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Posted Friday April 06, 2012, About: Tracy demands discipline for 'gutless' Jimenez
Tulo is a ****. Every Rockies fans knows it, he had it coming. No one likes him in the clubhouse because he's a terrible teammate. He's extremely overrated and is an arrogant ****.
Posted Thursday January 19, 2012, About: Chandler returning to Nuggets?
The Nuggets need him back so solidify the interior and perimeter defense, and Chandler is great at both, plus he can fill up the stat line every night.
Posted Tuesday April 19, 2011, About: Xavi blasts Real Madrid's tactics
Me cago en tu madre Xavi!
Posted Tuesday April 19, 2011, About: White: No MMA competition for UFC
Was Dana White being choked out by Joe Rogan and halfway uncounsious when he blurted this out of his mouth????????????????????
Posted Saturday February 19, 2011, About: What does Maddon think of chip on Manny's shoulder?
Oh ****!!!!!!!!
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: Balotelli racially abused by Italy fans
About a year and a half ago I was at olimpic stadium in Rome, for the match Lazio VS. Chievo Verona and there was a black Brazilian player just totally destroying Lazio's defense. He had 2 goals in that match and I believe he also had the assist for the third goal. Anyways, by the 70th minute the Lazio supporters were enfuriated by the black Brazilian and, don't ask me how they aquired them, they started throwing bananas on the field and started to chant "........lei e una scimmia" which in italian it means something to the extent of "you're a monkey" We were baffled by the racism in Italy, not just at the game but everywhere else in Rome. F@quen italian racists man. The revenge was when the Brazilian at the end of the game, walking out of olimpic stadium flipped off the crowd. It was classic because the Lazio fans erupted.
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Helton ends retirement speculation
I'm a season ticket holder and It's true, before his misterious illness, Helton looked 230lbs SOLID, he then came back looking like David Eckstein a shriveled little guy. Don't get me wrong I'll take Eckstein any day, the guys doesn't strike out, but 5-10 times a year. Helton makes around 17.75 mill a year and his stat line .260 8hr 48r 36rbi .365obp that's RIDICULOUS. Get him outta here. Cargo 406k his stats .341 34hr 111r 117rbi 25sb .381obp. HELTON RETIRE NOW. save us money.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
As good as Granger is for the USA, Durant is a stud and the face of Team USA, so yeah his minutes are dimished by that. Granger is still a great player.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
I agree. I've watched him since he's been here and he has not improved, maybe a little on his post skills, but regressed in defense and rebounding. Like I said Carmelo is lazy, just wants to score and doesn't care about winning. He's happy averaging 25-5-2 get rid of him either to the Clippers or the Bulls. If you can't send them there, don't send him to the Knicks, send him to Toronto. And then tell him "it's a business".
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
Those two solid legit players haven't gotten them to the playoffs, so why not shake things up. of course I wouldn't do it either because I know what melo, kmart, and JR bring with them jsut attitude no defense and scoring. But for the Nuggets it would be great. Because if they don't do something, in two years the nuggets could be the worst team in the NBA. Everyone except for Harrigton and Birdman's contracts expire after this coming year.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
WOW, are you from Denver? Cuz if you're not, you see what us Denver fans see every game. Lazy, no hustle, just wants to score. Danny Granger is better than Carmelo, Indian just doens't waste any money on marketing for Granger. Granger is better rebounder, defender and hustler. Better shooter, maybe not as good in the post, but Ganger is a stud. Next year denver should try and get Granger.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
Because they are the Clippers and are hungry to have a "superstar" like Melo and they probably would take headcase JR and worthless KMArt. Read it on the LA times, about two weeks ago. The Clippers really have nothing to lose, they are a joke of a franchise anyways. If they did aquire Melo, that would be the first "Superstar" they've ever had and could probably market the crap out him in LA, plus his wife LALA is a wannabe hollywood employee. That should answer your joking comment.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: CarGo's Triple Crown run aided by Coors?
Concur. He should have won the Cy Young back when he was 15-2. That translates to 22-4 in coors, RIGHT. Since Cargo's numbers are inflated by COORs, so are Ubaldo's. By the way FA-Q Chipper Bones.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
I still like the Melo, Kmart, JR for Griffin, Gordon, Kaman and next years 1st round pick.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
Actually I heard that Chicago wont do the trade unless it's a sign and trade. So Chicago would at least get him for 3 years.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Noah to Denver in a Melo deal?
Do it NOW Denver. Nothing better than this on the block for worthless Carmelo.
Posted Saturday August 07, 2010, About: Silva: UFC bosses want me to lose
Except for the fact that this kid your paying to mow your lawn has done it hundreds of times and your lawn is now the best lawn in the neighborhood and is known worldwide because of how well kept up and pretty it is. That's an analogy for you.

Anderson Silva has made the UFC millions, and now Dana and the rest of the worthless P.O.S ZUFFA execs are turning on him. I wonder how long UFC will last????? Turning on their fighters and treating them like crap, it's only a matter of time before fighters and fans get tired of Dana White and ZUFFA. Hopefully investors step up and create some competition for the UFC.
Posted Friday August 06, 2010, About: Silva's performance angers Dana White
Raw talent, athletic ability, ultimate fighter, BJJ, national collegite wrestling champ, judo world champ, brawler, world champ boxer, black belt taekwando, etc......... All of these mixed martial arts. Who cares Give me Anderson Silva he'll beat them all down.

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