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Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Lacob's silence speaks volumes
Mark Jackson has turned Golden State around from perennial lottery team to a respectable playoff team with a legit shot at making it past the first rd. Golden State can now attract free agents and they've won 50 games in a season.
If you look back, even Don Nelson's teams were never this successful and were mostly just novelty teams who were exciting but everyone knew they weren't going anywhere.

This Warriors team is legit and with a bit more time, they can easily become a top 2-3 team in the West. Removing the head coach who has done well makes no sense.
Posted Saturday May 11, 2013, About: Brandon Roy's career may be over
And so many people are still pushing for Derrick Rose to come back even though he feels he isn't ready. I'm sure the Blazers' team doctor also gave him the "go ahead".
Posted Sunday April 28, 2013, About: Mike D'Antoni hates, but understands 'We want Phil' chants
He was just a bad hire.
Posted Thursday April 11, 2013, About: Tribute video brings Redick to tears
I think he was very active in the community.
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: Jay-Z paving way to become an agent
I think a number of agents out there are quite nervous about this. Jay Z represents a new kind of model of bringing players both popularity but potentially a lot of money. I can see him bringing in a reasonable amount of athletes in all major sports.
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Teams taking Russell's comeback seriously
Yet Tebow will either be playing in Canada or the Arena League. Crazy, crazy football minds.
Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Is Ricky Rubio a better passer than Pistol Pete?
Pistol Pete was great but I don't think anyone can categorically say that no one else will ever be as good as him. When Dr j was at the top, who foresaw Jordan? When Jordan was at the top, who foresaw Kobe? When Kobe was at the top, who foresaw LeBron? One day, there probably be a player better than LeBron so the reality is you simply can't say never.
Posted Saturday February 02, 2013, About: Bob Knight: Fab Five 'never won anything'
As noted above, they started 5 freshmen and went to the NCAA Championship and then did the same thing the next season. They lost both times but how many teams can say they went to back to back Finals? Did Knight even make it to the Final 4 after the 80's?
Posted Sunday January 20, 2013, About: Bobcats "aggressively" pursuing Rudy Gay
Rudy Gay is good but not at the expense of their two best young players. At the most, he'll bring them a few wins but he's definitely not a franchise player nor superstar. If they are willing to part with Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist then they should be looking for a star or potential franchise player on a lowly team such as Love or DeMarcus Cousins.
Posted Wednesday January 16, 2013, About: Eagles ready to hire Gus?
I think they still feel that have a shot at Chip Kelly from Oregon
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Steve Nash out indefinitely with leg fracture
A 38 yr old player got injured, how surprising.
Posted Saturday August 11, 2012, About: Agent: Bynum's excited to play in Philly
Hawes, Kwame Brown, Lavoy Allen or Thad Young. The Sixers actually have too many PF's. None of them are great, but they'll be serviceable.
Posted Friday June 15, 2012, About: Time to call Kolb a bust?
Actually, Andy would get good mileage out of them before trading them. He got a few good years out of Kolb who helped to keep the ship above water when McNabb and Vick were injured. And even with McNabb, he got some great yrs out of him before turning him lose, when he was all washed up.
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: LeBron won't take Reggie's bait
What's wrong with asking older stars for advice? If he didn't ask for advice everyone would be saying that he's arrogant. I understand that he's open for criticism but sometimes it seems as if people are just looking for a reason to find something wrong.
Posted Thursday April 05, 2012, About: The knock on Sullinger
Abdur-Rahim averaged over 20pts a game and was an efficient scorer. If Sullinger can do that, he'll have a successful career.
Posted Wednesday March 14, 2012, About: Disillusioned 'Melo wants out
Trade Melo and Bill Walker for Iguadola and Thad Young. The Knicks will get defense and also the opportunity to run the offense they need (Lin-Stoudamire) and the Sixers will get a legit scorer to be real contenders.
Posted Wednesday March 07, 2012, About: Temple dancing around Big East move?
What you just said is ridiculous. Temple has great fans and is apart of the Big 5. They have very nice facilities and the campus is nice. Although it isn't in the best part of Philly, the campus the students still get along with life. It's also not a small school and will bring a lot to the Big East.
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: West adamantly refutes old rumor
This team is decent but I don't see them as contenders. Kobe is Kobe and Beasley thinks he's Kobe. Rondo is good but he'll still be behind Paul and Westbrook in the West. Rasheed Wallace is just old and unless he found the Fountain of Youth during the past 2 seasons he's missed, he won't provide much.
Posted Monday December 26, 2011, About: Brown questions Kobe's judgement
Lakers imploding in 10, 9, 8, 7..............
Posted Saturday November 19, 2011, About: Jay-Z denies NBA players party access
This is stupid. He's the part owner of an NBA franchise. Why is this even news?
Posted Wednesday November 16, 2011, About: Iverson's tangle with attorney shows he still has game
Is this what goes for "news" during a lockout?
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