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It is NEVER better for the league when the Lakers miss the playoffs. Not ever. Not only are they the big dog in the 2nd largest television market, they have a huge national following matched only by Boston. Who outside of Utah cares about the Jazz? Hell, I'd bet you a hundred bucks more than half of the people in this country couldn't find Utah on a U.S. map. And that more than that couldn't name their basketball team.

Exponentially more fans + far far higher TV ratings = Lakers in the playoffs are much better for the league than the Jazz.

I'd have taken this TD, but that's the entire argument. There is nothing left to say. Couldn't stretch that out for 3 args...
Posted Tuesday March 05, 2013, About: The NL East will have 3 playoff teams
Awfully difficult for any division to have 3 playoff teams with the uneven schedules. Not sure why you expect the Dodgers to disappoint. With that much pitching in that park they will certainly give the Giants a run for their money.
I think it's the Yankees to lose one more time before the over-paid old guys combine with managements demands to slash payroll before next year turns them into a 4th or 5th place team for a few years.
It's not going to work the way people are expecting it to. I see them fighting both Boston and Baltimore for 3rd place.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
Plus, I don't see how Hamilton is a "distraction" at all. He's a bigger risk than most guys for sure, but how is he a distraction?
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
He played in the house that Bonds built...old hat for them.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
Interesting that you call Hamilton and Yunel "biggest distraction in baseball" but make no mention of Melky being a "distraction"...You know, the guy who was suspended for 50 games last year for using and then was named in connection with the Fla PED investigation. What kind of reception you think he's gonna get?
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
It's the Marlins, nobody buys tickets anyhow. They have trouble getting people to show up with free tix.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
More food for thought on Buehrle against the AL East...he's been downright awful.

Current Yankees have lit him up for an average slash line of .311/.364/.470

Boston has destroyed him to the tune of .345/.371/.547

Tampa has hit him at .318/.344/.424

Even Baltimore has managed .302/.338/.433

Kinda makes one wonder if anyone in the Jays front office bothered to look into his history against their division before acquiring him.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
If you took a new job with a company in a location on the beach you loved and a promise you could stay there as long as you wanted you'd likely be very productive. If a year later your boss came and said you were being transferred to Siberia, you have no choice, your family can't go, your non-compete clause prohibits you from quitting and taking a job elsewhere, and oh by the way your paycheck is going to be smaller too (no state income tax in FL)...would your productivity not suffer because you are a "professional"? We often lose sight of the fact that these are living breathing people, not computer generated fantasy players. If you think their mindset doesn't affect their play on the field you're fooling yourself.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
They had a great off season. Suckered the tax payers into footing the bill for a $600mil+ ball park that sits half empty then dropped payroll to $31mil, slightly more than the Yanks are gonna pay ARod to not play. They were going to suck in an empty park either way so now they can do it cheap, collect money from the Yankees and Dodgers, and got a boat load of prospects...their AAA team may be better than they are, but they are set up for yet another quick turnaround in a couple years. Loria might be the worst owner in sports from a fan perspective, but at least he knows how to make money from a losing proposition and how to re-build a team. Can't really argue with a business model that has worked twice already.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
I've watched his entire career and have seen pretty much every quote he's ever made. Guy talks...a lot and isn't afraid to say what's on his mind.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
Reyes public comments indicate otherwise. And again, when he ain't happy...fergetaboutit. He ain't performing. He's got 5 more years on that deal, he doesn't have to do **** but collect a paycheck, be a problem child, and force Toronto to deal him or eat the contract.

No way did MB refuse to move his family because of a DOG. Yes, I know all about his affinity for his dogs...I also know his kids are young and he's huge on family. You telling me you buy the story of him choosing the dog over having his family with him because he didn't think it was responsible to hire someone else to care for the mutt? Please. His wife refused to leave South Beach for Ontario. I'm 95% sure, and who could blame her?. I'd be surprised if he hasn't already asked for a trade and knowing Mark like I do I wouldn't be surprised if he just up and retired. He's been talking about it for years and said many times when he became a free agent that there were only a couple of places he wanted to play and he'd retire before playing anywhere else. Has repeated over and over it's not about money because he already has more than he or his family will ever need. Rare guy. We'll see, but I don't see that one working out at all. I don't buy the theory of trying hard so he can be traded either...he doesn't want to play in MOST places so it's not just a matter of getting out of Toronto.

I'm just saying...when a player isn't happy with where he is, the results often suffer and in the case of these two in particular there are even more extenuating circumstances. I'm not saying it was a bad trade for Toronto. Quite the contrary. It was a GREAT trade...if this were fantasy baseball. IOW, on paper it was a great deal but under the circumstances I'm not so sure. It's more likely to backfire than not.
Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
Not the White Sox. Only big loss was a 36 year old catcher (AJ Pierzynski) but re-signed Peavy and picked up a solid fielding contact hitter to fill a major need as the #2 hitter. Nothing flashy, but certainly not among the worst (though a lot of White Sox fans think so)

Yankees off season was miserable, but that was out of necessity. Old team that is trying to shed tons of payroll for the first time in 20 years. That said, they should still be very competitive assuming the old guys don't all break down at once.
Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason
I wouldn't be that excited about Toronto, though. Buehrle and Reyes are both EXTREMELY pissed off about being shipped north of the border. Neither wanted anything to do with Canada. We all know Reyes is a major head case when he doesn't get his way and MB, who is a big family man, refuses to even move his family to Toronto (he's giving the absurd excuse it's because his dog isn't legal there) they are going to stay behind in Miami and St. Louis.

Think about it. Two stars who signed long term deals in Miami partially because they had verbal assurances from Loria that they wouldn't be traded and partly because they wanted to be in South Florida...then both not only get traded, but get traded to ANOTHER COUNTRY that couldn't be any different from South Beach. If you are expecting big years from either of those guys I think you're going to be sorely disappointed.
Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: MLB- Best/Worst offseason

ARod and Braun are much bigger distractions.

That said, the Angels WAY overpaid Hamilton considering his history. If you meant he is the riskiest contract in baseball, I'd agree. His ability is unquestioned, but anyone signing him to more than 2 years is nuts.
Posted Monday August 20, 2012, About: Home Run Leader
Just hit #36
Posted Monday August 20, 2012, About: Home Run Leader
Of the two choices I don't think there is much argument that Hamilton is better positioned to win it but I don't like left repeating "It's Hamilton's to lose". Hamilton isn't the leader, so obviously it's NOT his to lose. He has to catch Dunn before he can win anything.
Posted Monday August 20, 2012, About: Home Run Leader
Not to mention lefts argument about Dunn not being able to get it done in "pitchers ball parks" is hilarious. Dunn plays his home games in one of the most homer friendly parks in baseball. The White Sox tied a then record 200+ home runs for 7 consecutive seasons (2000-2006) right now I believe they are the only team with 5 players who have 19 or more. That park is the reason why. Of the current leaders, only Hamilton plays in a more homer friendly ballpark. And 23 of the White Sox remaining 39 games are at home.
Posted Monday August 20, 2012, About: Home Run Leader
Not bold for him, just a homer pick. Encarnacion is having a great year but by no stretch is he a favorite to win a HR title this or any other year. He's fallen WAY off in power numbers, hitting 17 in April/May (first 51 games) but just 14 since (66 games). Unless he gets awfully hot the last 6 weeks he might not even lead his own team in HRs.
Posted Thursday July 19, 2012, About: Should Dallas consider signing T.O.???
I'm not sure that is a fact, either. She isn't accusing him of striking her (other than his ball cap coming into contact with her) but rather grabbing and pushing her in some manner, fully consistent with a self defense action if indeed she came at him. If that is the case (and of course we don't know for certain what happened) I don't see how it could be deemed "abuse". Mother or not, you aren't going to just let a drug addled (or going through withdrawal) woman beat on you and do nothing.

He wasn't arrested at the time so it appears the responding officers didn't believe he "abused" her. The arrest warrant wasn't issued until a few days later. At that point you have to wonder if he actually did anything illegal or if a DA is looking to "make an example" of a high profile person.
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