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Posted Sunday September 25, 2011, About: Way to go Bills!
On BOTH sides...

Hence my comment about it being a messy game...
The Pats played characteristically good the first half and uncharacteristically bad the second half.

Penalties all over the place (and a fair number of uncalled ones - also on both teams). Not too mention the Bills actually having smart coaching for once - running down the clock instead of taking the easy TD.

Frankly though - the Bills bounced back from their mistakes and got a few lucky breaks - which isn't usually the case... so they WERE the better team today.

Still a long season to go though...

Go Bills!
Posted Sunday September 25, 2011, About: Way to go Bills!
A bit of a messy game - but its been a LONG time coming...
Something feels weird about saying "AFC East leading Buffalo Bills".

Go Bills!!!
Posted Wednesday December 01, 2010, About: Harrison hit on Fitz
Dude - if it was "body to body" hit - the HELMET wouldn't have hit first.
It did. THAT'S the problem.

You're not helping your argument here... :D
Posted Wednesday December 01, 2010, About: Harrison hit on Fitz
Nope - i'm not ashamed at all. I saw at least 3 other plays with uncalled holds.
Just because one side gets called on a bunch of penalties doesn't mean the zebras didn't miss a few more. ;) (Trust me - as a Bills fan - i'm USED to seeing lots of penalties. *sigh*)

Watch the video for Big Ben's 3rd and 18 run. 72 does a lovely uncalled hold on Maybin - who was the Bill in position to take out Ben. Maybin wiggled free and eventually ran down Ben - but what 72 did probably would have gotten a flag most of the time if the zebra spotted it...
Posted Wednesday December 01, 2010, About: Escape from Buffalo........Part DUH
Pretty sure they were legit. (plus there were a few the zebras DIDN'T call - but i'm not going to complain)

Kyle Williams was rocking Kemoeatu most of the second half. Williams was getting solid penetration, and Kemo was having a lot of trouble controlling him; so he tended to reach to the outside of the jersey to spin him. Hence the holding calls.
Posted Wednesday December 01, 2010, About: Harrison hit on Fitz
Guess I was. I didn't think the hit was fineworthy - just worth penalizing. :)

Still - the video is pretty conclusive - he dropped his head forward JUST before he hit Fitz in the chest - AFTER the ball was out of Fitz's hands. The zebras called it spearing and i don't see conclusive evidence they are wrong.

As far as bias goes - no. It's called being SMART. If a player says "Hi - i don't care about the rules - I'm gonna hit guys the way i wanna hit guys" - then gee - you watch that player to see if he's going to break the rules. Harrison DID say that.

It's like standing outside a bank and saying "I'm going to rob this place" then going inside. Sure - it's a free country and you can say what you want - but don't complain if your words or deeds get you in trouble.
Posted Monday November 29, 2010, About: Harrison hit on Fitz
Sorry dude, you suffering from "persecution-itis".

Fitz got hit multiple times that game. That was the one that drew the flag because it WAS borderline. Harrison dropped his head just before he hit and hit high center. Rules state that leading with the helmet into any part of the helmet, including the facemask, that is used to spear an opponent, even in the chest, may be a flag. It says "special attention" will be given to defenseless players. The ball was out of his hand and there was no time for Fitz to do anything to defend himself. The zebra must have considered it "spearing."

I honestly *don't* expect a fine - but the zebra was looking RIGHT at Harrison when they threw the flag.

Borderline call - but that's why they play the games....
(Besides - when you run your mouth off - you DO get extra attention. Can't blame anyone but Harrison for that)
Posted Monday November 29, 2010, About: Harrison hit on Fitz
I watched the game, and numerous replays form different angles.

Borderline call - Harrison DID drop his head at the last instant and hit forehead first.
Not total BS.

(And it's not like the Steelers didn't benefit form a few "non-calls" of their own. )

Refs happen - just like freak tips, and Wideouts forgetting how to catch....
Posted Sunday November 21, 2010, About: What happened to Cincy against the Bills?
Bit of both.

The major turning point was the fact that the Bengals secondary got hammered with injuries. That left the deep center vulnerable.

The "last second" first half field goal apparently pissed off the Bills team to no end as well (there is some argument whether it was a "good call" to say that a second had to be put back on the clock - when there was no whistle on the field to blow the play dead until AFTER the clock ran out.)

Anyways - the combination of the two left the Bills angry and ready to capitalize - which they did in spades. The Bills made their halftime adjustments, the Bengals didn't - and the Bills were able to get both their running and passing games open by abusing that weakness in the secondary.

The Bills showed a LOT of heart on the field today, though.

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