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Posted Sunday August 28, 2011, About: Yankees livid over O's rescheduling
Nice you thought about that one all day, huh? Get Lost.
Posted Sunday August 28, 2011, About: Yankees livid over O's rescheduling
Mike least get that much of your weak argument correct. "Buck Faltimore" let's not forget without Baltimore , the Yankees NEVER would have existed. The Yankees were the Baltimore Orioles in 1901 and moved to New York in 1903. just a little fact many people don't know.

And the fact that you keep throwing the word class around like it has no worth at all is ridiculous. The rescheduling of a game has nothing to do with class. That is just absurd. Now classless is the fact that no one from the Yankees organization has sent a single condolence in the direction of the Orioles over the passing of Mike want to talk no class...let's start there
Posted Sunday August 28, 2011, About: Yankees livid over O's rescheduling
Boo, frickin', hoo...let's all cry for the Yankees........First, Baltimore coming off an 11-day, and 10-game road trip, and understandingly didn't want to arrive at the ballpark early Friday for a doubleheader after the long trip.

Secondly and probably more pertinent, it has obviously been an emotional and trying couple of days for the organization with the death of Mike Flanagan, and I'm not sure they were too prepared or eager to spend all day at the ballpark.

The biggest reason, I suspect, for Baltimore to ignore the Yankees request for a split double-header for Friday goes way back to the first month of the season. The Orioles didn't approve of the Yankees' and MLB's rescheduling of an April 12th rained out game at Yankee Stadium. That game was scheduled as part of a doubleheader on July 30, two days after a Yankees' off day. The Orioles had asked to make the game up in September and were denied.

Regardless of all the "original" slams about the Orioles being horrible, bad, pathetic, or whatever adjective people choose today to describe them, does not change this fact...the Earth does not revolve around the Yankees backside, regardless of what they or their fans think. The proper decision was made and the cry-babies will just have to suck it up and play on an off day. Poor, poor is a tissue!! PLAY BALL!!!!
Posted Friday August 19, 2011, About: Ed Norton wants Ripken as O's GM and manager
Why does there always have to be a comedian in the crowd? Seriously...PED's? why would you or anyone even mention that in the same breath as Cal Ripken, Jr.? How about some educated opinions or insights instead... c'mon now!!!

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