 5-star RB Shell not returning to Pitt
Not only is Shell rumored to be lazy when it comes to football prep (training,practice), it was also rumored that he was not the most popular fellow to his teammates....plus he has a 10 cent head. The coaching staff gave him lots of rope before he walked off the team during spring practice...no way they could welcome him back now.
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Bill O'Brien endures Penn State's unique challenges
What was done to a bunch of innocent kids is what was unfair. They will live with that damage the rest of their lives. They are still playing football on Saturdays in happy valley. WTF is unfair about that?
Posted Friday June 14, 2013, About: Wallace turned down $76M from Vikings
Wallace will certainly help the Fins...but after watching him for four years in the Burgh...the guy just isn't worth that much jack.
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Source: Campbell suffered broken leg
Time to break up the old gang. Give the Caps their choice of which two ( Letang, Fleury, Malkin ) for Ovi. Everybody gets a fresh start and Sid gets a winger that can bury 60 for him.
Posted Monday May 27, 2013, About: Round 3 dredges up Chiarelli's feelings on Iginla
How dense are you. If Iggy didn't want to go to Boston, they wouldn,t have been on his list. He was told that the team had two deals worked out, one with Boston, the other Pittsburgh...did he have a preference where he would go. Iginla did nothing but praise the Bruin organization and fans after he chose the Pens and simply said he felt that was his best cup possibility. He praise them again after the two teams played and Horton was dumb enough to engage Iginla over it.

If Feaster gave Chiarelli the impression it was a done deal, that is on him. If the Bruins and fans are so sore over this then beat the Pens and deny Iggy his cup chance...otherwise they should quit crying about it.
Yeah right. What a phony post. If the circumstances were reversed and Iggy spurned the Pens and chose to go to the B's because he felt that was his best chance at a cup....you would be burping out about how Iginla simply excersized his right under his contract to choose where he wanted to go.

Iginla praised the Bruins and the city of Boston for wanting him and responded with class and respect towards the B's fans that chose to boo a classy future hall of famer.

The only thing bush league is you.
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Bengals sign former Steelers LB James Harrison
Didn't call him washed up that I recall.

Jason Worillds will be replacing Harrison in the Steeler defense. He was the backup and managed five sacks in a limited role....that position in the Steelers d is designed for the opportunity to get to the QB.

When you start having "down years" as you called it....and declining production and you are in your mid thirties...can being washed up be far behind?
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Bengals sign former Steelers LB James Harrison
This would be a nice signing five years ago....not much today.
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Franco Harris hosts pro-Paterno spring game event
Being a Steeler fan....I was used to watching Franco run out of bounds when he had no business doing so. Same here.
Posted Thursday March 28, 2013, About: Bruins believed they had acquired Jarome Iginla
I am an old man now (54)...but would have had no trouble droppin' em with him 20 years ago.
Posted Thursday March 28, 2013, About: Bruins believed they had acquired Jarome Iginla
Lucic picking a fight with old men and little boys that don't fight back.....sounds about right.
Posted Monday March 25, 2013, About: Why the Bruins won't be turning to Morrow
Pens aquire Doug Murray from Sharks today for draft picks.
Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Longhorns kicking battle heating up
"Jordan won the job in 2012 as a true freshman after Fera, the transfer from Penn State, was hampered by a groin injury before the season."

Please don't mention "Penn state" and "groin" in the same sentence. Nitters still believe that the only ones "suffering" from the Sandusky scandal are the fans and the team.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: Boise State tried to pressure Big East
If you can't even bully the smallest kid on the block.....well
Posted Saturday February 16, 2013, About: Report: Rashard Mendenhall made peace with Mike Tomlin
I agree..but they better have a reliable replacement plan in place if they do. Dwyer and Redman are not NFL #1 halfbacks. given the emphasis Haley plans on giving the running game, they need a horse that can tote the rock 20+ times a game....every game.
Posted Monday February 11, 2013, About: Penn State working on game in Ireland
Could it be true? The Nits will venture beyond Beaver Stadium to play one of their pastries.
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