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Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: Werner leaving FSU ... to become top-five pick?
This will be a big loss. But you can't blame him for bolting. All the best in The Pros!
Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: Oregon AD will try to keep Kelly
Like Icarus, who melts when he gets too close to the sun, the NFL allure is there for all FBS coaches.

In Kelly's case, I expect him to crash and burn. You can't run fat-cat multimillionaire athletes at high-carb tempo for too long.
Posted Tuesday December 25, 2012, About: USC QB situation moves to unsettled
A bad season for the Toejams.

But they could extract full-force revenge on a team with a losing season. Listen for ambulances howling to the rescue.
Posted Wednesday December 29, 2010, About: Niners have secret GM list?
Just because Harbaugh had success at a dwebe sports school that can't even fill its 15,000-seat stadium, doesn't mean he can make a first-tier NFL team with a low SAT score into a winner.
Posted Saturday October 23, 2010, About: Insider: Notre Dame coach eyed Minnesota job
Maybe he'll pull a Lane Kiffin and jump ship to Minnesota next year.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Meyer falling out of favor?
What goes up must come down. Urbane's next job will be back at Buffalo St.
Posted Sunday July 25, 2010, About: Kelly addresses Notre Dame arrests
Those boys should ask themselves:

What would Touchdown Jesus do?
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Does Kiffin have Vols on the brain?
In sum, this practice is dumming down college football.

I 'spect you youngins' don't remember, but there was a time when the Big Boys played each other OOC at the start of the season. There were big monster games a la Texas-Ohio St., Miami-Notre Dame at the start of the season.

And now? Flarida-Southwest Flarida Junior Agriculture Vocational, or FSU-Jr. College Prep Academy are becoming the norm.

It's called Panzying-Up and Playing-Stupid. Don't deny it.
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Does Kiffin have Vols on the brain?
So the Big Schools are being atruistic? Just helping the Little Guy?

That's what Tennessee is doing, eh? Just lendin' a hand to the little fellers. COMMUNISTS!
Posted Monday July 12, 2010, About: Does Kiffin have Vols on the brain?
So it all boils down to philistinism, does it? MONEY..MONEY..MONEY..MONEY..MONEY.

All these schools (especially SEC, but I'm not letting the Noles off the hook either) make this ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS claim they the are ducking tough schedules because of Mammon and "exposure".

Do you think the Vols would make more money and get "more exposure" by playing USC or by playing South Central Tennessee A&I are some other A-II school, as is becoming the norm.

The Flarida Goiters have cut the U (Miami) from their schedule based on this same lame excuse.

I do give the Pac 10 credit for playing tougher OOC schedules (Stuart Mandel at SI says this, too), but I suspect the Pacific schools only do this cause they can't fill their own houses.
Posted Sunday July 11, 2010, About: Does Kiffin have Vols on the brain?
It looks hard because SEC teams play each other.

If you look at ONLY their non-conferences schedules (Alabama Basketweaving Institute, Chareleston Teacher's college, etc.), SEC teams play PANZY SCHEDULES.
Posted Saturday July 10, 2010, About: Does Kiffin have Vols on the brain?
Why? Because SEC teams Play-Panzy out side of their own holier-than-thee conference.

They play Charleston Teacher's college because itsaneasywin, oops, I meant to say because of scheduling problems.

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